Fahlalala, Merry Melanin, Happy Kwanzaa, Power to the People!! What y'all got for me? I'ma need some things so I'll be set for this new year. Nah, it don't cost nothing; what you have to give to me. Your worth is not determined by how much money you make. You are the gold. I am rich because I know, respect and honor my people. What y'all have, I need!

Ooh whee!! Did we make it to the end of this year y'all?! I'm just checking real quick! Have I told y'all lately, I love you? Black Folxs! I love y'all! Yep, unapologetically, unconditionally, like my life depends on it, deeply without shame or hesitation. Can we be real with each other though, in these last waning moments of 2018? We have so much work to do. Can we resolve to finally relinquish the binds of white supremacy? Can we be our authentic selves without worrying about what white folks will think or say about it? Can we live free of what Queen Toni Morrison articulated as the "white gaze"? Can we strive to understand the devastating impact of the post traumatic slave syndrome? Uh, just a pro tip, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy, is a must read. If you read it already, read it again. On my list of things to do in 2019.

Can we resolve to love each other fully? Flaws in all. Yeah, with all of our toxic ass habits and shady behavior! I know some of y'all gonna clap back at me for what I'm bout to relate, but that's cool, cause I'm ready for it. Let's sip something and really speak to one another, like in real life. Bring all your intersections. Yes! We gonna have to deal with each other on the real at some point. Better sooner than later. In order to do that, not everyone we ain't really feeling can be dismissed as trash. I've been and will continue to be deeply disturbed by our willingness to vilify one another. Let me be clear. The predators who lurk among us and harm us have to be cast out. The brutality of homophobia, transphobia, ablelism, sexism, misogyny and religious dogma need to be eradicated. Any questions? However, it is necessary for our liberation as a people to ensure that those who are struggling in confusion and ignorance have an opportunity to change. We need to demand that they change for the better but simultaneously provide a pathway to the transformation. The layers of trauma that we as a people have, hell, are still experiencing, are thick. We have never been afforded the opportunity to heal. We will have to eradicate the systems that are harming us and replace them with structures that we create to work for us. The issue is do we love each other enough to make sure everyone who wants to, can heal. Are all Black people welcome in the healing circle? Are we going to help each other throw off the chains of self-hatred and loathing? Do we even believe that we can heal?

Let me tell y'all something. We should not be here. Yeah, I said it! With the centuries of relentless genocidal tactics used to eliminate us, we should be extinct, like they looking at us behind glass in the museum. But here we are, in America, the modern bastion of white supremacy. We have not just survived enslavement. We thrive. Our ancestors built this shit, literally. Their suffering was never acknowledged. They never received reparations. And here we are their descendants, beautiful and strong!

I've been meditating on, having epiphanies about, the fact that we have the DNA of those who survived the Middle Passage! I believe that our ancestors did not intend for us to succumb to genocide. We as a people stay striving with nothing but what was infused in our DNA and what our ancestors spoke into existence. We have irreparably altered Western culture with the force of our bodies and souls. We are the descendants of one of the oldest civilizations on this planet. A people who defined advanced thought and design for all of humanity. But we have tragically come to believe the narrative of the lowly slave. We stay ringing our hands. Oh, the intercommunity violence, oh the achievement gap, oh our youth are so ignorant, vulgar and disrespectful! Oh, we ain't gonna never have nothing! Black Folxs don't support each other. And on and on. Y'all do know that disparaging your people is a function of white supremacy. These degenerate notions we keep clinging to, that we are less than, predetermined to fail, and morally bankrupt. Them chains y'all wear even when you think you woke. Insisting on criticizing, shaming and blaming Black Folxs for not being all that you think we should be by now. What people do you know been through what we have and are doing as well? Oh, I'll wait. The real hard question is are you really ready to get free?

There's some shit we gotta stop doing. Y'all ready? This the real purge. Respectability is a muthapuckin' problem. Just because you are compliant, polite, educated, dress up in a suit, speak well, have a 'good' job, don't mean shit! By now after all these years of capitulating to white standards of beauty, behavior and existing we are still the most viciously attacked. Stop it! Stop trying to shame non-compliant Black Folxs to be more civil, not as loud, militant, ghetto, whatever your internalized anti-Blackness is compelling you to demand. Stop it! Oh, and the pathos of capping for your white friends, sexual partners, co-workers or relatives when they are clearly wrong or been called out for their nonsense and cultural appropriation, is just foul; the ultimate expression of self-hatred.

If and when we engage each other in difficult conversations on social media or real life, do not allow Becky, Heather and Greg to insert their opinion or be so bold as to try to check your Black friends! You gonna mess around and get your precious white folks feelings hurt at the very least. More importantly you are facilitating the further justification for their excessive privilege & perpetuating anti-Blackness. When we are angry with one another or having deep discussions, white Folxs opinions are not welcome or needed.

In our pursuit of wellness, wholeness and healing we are only accountable to one another as Black Folxs. We have to be able to face each other without fear. Just us. I know that many of us have been seriously harmed by our own and have definitively taken to intimacy with non-Black people or white folks. We have found solace with them and even turn to them for comfort and safety. I see y'all. It's alright. You have a right to have serenity and to be loved. Despite all that, there is no justification for vilifying and rejecting your people. There is nothing like the love from and between Black Folxs. It is irreplaceable. We're irreplaceable.

What gifts do you have? What can we give to one another? How can we use those gifts to abolish and rebuild for our future? BLM Sacramento is already about it. Start the new year off right on January 12 to give what you have to do the invaluable, ongoing work. Trust and believe that a people who survived the Middle Passage, enslavement, Jim Crow, gentrification and all the manifestations of genocide, are fully capable of establishing systems for renewal and healing. We are who we've been waiting for. We have what it takes. We just have to remember who we are. We know now that the confines of white supremacy are not for us. We have to expel the toxins. What were the ways of our ancestors? Before the transatlantic slave trade, before the "peculiar institution" of slavery, before colonialism, before Europe and America. We are still rediscovering our true identity as a people. Do not be confused or distracted. We must regain our cultural heritage, take what we need and what works for us now, to forge a new future. Those that are ready to offer their gifts, we are already engaged in establishing our own foundations for a triumphant and sustainable future. Join us, trust us! Believe in our abilities! This is one of my many gifts to y'all. There's so much more to come! Ase!

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