You Cannot Train Away Anti-Black Terrorism

You Cannot Train Away Anti-Black Cop Terrorism:

Cop Training Equates to Mastering the Art of Fear, False Narratives and Murder with Impunity

When speaking of the value of Black Lives in Sacramento, in California, in America, and around the world… is literally, figuratively and fundamentally based on the hypocrisy of white supremacy, capitalism, Christianity, the English language and slavery.  We have been forced to believe that “CASH rules everything around us,” and so does property/assets; hence the beginning of slave patrols and modern-day policing.  Its purpose is purely and solely based on the capture, MURDER, and CRIMINALIZATION of Black bodies… has always been that way.  So unless we demand change, it will continue to do what it was designed to do. 

Now, with that being said…..we will protest and remind with UNCOMFORTABILITY that this culture of modern day policing needs to be ABOLISHED.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr said, "A riot is the voice of the unheard."  Well looking at these caskets memorializing the numbers of those whose lives have been stolen by state sanctioned and supported murder and violence.....the question is becomes, "CAN YOU SEE US NOW?


The reality is on the backs of black folks and the breast of black women this country was built and fed, and based on those facts alone, common sense should cause one to think Black lives will always matter.  But His-story – the white story – says otherwise.  And that “OTHERWISE” translates to bodies upon bodies upon bodies that have either been murdered, abused with excessive force or imprisoned; as well have been conditioned to believe certain people are not worthy of human and civil right.  Nonetheless, all of these contributing factors compound the fact that Black and Brown folks are STOLEN from their families, community and this world at disparaging rates.  It translates to oppression, marginalization, targeting, over policing, criminalization, excessive bail and sentencing, or what one can call a price tag on the heads of black and brown bodies to fill up prison cells. 


The deals are made at a corporate and legislative level and lack the essence of HUMANITY.  We have come to the conclusion, that the problem with policing is a HUMAN CIVIL RIGHTS issue; and it’s pointless to reform the brokenness of it all.  To address this issue, it requires ABOLITION and REBUILDING.  See HUMANITY does not require investigations, it requires heart, courage, and compassion for our fellow man and for what is right.  The question becomes what does your moral compass say about your humanity?  That question is often followed by, are you willing to be a MORAL WITNESS to the inequities in policing as it stands at the moment.  Moral witnessing challenges votes and activates activism.

I think we can pretty much agree, that no one here advocates for the death of anyone’s life, even those in Blue uniforms.  We have to get away from this notion and inference that a “blue life” even exist, as it is a figment of the imagination, concocted to counter the demand for respect and inclusion of BLACK LIVES.  The choice of one’s profession is just that a choice.  Just as there are dangers associated with being a firefighter, a teacher, and mayor even…’s choice of profession should not be given privileges to separate them from the masses.  On the other hand, we (as in Black folks) cannot choose our race and have to suffer the consequences of systems who are innately biased against us based on our race. 

At the end of the day, all we really want is for people in blue to be treated like everyone else when they MURDER and commit crimes against humanity, especially when they are on the job.  So let’s be clear to call it what it is… enforcement commits murder and egregious acts of excessive force on behalf of the state.  It has always been that way and will continue to be that way if we don’t stand……

If we ALL don’t act out of humanity to preserve life.

If we aren't present as moral witnesses in this very messy and sometimes self-righteous posturing of protecting property over life.

Like the lives of #AdrienneLudd, #DazionFlenaugh, #JosephMann, #PatriciaHill, #JasonKing, #ArmaniLee, #LorenzoCruz, #DesmondPhillips, #NandiCain, #RyanEllis, #MikelMcIntyre, #ZityruaAbraham, #JamesNelson, #StephonClark, #BrandonSmith, #DanuelLabue, and #DarellRichards as there was no preserving of life, based on the training several agencies explored in any of these cases.  One might ask… it poor training or is it a culture lacking consequences.  I believe the latter.....police unions and associations, coupled with the Policeman's Bill of Rights make it so.


The proof is in the pudding with respects to how and when Law Enforcement can and will preserve life because what we do know for sure in the most recent case of Darell Richard, there was a young white man, whose life was preserved only five days after Darell’s murder.  Maybe Darell’s murder gave SacPD their murder quota for the month; or did the powers that be within the Sacramento Police department use Darell’s murdered to create a training module for their highly trained militia with all of the weaponry and resources at its fingertips, SWAT team.  Or maybe it was for the creation of a comparison video, side by side 19-year-old Black Darell with a supposed toy gun vs. a young white male with real GUNS being thrown out of car windows being apprehended, arrested and allowed to call his father. 

What’s so f*cked up is Darell Richard will never have the opportunity to make any calls ever again, because someone in Law Enforcement continues to decide to murder those who look like our sons, husband, father, brothers, cousins, wives, mothers sisters and daughter.  This skin that I love is not something I can take off like my pants.  But it has been proven this skin causes fear, this skin is unjustly targeted, this skin is abused and controlled. #BlackSkin


So, let’s make it plain and talk politics…..BLM Sacramento is committed to sponsoring legislation that will challenge the comfortability of police culture.  It is our goal to educate and mobilize the vote in the spirit of HUMANITY.  We have to collectively come together and RECALL those who do not server our best interest.  Scott Jones needs to be recalled.  Let me say that again…..Scott Jones needs to be recalled.  Say it to yourself, Scott Jones needs to be recalled.  Now say it out loud…..SCOTT JONES NEEDS TO BE RECALLED.  Now tell one person and then another person, and ask them to tell a few people.

Scott Jones is the epitome of what bad police leadership looks like.  He has been given free rein to play dirty politics for far too long.  His most recent antics…..(1) locking his buddy Rick Braziel (inspector general) out of the Sacramento Sheriff department so that oversight cannot happen and (2) calling out counter-protesters to a planned BLM action in response to an officer being killed in the line of duty.  Not only has he used his position to abuse his own employees, but he’s also guilty of abusing people in custody and those in our community.  The list goes on and on about Jones and his misdeeds.  He refuses to share public information even when properly requested.  His association and connection to Trump are glaring.  He has manipulated an ICE contract in and outside of the jurisdiction of Sacramento County.  He and other officers with the Sacramento Sheriff department have been found guilty of sexual harassment by female officers and female inmate and monetary judgments have cost taxpayers a hefty penny.  He has order the use of technology that proves that we are in a militarized state.  He has illegally used advanced technology to spy on citizens of this county.  There is contaminated water in our jail facilities.  The civil rights of inmates in Sacramento County are violated on a regular, as his department has been the center of many lawsuits filed by the ACLU.  On top of the fact that he makes PETTY attacks on Black community leaders.


Scott Jones is not good for this community…..he is beyond petty and unprofessional.  On Tuesday, September 18th, BLM Sacramento planned to stand in SOLIDARITY to memorialize the 6 month anniversary of Stephon’s murder, along with many other organizations and community members…..but after an unfortunate death of one his officers, Scott Jones called out for the worst of the worst in our community to counter-protest the peaceful planned demonstration.  He may not have said the words come out here and get violent with BLM, but we all know the coded language and call to action of a Trump supporter like Jones.  So let’s handle business at the election polls this November and let’s support efforts to recall those who are bad for Sacramento, California and this country.  Call them out.  Call out racism; call out hypocrisy…..that’s what you can do.

The fight for liberation is one of hope and love and preservation.  One would hope that this fight for LIBERATION highlights the historic racism and implicit biases while easing this known truth.  It is also wished that law enforcement would learn lessons on how to better deal with the Black community until they can be abolished and rebuilt altogether.  But we know the contrary, as just three weeks ago, 19-year-old Darell Richards was hunted and murder, supposedly because he was wearing a mask and had a pellet gun that he (BTW) did not shoot at anyone and was NEVER seen on their video footage.  Darell Richards, Adriene Ludd and countless other have so many things in common, but the most glaring is the color of their skin, the disproportioned rates at which we are murdered by a cop, and the lack of a legitimate threat/fear felt by police with their massive arsenal of weapons and resources.

When one thinks about the BLM Sacramento chapter and its beginning back in October of 2015, it was with the murder of Adriene Ludd at the hands of the Sacramento Sheriff’s department.  The atrocity of Adriene’s death centered around, how one officer in particular (Sheriff Officer McIntyer) could discharged 33 bullets from his weapon…..even though Adriene pointed no gun and shot no bullets.  In 2016, there were the deaths of Dazion Flenaugh (Sac PD), Joseph Mann (Sac PD), and Jason King (CHP); as well the excessive force cases of Patricia Hill-Thompson (Sac PD and Sac Sheriff).  In 2017 we mourned the deaths of Lorenzo Cruz (Rocklin PD), Desmond Phillips (Chico PD, previously assaulted by Sac PD and Sac Sheriff), Ryan Ellis (Sac Sheriff), and Mikel McIntyre (Sac Sheriff); as well the excessive force and harassment of Armani Lee (Sac PD and Sac Sheriff), Nandi Cane (Sac PD and Sac Sheriff), Zityrua Abraham (Sac PD) and James Nelson (Citrus Heights and Sac Sheriff).  Now we are in 2018 and the list of murders includes Stephon Clark (Sac PD and Sac Sheriff helicopter), Brandon Smith (died in Sac PD custody, after being beat by Sac County Probation officer, at Volunteers of America) and Darell Richards (Sac PD); and we cannot forget how 16-year-old Danuel Labue was intentionally rammed by a police vehicle (Sac PD).  Every last one of these encounters potentially cost this county a loved one, mental health trauma of family, friends and the community.  Their deaths will ultimately cost taxpayer dollars in the form of massive payouts and exuberant increases in liability insurance. 


In speaking of cost to this community, let’s talk about the fence around the DAs office.  It was a request made to the Sacramento Board of Supervisors out of a false fear by the District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.  So on Thursday, September 20, 2018 we celebrated the fence’s 5th month BIRTHDAY.  The fence represented DA Schubert proverbial middle finger to the community she is not willing to protect.  But it has become an asset to our weekly protest at the DA’s office.  DA Anne Marie Schubert in her petty self-righteousness didn’t know how much of a gift she was giving FREEDOM FIGHTERS in this community as we seek justice in the murder of Stephon Clark and others.  Since Schubert has been DA, there have been 24 murders by cop and not one investigation to be completed and not one conviction.  The fence holds our signs and our bodies when we get tired.  The fence tells the world how closed off the DA is from the constituents she is supposed to serve.  The fence has become a hero and it is now OURS.  And at its party we had a mini-concert, played freedom movement music, played “Pin the Shit on Schubert” and swung a bat at a piñata in Schubert’s likeness… her actions have felt like real slugs to the gut as we wait through the stench of shit each day that passes with no completed investigation, no accountability and no transparency.


When you connect the dots… is plain to see law enforcement playing a very sick game with media propaganda, false narratives, and mass mind manipulation.  This is the only way people can see their perspective and ignore the fact that they have all of the weapons, resources and tactical training; yet they are still scared to police certain communities populated with Black bodies.  Police culture perpetuates the reality that there are two Americas with 2 separate sets of rules.  It goes back to the beginning of policing, where the property of white men supersedes everything and everyone else.  The culture has not changed since its slave patrol days, especially with how they deal with and interact with Black bodies.  It is as if Black folks are faceless, feeling less and are not connected to why and how America is the biggest, baddest and most wealthiest country in the world.  I’ll say it again, on the backs of Black folk this country was built and on the breast of black women this country was fed; and at the expense of black children and the future of the black community.....white legacy has been upheld for generations.

We have to know that this kind of systemic, engrained supremist ideology has had historical ramifications on how the world sees Black bodies as nothing more than labor.  It fails to see our soul, our genius or our strength.  These deeply rooted ideologies keep Black folks massively oppressed, vulnerable, marginalized, targeted and public enemy number 1.....even thought the record shows, hands down Black folks, in general, make EVERY EFFORT TO DO EVERYTHING RIGHT.  This is evident in 2018, per BBC News article dated the 27th of August 2016, “Maine Governor Paul LePage criticized for ‘racist’ remarks,”…..where he said, “that people of color were enemies of his state, and appeared to suggest they should be shot.”  This is the kind of ignorance by a public, elected officials currently fuels an emboldened spirit reminiscent of the 1800s.  Or when Black athletes and celebrities like Serena Williams (article link) can be vilified every time she steps onto the tennis court for the mere presence of her Black body, challenging the white normative…..comparatively speaking, what Serena experiences on the court is what is happening to every Black girl on any given school campus across America.


The mocking and disenfranchisement of Black bodies cannot be trained away in a classroom, nor an office setting, nor a church house, nor a courtroom, nor a hospital room or anywhere… why and how do we expect the very people given the ultimate power and authority of control over Black bodies to police with dignity.  HUMANITY cannot be trained and police training lacks the fundamental core aspects of what HUMANITY requires.  There is absolutely no HUMANITY in policing; as a matter of fact, it conditions officers to disconnect from their heart and forces them to prey upon the most vulnerable in an already anti-black police culture. 

The policing of Black bodies coupled with the mechanism of INSTITUTIONAL RACISM work hand in hand against people of color.  That means a little old white lady in any store can get someone Black fired because of her bigotry.  She is inclined to use her mere existence to persuade those in positions of power to support her allegations, essentially defaming any Black target.  This can be seen in the preposterous calls to police for doing ANYTHING while being Black.  Even if appealed, institutional racism won’t be heard or support targets of institutional racism.  Severe consequences have come from this ideology that benefits the machine of RACISM and magnifies the power and impact of the system.  But racism cannot and does not affect whites in the same way and has never lead to white disenfranchisement.  There is no such mechanism in place to victimize and oppress white people systematically.  So claims of racism against whites is false or at the very least misleading when contrasting prejudice against whites with what happens to blacks…..the machine has been perfected, the supply of oil to lubricate the machine is bought and paid for by generational wealth and there is no white person willing to give up their share of wealth for black folks to be made whole from the system that has hindered our progress, growth, and success.  HISTORICAL FACT.

As we continue to connect the dots, we must at the micro and macro levels to examine the RISK Black live through with respects to injury by cop, Sac Bee article, “Black People Face Greatest Risk of Being Injured by Police, California Study Finds.”  In the same vein of exploitive pain, we need to understand the TRAUMA on the entire community, Yes Magazine article, Research Shows Entire Black Communities Suffer Trauma After Police Shootings and it is clear that the trauma is generational and transferred through DNA.


We don’t have time to ignore the reality and state of affairs with how SYSTEMS prevent success for certain segments of our population.  It is all a mental game, a conditioning that says it’s OK to erase us.  The erasure of Black experiences is especially evident when law enforcement uses media to puts on displays a negative, dark-shadowed image of “suspects” when they are Black.  Here in Sacramento, the Sacramento Police department has upped the ante of the mental manipulation of public thought.  In 2017, we fought hard for the public release of dash and body cam video within 30 days.  Now as video from officer-involved incidences are released, SacPD is narrating the footage to incorporate their narrative with a very skewed truth.  Public mind control via video imagery is highly effective in shaping the view and public opinion of those viewing the footage.  The sole purpose of the video availability is to press for accountability and transparency of the police department to the public.  I’m going to need Sac PD to STOP narrating their police-involved shooting videos, because all it does is sway public opinion……and we don’t have time for that kind of foolery, at the expense of taxpayer dollars.

In speaking of taxpayer dollars, we also have to be aware of associations like California Police Officer’s Association (CPOA), who have lined the pockets of several elected officials on the Sacramento City Council and the Sacramento County DA.  This association was also responsible for CIT training for the Sacramento Police department, a training that was revealed to be insufficiently completed and cost a pretty expensive penny to the community.  This training was supposed to address the growing mental health issues in our city, but in the case of Darell Richards, SWAT was called instead of the Mental Health Crisis team (that, by the way, is made up of 1 sergeant and 6 officers).  This city and county are costing the citizens of this community millions in lawsuits, on top of increases in liability insurance.  From an economics vantage, this city and county are failing to be responsible stewards of the financial resources of city funds.  All of these things connect to the other……liability insurance, lawsuits, failed training, spending on Hollywood style video footage, fences around DA offices, militarized training and excessive equipment are just some of the tools law enforcement here in Sacramento used to temper and control Back bodies.  And the only way for that to end is to ABOLISH and REBUILD…..and this community has to ask itself, WHO YOU WITH.....the system that this pimping us or HUMANITY that can save us all???




Oct 5   - Abolish & Rebuild - Our Streets, Our System, for Our People - 6:30-8:30pm

Oct 10 - Fill the Court for Keyan - 8:30am

Oct 12 - We're Still Here! Oak Park Open Mic w/BLM Sacramento - 7pm

Oct 20 - Black Love Gala Fundraiser - 7pm

Oct 21 - Black Love Block Party III - 12 noon


"It is our duty to fight for our FREEDOM, it is our duty to WIN;

We must love and support one another

We have nothing to lose but our CHAIN." (Ase)

-Assata's Prayer, Assata Shakur