We've Been Starved For Attention…..I Bet You’re Wondering Who’s Paying Attention?


It was Saturday, October 7th when we took the streets yet again, reminding law enforcement “whose streets.......our streets.”  But it’s bigger than reverberating the power of the people united, it is about results and at the end of the day the Sheriff’s department ain’t showing us no love.  The way the law enforcement thinks they can ignore request of the community is dumb-founding and mind blowing.  It’s just another notch in their belt that the Black community is on a starvation diet with no love or respect, hence why we showed up on Stockton Blvd in the heart of Oak Park.  The biggest joy was filling in voids where neglect had set in; folks coming out of their homes cheering us on and joining the march.  Kids on bikes and skateboards rolling, care free through streets that everyday remind them and all of us that we aren’t a factor, except when it comes to over-policing Sacramento’s Black neighborhoods.  This ain’t a game, this is about life and death.

We want to emphasize the fact that under Scott Jones’ leadership with the Sacramento Sheriff department, the Black community continues to be put on the back burner.  To this date there has been no resolution nor any attempt to respond to demands submitted on behalf of multiple families who have experienced abuse, excessive force and murder at the hands of the Sheriff department.  You would think asking for information is a right of the people, but we have been proven wrong time and again.  We want to focus on the hurting families seeking information, not distractions from narratives created to subdue the public into believing the Sacramento Sheriff department is afraid of BLM Sacramento.  We don’t have guns and vest and Tasers and Billy clubs and hand cuff….who’s afraid of who?

I think the chant went something like, “I love Black people!  You don’t love Black people, what’s wrong with you?”  I swear that was LIFE lifting, confirming that this season of starvation can be over if we stay the course.  We are enough and no longer are we willing to just be tolerated.  A friend to the movement said, “Tolerance is like holding your breath waiting for change.  Tolerance is taking a pause and waiting to speak.  Tolerance is approval and permission.”  In reality tolerance is not inclusive and sometimes forced.  We are not a perceived threat and we are not going away.  Let’s take it a step further and be clear, because we want to be embraced, listened to and even understood.  If we are truly seeking Black LIBERATION, EQUITY and REPARATIONS the notion of tolerance has to be elevated to acceptance because tolerance was not and is not enough.  However, on the contrary BLACK FOLKS, WE ARE ENOUGH!

We, Black Lives Matter Sacramento have left enough of an impression on this community that not only has other organizations and leaders backed us when we were under attack with personally penned letters from Sheriff Scott Jones.  But the Democratic Party of Sacramento County bestowed upon us the Tower Award for our steadfast work with respects to state violence on the Black community.  Not to mention, but I will….we were previously awarded the Environmental Justice Leader award from California Environmental Justice Alliance, at their CEJA Regresso – Re-imagining Resistance convening. 

Living constrained by conditions have only made the problems worse.  For too long America has “tolerated” Black folks, enduring with displeasure and not even hiding the sour taste in form of policies and laws that scream ewww.  Consequently, the discontentment has historically ravaged the Black community.  Today, the ramifications come in the form of school to prison pipelines, excessive bail and sentencing, the incarceration of wrongfully accused, the infamous Black Tax, the cycle of poverty, the continued mis-education of the Negro and so much more.  SYSTEMS have systematically hindered our being safe and thriving….all the while living with the stress of reaching back as we climb.

If you weren’t at Sacramento Women Take Back the Night on October 14th, you missed Tanya’s Black Pledge of Allegiance to the Black community….how powerful the essence and beauty of Black faces and Black fist raised to honor who we are and why we matter.  This fight is about presence, and we all can’t be wrong to show up in vein week after week, event after event, for issue after issue.  This past week, we met a group of Freedom Fighters who walked from San Francisco to the Sacramento State Attorney General’s office because we know all too well the sting of being ignored by persons in positions of power.  We know they hear us and see us..….”Sac PD, we don’t want you.”  And be clear to the fact, BLM Sacramento works for free, giving time, resources, organizing efforts and love to the community. 

The morning of October 20th we were in court supporting Armani Lee because we know too well how unjust our criminal justice system is.  As concerned citizens, we want fair trials, just sentences and law enforcement to take ownership of bad decisions; like why they left Armani Lee's bullet riddled body on the ground for over 30 minutes with an ambulance on standby.  Let’s not forget someone called his father and informed him that Lee was dead.  We stay busy because systems in Sacramento keep us busy……and later that evening Organize Sacramento hosted the movie premiere of “City Rising,” which featured BLM Sacramento and founder Tanya Faison.  To get to the root of disenfranchisement and how the system takes advantage of the vulnerable is part of our mission.


Ironically, October 22nd was the National Day Against Police Terror and we take that personal because on that very day 2 years ago Adriene Ludd was murdered by the Sacramento Sheriff department.  His beauty and brilliance was snuffed out in the blink of an eye and still to this day his family hasn’t been provided any information to support the Sheriff's narrative.  We planned for months and arduously worked with the city of Sacramento to secure permits necessary to hold our 2nd annual Black Love Block Party in honor of Adriene’s death. 

The vision was filled with the sounds of drums, free food, kids playing and smiling, those favorite Black songs that make a person want to dance just a little, but most important this was about LOVE.  Vendors with goods and information lined the shutdown street.  The infamous Grant High School Drum Line and Pacerette dancers led the march…..close your eyes and imagine the drums that called the neighborhood out of the comforts of their homes and businesses seeking answers to who, what and why?  The crowd chanted, “Black Lives…….MATTER, Black Lives……MATTER.”  And with that everyone knew LOVE had arrived, exactly where we need to be, changing and challenging the landscape of Sacramento.


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