What Will Be Your Legacy?

I want you to think on sitting in history class way back when, where you likely learned the diluted versions of all of the early atrocities committed by white folks, including but not limited to; colonization, the genocide of my ancestors and other indigenous peoples, slavery, the Jim Crow era, maybe your instructor touched on the  Dred Scott decision, possibly Black code laws, redlining & so on, thinking, “had I been alive back then I would have done this, that or the other…”

Allow me to remind you and also emphasize that at some point in history, all of that shit, as inhumane and immoral as it was, was considered “legal”. All of those premeditated crimes against humanity were “just”. The law didn’t even consider my enslaved ancestors whole humans, research the Three-Fifths Compromise.

In the past the laws and systems were intentionally put in place and upheld by white men to keep my people and other non-Black people of color oppressed. With that being said, the “justice system” is working exactly how it is intended to and my only expectation is that said “justice system” will continue to hinder people of color from truly healing, progressing & building while reinforcing white supremacy and covering up their crimes.

There really ain’t enough “reform” in the world y’all. Content warning: I’m about to talk my shit and I mean every word of it.

The year is 2018 & white people are still wilding. Systemic racism is realer than real and rooted in all of our systems. White supremacy is terrorism. Gentrification is the new colonization; not to be confused with community development, which would help existing residents whereas gentrification aims to replace them. You should know about the new Jim Crow aka the mass incarceration of our loved ones. The school-to-prison-pipeline, I could go on but I digress, know that it’s real out here.

Whatever you’re doing now is most likely what you would have done then. If you’re active, I appreciate you. If you’re doing nothing, maybe this will act as your call to action because there are far too many idiots with internet access and an abundance of armchair activists that aren’t really in the field but stay spewing suggestions and a lack of people that are passionate, present in this movement and willing to do this work.

There’s always a new story about some type of terrorism being committed by law enforcement on Black bodies; be they babies, minors or adults & almost never a follow up with how they were held accountable for their immoral acts. Or there will be a piece with a clever new hashtag giving us the details of a white person calling the police on my people for simply existing, making light of the seriousness of the situation. #BarbecueBecky, #CouponCarl, #PermitPatty etc. Public shaming can only do so much for these clowns, there needs to be some type of legal consequence enforced by the very law that they are so endeared to. There should be financial repercussions as well because every call is a waste of our taxpayer dollars, they need to be hit in their hearts and their pockets.

#NiaWilson, the young Black goddess who was fatally stabbed by a white domestic terrorist that was later taken into custody, alive, with little to no incident.

These situations occur damn near daily, so much so that people are starting to normalize them. Many of us have become desensitized, I know that some instances are more traumatizing than others, but I assure you that this shit is NOT NORMAL.

We are at WAR and a lot of us aren’t ready. In fact, there are those of us try to act as if this shit isn’t real. Like Sacramento is safe or sacred even. Sadly, this city isn’t special and it’s over populated with racist regular everyday people and law enforcement, despite how “diverse” it claims to be.

Late on the night of July 22nd, 2018, Sac PD chased down a 16-year-old boy that was riding his bike and intentionally rammed their cruiser into him, causing him to fly off his bike, 10 feet in the air over another vehicle into a neighbor's yard. This act of police terror resulted in major injuries, that police lied about and described as minor

July 24th, 2018 a Black man was kicked out of the City Council meeting for going over his allotted 2 minutes during public comment, even after the passionate public outcry demanding the Council to let him stay. Later, during that same meeting a white woman blew a real-life dog whistle and accused people of being here illegally during her public comment. Do you think she was removed from the chambers? Nah. Is that not wild? As I type this Sac PD is currently dismantling the community blockade that formed in front of the ICE office Downtown. Families belong together.  

This city is also full of organizers, activists and freedom fighters on all fronts. During the same meeting on July 24th, 2018, the Mayor and City Council were served with a Cease and Desist order for violations of the Brown Act courtesy of over 80 community members, BLM Sacramento and other organizations. 

What one allows is what will continue, and we are no longer having that.

We have been occupying space at our District Attorney's office for over 100 days demanding justice for Stephon Clark and justice for Brandon Smith since early June. It has evolved into a space that feeds the revolution and unites the people while providing organic healing and joy. We also acquired a space where we hold monthly open mic sessions, so come through and say, spit or sing something or just enjoy the energy. 

We are making history right now. I encourage you to join us and maybe meditate on that. How do want to be remembered? What will be your legacy?

Justice for all of the Black lives lost in Sacramento, CA due to state sponsored violence and those who survived acts of police terror. Remember their names: Adriene Ludd, Dazion Flenaugh, Trish Hill, Joesph Mann, Jason King, Igzabihair Yamakosi, Armani Lee, Lorenzo Cruz, Desmond Phillips, Nandi Cain, Ryan Ellis,Mikel McIntyre, Zityrua Abraham, James Nelson, Stephon Clark, Brandon Smith and Danuel Lobue.

All power to the people.


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