Whose Streets? Our Streets!



What a week it has been for the nation and our community alike. From avoiding turning on the TV last Tuesday, women coming together by the masses to stand up for something as a unit, to Saturday’s meeting which gave everyone that attended “LIFE” to sustain them for this upcoming week.


First and foremost, welcome to America those of you just now waking up.

I am referring to those of you just now experiencing what people of color have been experiencing their whole damn lives.

You know that new feeling of discomfort that has fueled something deep in you to make you say fuck this shit, we aren’t going to take it. Good for you, glad you are now woke.


Did you have fun marching on Saturday? Yeah? Good now let’s continue and get to the real work. To my woke folks, hello again.
When it was announced that Trump was the president elect and even more recently last week’s Inauguration Day. It shocked thousands of Americans that this was taking place. People who believed racism was a thing in the past and no longer present. The protected folks that thought their life bubble was protected realized that they would actually be impacted by something they had no control over. Aaaannnd god dammit did they turn up! More than 1 million women and men alike came together to oppose the Trump presidency and have now returned back to their regular lives.
However, those of us who didn’t blink an eye after the realization the Trump would be and is our new president have been fighting and are continuing to fight. This past Saturday, our open meeting event, brought out about 200 people who wanted to get involved with Black Lives Matter. We took out the time to explain the history of the movement and this chapter, the campaigns we have been fighting for, our work with EGUSD, community alternatives to police meetings, the freedom school, and the impending gentrification of our communities and what we are doing to save our people’s voices. As we took the streets Saturday night with roughly 50 people and circled around an intersection in solidarity it hit me, this is self-care. Fighting with this community is how we heal ourselves and supporting our brothers and sisters is the only way we win.
Hear me when I say this, these are our streets, our voice, and everything we do is to ensure we are keeping our people alive. There is no need to express distaste in our new president or the undeniable oppressive systems set in place to hold us back when we have work to do here in our community. With all due respect, fuck your march and protests against Trump if it is only exclusive to your rights and no one else’s. I sincerely hope that the organizing continues after the hype is gone, after the hashtag fades, and the media disappears. When you start to feel the fuel and passion die out please feel free to join us at our upcoming meeting so we can remind you who we should really be fighting.
Love and Peace to you all.

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Justice Night Walk – 4 February 2017

- Community Alternatives to Police - 11 February 2017

Show Up! Militarized Police Training in Sacramento! - 21, 22 February 2017


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