On My Ancestors

I don't know about y'all but I need to be grounded. I need positive affirmations. I need to believe in a higher power other than humanity. So I look to the ways of my ancestors and to the rituals I watched my momma manifest. While I understand and can appreciate the atheist I choose a spiritual path. 
Spirituality has always and will likely continue to be vital to Black Folxs in America. In fact, one could argue that it has served as a foundational structure to our very survival as a people. But before I go too far, let me provide some clarity. There is a considerable difference between spirituality and religion. We are a deeply spiritual people. Our ancestors were the first to document and practice spiritual concepts and incorporate them into their daily lives. Symbols, colors, drums, chants, advanced mathematics, astronomy, astrology, ritual, herbs, oils are just some of the many manifestations of their profound knowledge. 
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This is Dedicated to HER because “I cannot LEAD with bullshit”

It seems like every social issue in this country and around the globe was conjured up by white men with their made up bullshit, left behind wherever they choose to squat.  The bullshit is so foul and pervasive that the likes of a Scott Jones and Donald Trump have been elected to lead and represent others, including women whom they detest.  The bullshit has become the norm for mediocrity and silence.  But in natural leadership fashion, Black women show up to save days and save lives.  They don’t call her Auntie Maxine for no reason at all.  Let us all get in FORMATION…..because she, the Black woman is here to slay without restraint or limitation or constructs that are opposed to the very essence of her UNTAMABLE EXISTENCE.


…..Sometimes I go off, I go off

I go hard, I go hard

I get what’s mine, I take what’s mine

I’m a star, I’m a star

Cause I slay, all day, we gon’ slay…..

Okay, ladies now let’s get in formation

I see it, I want

I dream it, I work hard

I grind ‘til I own it

Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation, I slay

You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.


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Political Pacifist or Radical Revolutionary

"Yeah, everybody got choices!"  Y'all know how it goes, right!?
"You with the people or the pigs?!" Yeah, brotha Brrazey Liberty said it!
Now, what ya gon do is the question?  I'm very definitive about my choices.  Once I've made a decision, I don't waver.  In the fight for liberation you betta "stay ready"!  It's popular to celebrate and be generally excited about Black Folxs succeeding in politics.  This last election cycle abounded with small victories.  Then again, what did or will these individual triumphs do for the liberation of all Black Folxs?
I've noticed that a lot of folxs on social media are all hyped about this or that candidate or who checked the demon in Cheif lately.  But, when it's time for revolution work are y'all gonna be ready.....is the question that remains?  I won't be petty and take this opportunity to lash out at those who stay tweeting, sharing quotes, articles or pictures of national media highlights, but when urged to come through or send someone to our efforts at local liberation they ain't feeling it.  Leaving us wondering if, whose down with BLM Sacramento and the real liberation of Black folx?
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An Activist Believes in Justice Now

To be an activist is an incredible journey. Now that I have embarked upon my "sojourner," I must understand the quest. We seek out the truth, define ourselves and fight for freedom. Right now. An activist thrives on immediacy. We can not wait for respect or recognition. We make demands and expect them to be met. Right now.
WHO WE BE.....you might ask? We are unrelenting and determined. "For my people," we will fight you and we will win! It's not hyperbole. It's a promise. A promise that we have made to our ancestors, our elders, our children and youth, and babies unborn. Ase!
But how to move in this movement is ultimately a meditation.....deliberate, well-thought out and with great intention.
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