Who Does the Blue Code of Silence Protect, Other Than Those Who Wear Blue?

Day by day, week by week, month and year the fight for social justice continues when the men and women who put on their blue uniforms under the guise of “To Protect and Serve” reverberates in corruption. The false promise of the POLICE to Protect and Serve.......looks good on paper, websites, badges and the side of police cars.....but in reality law enforcement is protecting and serving the money and politics of white supremacy, white privilege and white fragility.  With that being said, that makes every black, brown and non-white officer NOTHING BUT A TOOL FOR THE SYSTEM.  


A token, a quota, a show piece……..the evidence to those who feel the need to say, “see, we have a black, a brown, a muslim, a gay and/or a woman,” in our department.  Even if these officers feel their job trumps the system for the greater good of the job they perform, you are still a tool because you represent a system that oppresses and aids in the disenfranchisement of the marginalized. I know a lot of well-intentioned officers of all races, but your intentions are pointless if you don't recognize the corruption, divisiveness and punitive nature of the system that equates to a paycheck and livelihood; despite the fact you can become part of the marginalized if you simply take off that blue uniform.

Time and again the scenario plays out, where Law Enforcement agencies feel the need to satirize and narrate what happened in an attempt to justify, rather than letting the evidence speak for itself.  If that is the rule of thumb for every other citizen, so should it be for officers.  I would interject that the rule of thumb with respects to letting the evidence speak for itself, should be at a greater degree of jurisprudence for those in Law Enforcement because they have received training in a field that affords them the opportunity to live and breath the law, instead of breaking the law.

There are several cases BLM Sacramento has its hands on and the perplexing fact is the pattern of violence that cannot and should not be overlooked.  On the surface, one could easily conclude Black folks are not treated with the same level of respect and dignity.  It’s as if, the presumptive fear many officers claim to have of the Black community is a false fear, like that of the boogie man in the closet or the ghost that lives under the bed…..THE FEAR JUST ISN’T JUSTIFIED.  Conversely, it is the Black community that is justifiably fearful of the police, the largest gang known to man.  The largest gang that at its core was founded on keeping slaves, slaves.  Unfortunately, law enforcement has not gotten away from the roots of embellished laws to protect those with property and money, as well those who are white and male.

For BLM Sacramento, it all started with Adriene Ludd and even though we cannot forget Dazion Flenaugh and Joseph Mann, as of late our territory has spread to Rocklin with the murder of Lorenzo Cruz and Chico with the murder of Desmond Phillips.  Dare we not forget the men and women like Patricia Thompson Hill, Nandi Cain, Armani Lee, Ryan Ellis and Mikel McIntyre.  #SAYTHEIRNAMES

The juggling act of lifting their names and demanding transparency is a full time job, when several agencies continue to exhibit the same levels of violence.  Culturally, it is the same callous tendencies to corruptively narrate what happened, in an attempt to cover their asses.  And the same blatant disregard for Black lives by District Attorneys, who continually clear officers of wrongdoing.  Unfortunately, BLM Sacramento has no time to stand in solidarity as the nation mourns the death and unjustifiable murder of Philando Castile, because that very same day video images of the aftermath surrounding Lorenzo Cruz’s murder were made public.  Not only in our voice can you hear the echo of Assata’s prayer, “It is our duty to fight for our freedom….we have nothing to lose but our chains,” but it is a driving force in the work we live. Too often local work hinders our ability to take a pause, to even look globally.

Thursday, June 22, 2017 BLM Sacramento held a Press Conference in front of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department to highlight the pattern of violence exhibited by this department.  But let’s be clear the pattern is systemic and rooted in the fact that law enforcement agencies have positioned themselves as the “be all and end all,” when it comes to police reports, autopsies, UN-EDITED video footage from all sources related to crimes involving excessive force, the discharge of a police weapon and death by police.  If the evidence is what it is, it won’t change just because the family or the public has seen it.  Therefore, it cannot compromise investigations and cases.  If a jury is to be a pool of one’s peers, then public opinion cannot sway the legality of any case presented in a court of law.  

Now how RESTORATIVE WOULD THAT BE, if the voice of the people actually spoke through every case?  There’d be no need for media stories, where verbiage of law enforcement dictates the narrative.  Today, watching the strength and fortitude of Patricia Thompson Hill gives us drive to be the voice, be the movement and be the justice we choose on this journey to DISMANTLE an extremely broken system.  

It’s the brokenness that one would even believe it possible for Ryan Ellis to kick out the back window of a cop car, jump out of said window all while CUFFED.  It is the brokenness of this system that persons experiencing mental crisis would even feel the need to run from the police.  The brokenness of a system that when a cop calls the cops, so begins the scripted, implausible cover up.  If it weren’t for the facts that Ryan Ellis and Mikel McIntyre’s families can refute the Blue narrative, or that Nandi, Amari and Patricia are still alive to counter Blue lies, there’d be no need to fight the #BlueCodeOfCorruption…….and that’s what has to END TODAY!!!


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