Your Racist Distractions Are Nothing to Us: Our Fight is for Justice


The fuel for this movement lives in both the pain, sorrow, and violence of being stolen by law enforcement, incarcerated for Black existence, and traumatized by white supremacist capitalist systems that feed on Black poverty and death—as well as—the bliss, magic, and opportunity that we know develops when we love, uplift, and put our hope in Black people, ALL Black people.

This movement is driven by the loss of loved ones. There can be no distractions from that. We aren’t here for your lies and rhetoric, never, we want justice for those taken and a joyful future for those not yet created. They live in our dreams, beat in our hearts as we march, and lift our heads from a slumber of denial when we think we cannot go on facing such danger while attacking a system consumed by and created for Black subjugation.

Sacramento, your alarm clock has been ringing.


“The FBI assesses it is very likely Black Identity Extremist (BIE) perceptions of police brutality against African Americans spurred an increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement and will very likely serve as justification for such violence.”

Federal Bureau of Investigations “Leak”

“…causing fear in my wife and children… There are far more responsible, effective voices for the African American community here in Sacramento than you, Ms. Faison…

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones


“This is about the president being for respect in our country, through symbols like the American flag, like the national anthem.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

These are all bullshit statements that have no basis in reality, other than an attempt to distract from the REALITY of racism and state violence. Say what you mean, “Saying Black Lives Matter and demanding answers after law enforcement uses lethal force is a threat to my privilege and superiority—as well as—my ability to continue killing Black and Brown community members with impunity.” The president is mad about people silently protesting police brutality and bringing national attention to the issue, because he doesn’t love Black people. Scott Jones is mad because BLM Sacramento wants police reports, autopsy reports, and existing video camera footage, thus holding his department accountable for its actions. The FBI is mad because people are organizing in solidarity, not violence, and that scares them.

These distractions are created to move us away from our own hearts—but they won’t work. White supremacy starts from a place of greed, of power-over. Historically, this is how “whiteness” and a “white identity” was crafted. There is zero physiological or scientific unity of a white race, it developed to legitimize colonialism, slavery, and genocide. White supremacist systems protect themselves by co-opting dissent, sanitizing it, and selling it back to the people for half off the already cheap price of their own demise. But this movement is not co-optable, and they know it. They know who fuels us, because they know their own actions. They know what they have done.














…and so, they will attempt to demonize us, lie on us, and shame us for our loving hearts. We can’t stop though. We continue to arise with rage at their boldness, and are sustained by the light in this new generation’s eyes. We have awakened to a new day, and our only liability is your snooze button.

Wake up Sacramento, we have work to do.


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