What You Need to Know about Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update


***This post includes updates from BLM Sacramento blogging crew, and ends with a fascinating profile of Scott Jones by guest blogger, Monica Chan.***


SATURDAY June 4 at 7:00pm: Join us in support of Dazion "Jerome" Flenaugh's family at our Candlelight Vigil. We aren't hearing his name in the news and we aren't getting answers from the Sacramento City Police Department about the circumstances surrounding his murder by officers. Come stand with us and show his family that we know Jerome's life mattered. 

TODAY: Read about our press conference today, June 1 at the Elk Grove School District. We addressed the African American student who was removed by sheriff's deputies from his high school graduation for wearing kente cloth.  We issued demands to the district to develop non-violent ways of resolving dress code policy, and more culturally competent school policy development. 

Read below for the latest on what Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones is up to now. 


As election season heats up, it's important to take a moment to look closely at Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones, once more. Recent news articles have highlighted even more reasons for us to be concerned that his man holds ANY elected office. Not congress, not the sheriff's department- he needs to have several seats. 

On Thursday May 26, members of Black Lives Matter Sacramento attended the very powerful event held by Sacramento ACT, in which ACT leaders shared research about the corruption in Sheriff's Jones department, and community members shared stories about how Jones' actions have caused great harm. From raising revenue by bounty hunting Sacramento County residents for ICE, to ignoring a family's request for investigation into their child's murder; at every turn, Sheriff Jones fails to actually serve the public at all.

He was invited to the Sacramento ACT event to face his public, but didn't show. 


He can't even bother to be accountable to the public that elected him. Or maybe he's afraid. He has repeatedly failed to honor the public trust endowed to him. He doesn't seem to want to face the music. 

A Profile of Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones, by Monica Chan

The editorial board of the Sacramento Bee recently published an article condemning Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones' "good old boy" management. The editorial board frames their argument around the high litigation costs created by departmental mismanagement that is paid for by taxpayers. However, this sheriff's department mismanagement under Scott Jones' leadership was created and is reinforced by a culture of misogyny, sexism, and institutional racism that continues to disproportionately jail Black and Brown men, women, and transgender folks. 

Sacramento News and Review has investigated Sheriff Jones in even more depth. In a little less than one year, Jones has issued 5,555 concealed-carry weapon permits countywide. For comparison, there are roughly 15 times more concealed-carry weapons permits in the county today than there were before Jones took office, ranking it 4th among California counties for numbers of permits, and San Francisco has only issued two. Jones argues that gun permit carrying citizens can help maintain law and order in a time of decreased law-enforcement.

On May 17, Sacramento jurors sided with plaintiffs in a discrimination and bias case brought by four female sheriff's deputies. One of the plaintiffs, Sheriff's lieutenant Annica Hagadorn, is the department's highest ranking Black female officer. She was disciplined by superiors and faced seven charges and an internal affairs investigation on the basis of performance reviews that described her as incompetent and unfit to lead when she was patrol supervisor. However, in a department predominantly staffed by white men, these interactions are often framed by implicit biases of anti-Blackness and sexism. The department was also accused of preferential treatment and repeatedly passing over sheriff's deputies who spoke out against such treatment. In total, the four female sheriffs were awarded $3.57 million in damages. 

Scott Jones is seeking office for Congress. He's running against current Congressman Ami Bera for district 7, which includes Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, and parts of the Florin neighborhood. He has also stated support for Donald Trump.

We know that our communities do not hinge on police and sheriff presence and concealed-carry weapon permit holders for safety. Rather, communities need resources, such as adequate funding and relevant public education. Sheriff Scott Jones has shown that he creates hostile environments for female deputies, and that racist and sexist leadership also permeates the law enforcement presence in our neighborhoods. 

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