What You Mean, Black Liberation and Abolition?

How do you define liberation? Is it as simple as being “equal” to the other people living in this

country? Is it wearing your hair natural, raising your black fist in opposition, or yelling FUCK

THE POLICE at the top of your lungs? I’ll tell you what, there is a common factor amongst all

of these things. The common factor is not giving a shit about peoples’ expectations of how you

are supposed to exist in this society. 


The literal definition of liberation is defined as

"setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression or freedom from limits on thought or behavior."


With that being said, I think it is safe to say that liberation cannot be achieved through anything more than yourself.

It is something that must be internal and infectious through the empowerment of our people, black people.

Which leads me right into my next point.

It goes hand in hand with abolition. Is that word still taboo? Yeah? Well let me say it one more time clearer, liberation can only be attained through the abolition of oppressive systems that suppress the flourishing of our communities, ourselves and our futures.

The thought of dismantling and abolishing oppressive systems is a macro concept but when we say it is the only way to attain liberation, we mean literally it is the only way.

If a system (pick a system any system) was not originally created to empower us or is now corrupted then begging and pleading with politicians, with tears in our eyes and anger in our hearts as they avoid eye or liberating us. It only provides more opportunity for the system to create loopholes of and strengthen itself.

If we truly seek liberation it must be radical and organic.

You want to know what reform does? It allow bills and policies such as “Blue Lives Matter”, AB 1289, and AB 887 to even be considered.

Can you guess what the purpose of these proposals might be?

I’ll give you a hint it has nothing to do with protecting our community or the black folks getting murdered in cold blood. It actually dies the absolute opposite, they protect murderers with badges and strengthen their rights even more than the impenetrable rights they currently have.

Let’s be blunt. This system was a never created for the people, the taxpayer, and to be even more blunt, definitely not Black folks.

So ask yourself why would we try and exert energy gaining acceptance and inclusion from systems that aren't for us.

These oppressive systems took generations to strengthen and build. What makes you think that dismantling and creating new systems will be a quick and easy task.

It is going to take our community, imagination, and the determination to create new systems.

Never forget we are the answer and hold the keys to our liberation.

Though abolition is intimidating, we can break it down into sections and tackle it bit by bit.

Oh, and I haven’t seen the women who fearlessly took the streets by the thousands when Trump entered the office at any Black Lives Matter events.

While you're getting back into normal programming, we are still being slaughtered and target and fighting.

Fuck your fake ass feminism. Mic drop.


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