We Want Change In Our Lifetime


Black Lives Matter, this movement, our everyday fight, is for Black liberation.  Now I know, I know, we have heard these terms so many times but what the hell does it really mean?   What should it look like?  Is it being done right?  Well let’s start by defining some of these words.  First up, radical.  Radical is defined as being extreme “especially as  it regards change from accepted or traditional forms” or “favoring drastic political, economic, or social reforms” (Dictionary.com). Second up, liberation.  The online dictionary defines this as “the act of gaining equal rights or full social economic opportunities for a particular group”.  I am not really a fan of this definition because when discussing Black liberation, I think it is important to note that WE DON’T WANT EQUAL RIGHTS. 

We want to eliminate these oppressive systems entirely, yes I am talking about abolition.  Why?  These ancient ass systems that are currently in place were built for a specific race (no sugar coating here, I am talking about white people) and reforming something with the origins of oppressing Black people and people of color will never suffice.

Why am I discussing these elementary terms?  Because I really think people forgot that we don’t live in a box and the things that we aim to accomplish are not going to be attained by doing the things you’ve seen before.  It’s going to make you uncomfortable and you may not even agree with our methods but guess what?  If you’re not doing this work, not fighting for Black liberation or to dismantle white supremacy, and do not support this movement your opinion is invalid (meaning we don’t give a fuck and this work will still get done).  Let’s say it together now folks.  “If I am not doing this work, not fighting for Black liberation or to dismantle white supremacy, and do not support this movement, then my opinion in invalid.” Good, now moving forward.

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The importance of radical Black leadership is vital to our growth and our passion in continuing this fight.  The Black history we've bee taught since 1st grade in america has been centered on law-abiding, peaceful, turn-the-other-cheek leadership. This is NOT the Black history and leadership that has caused change. That is the white-washed and watered-down version of our people and one we choose not to accept.  The Black civil rights leaders and the leaders that came before them were radical.  We weren’t taught about the words of Assata Shakur, Nina Simone, Marcus Garvey, and Fred Hampton and many more.  Their words have been buried out of fear of creating stronger Black leaders.  We will actually be covering some of the speeches of these revolutionary leaders at our “Real Black History” Movie Night happening next Saturday.  Details HERE.  You should definitely come out and watch this exclusive documentary. It will be beautiful and filled with Blackness.



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Representation, leadership, liberation of Blackness is what’s missing from mainstream media.  To be honest, it’s time we stop expecting that to change without us lifting our voice and taking the necessary actions to change that reality.  It’s the same mistake we made with SN&R and working with them thinking they would hear our voices calling out their Anti-Blackness.  It doesn’t work.  Experience in this movement will teach you that very swiftly.  We cannot make people care or stop being shitty humans so let’s move forward and fight for us, by being present in this movement.  We all we got and in the great words of King Kendrick “It’s Gon’ Be Alright”.


Upcoming Events:

Real Black History – BLM’s Sac’s Movie night – Feb. 24 – As mentioned above. All details HERE.

Justice For Sacramento – Mar. 2nd – Our people in the system are being isolated, abused, and taunted.  Our words.  Our companionship is what keeps them sane.  Join us for a couple of hours to write a note or two. All details HERE

Alternatives to Police – Mar. 3rd – You want change?  Be the change.  Join us as we are building systems we can call our own and can trust.  All details HERE.

Fill the Court Room for Armani Lee – March 8th – This is the first day of his official trial.  While in custody he is being taunted with names as “Black Lives Matter Lee”  and “Nine Lives Lee” because he survived the cops attempts to take his life.  Your support is necessary.  Learn more and his case and this even HERE.

Open Meeting in the Streets – March 10th  - We are ready to see change in our lifetime.  Join us for us to being you up to date with all of the things we are working on, the names and stories of the folks we are fighting for and how you can show up.  All details HERE.

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