We must save ourselves

It is up to us to save ourselves & our city from state sponsored terror in all of it’s forms. You, me and whomever else’s eyes this happens to come across. People power is real, there is substantial strength in numbers, really, all you have to do is show up and everything else will come naturally. I assure you there is space for you in this movement.

I believe that we have been conditioned to feel as though we are powerless against this system & to think that we cannot truly bring about effective change. Unfortunately, the uninformed masses and mainstream media often attempt to normalize state sanctioned violence and actively participate in victim blaming and the spreading of misinformation as opposed to focusing on the facts. They have no problem spreading the all too familiar false narrative that law enforcement put their lives on the line for us regular folk when they decide to put on their uniform and that they take risks to ensure public safety. That is comical. I have probably typed this before but it must be typed again, simply because something is considered “the law” or “legal” does not mean that it is right or just. Especially in real life. Law enforcement, Sacramento’s specifically, does not value Black lives and they constantly remind us by their actions, so to think anything else is legitimately foolish.



Do you understand they keep killing our people every few months? They were shot in the back of grandma’s backyard back in March #StephonClark. They were thrown in the back of a paddy wagon and denied medical assistance after stating “I feel like I’m having a heart attack, on God!” on video #BrandonSmith. That was just in June. They were shot by SWAT, #DarellRichards feared for his life as he sought out safety under a stairwell in September. Now #MarshallMiles November 1st. He called out for his mother as he was taken into custody by Sac Sheriff, then this man ended up bruised, brain dead and then deceased days after the interaction. Heart attacks don’t give you bruises, coward cops do that. It’s difficult to type the words, to have to constantly live with & feel the hurt, I just want to let the pictures speak for a moment ...

Marshall and family     Marshall Miles

Marshall was a man. His life mattered, I need not explain why, now let’s focus on his legacy. The media will try to portray him as destructive and dangerous due to his past but he was human and naturally so he was imperfectly perfect, much more than a hashtag. He did not deserve to die and his family does not deserve to live with this pain.

I only listed the lives that have been stolen this year, our list is actually much longer:

Justice for our city and all Black lives lost in Sacramento, CA due to state-sponsored terror and for those who survived acts of police brutality. Remember their names: Adriene Ludd, Dazion Flenaugh, Trish Hill, Joesph Mann, Jason King, Igzabihair Yamakosi, Armani Lee, Lorenzo Cruz, Desmond Phillips, Nandi Cain, Ryan Ellis, Mikel McIntyre, Zityrua Abraham, James Nelson and Danuel Lobue.


Police terror is a plague. White supremacy is cancerous. We are the cure. Nobody is coming to save us.


I believe in activism, organizing, taking to the streets, lifting & teaching names, demanding justice and change and while I encourage you to vote, voting will not save us, I implore you to actually get active. It is up to us. I believe in you and I want to remind you that you are more powerful than you think.


Black Lives Matter Sacramento is an organization that is acting as a catalyst for change in our city because we know that Sacramento deserves better than what we have been dealing with; from our rogue sheriff, to our complicit district attorney, to our city council members that have done next to nothing for their constituents. We deserve better, period. Better than Black men being killed on a nearly regular basis by what are essentially employed executioners, better than corrupt cops that can’t ever seem to reach for a non lethal option when they see Black skin, better than our shady sheriff and way better than the DA that does nothing even when the evidence is damning.


Stop killing us. Charge killer cops. If anything police should be held to a higher standard because of their position and all that “extensive training” they supposedly receive. Sadly one cannot simply train or vote away white supremacy or the entities that enforce them. Our melanin does not make us monsters or superhumans. However our ancestors guide and give us strength, for that and much more I will always honor them. I desire freedom not “equality”, abolition is the key.




BLM Sacramento supports and holds space for all of the families that are forced to figure out how to navigate through this life after being directly affected by state sponsored terror. That is not a service the police provide after murdering and abusing people, forever altering families lives in unfathomable ways. There are children, parents, siblings, spouses, elders and all kinds of other family and friends that have to keep functioning faced with tremendous trauma.


We are angry and rightfully so. We are tired of this trend. We are in constant pain but we are passionate and powerful. We are strong. We deserve and demand justice. We have a right to be here. We have to stand up and fight back. Strategically. We have a right more like a moral obligation to stand up against the injustice system. It is our duty to fight for our freedom.  


We will fight for you & yours while we fight for the liberation of our people. We will win.

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