We Gotta Have It - LIBERATION

It’s time to be schooled on the connection of dots, that have led to the predicament we all find ourselves in today, with respects to race in Amerikkka.  It’s time to be school on the facts that were intentionally set into motion when barbaric European tribes began to roam the earth in search of the genius they lacked.  It’s time we are schooled on what race even means in the grand scheme of things.  Yeah, it’s most definitely time to be schooled on all the shits that have built up and morphed into this dysfunctional disease with sole intentions of sacrificing those who give and give and give some more of self.  It’s time to be schooled on the reality that the English language, patriarchy, Christianity, capitalism, and democracy combined are responsible for the demise of humanity and the protection of the great white race.  And let’s be very clear, there are no clear winners as every European country is still vying for position in said race.  It’s time to be schooled on the fact that during this “race” all of those who partook in committing atrocities against the world via a slave economy, have committed the most harm against the indigenous people of the world, those from mother Africa.


Over the past 400 years and since 1619, when the first slaves stepped foot onto the soil of America the “race” for white domination has destroyed the fabric of hope, life, and liberty for everyone, except white men.  In those 400 years, “what has happened yesterday is happening today to Black bodies.  We have to teach the ongoing murderers of Black men,” (Renee Watson, Teaching for Black Lives)…..because the names are endless:

Emmett Till

Medgar Evers

Henry Dumas

Fred Hampton

Mulugeta Seraw

Amadou Diallo

Sean Bell

Oscar Grant

Trayvon Martin

Jordan Davis

Eric Garner

Michael Brown

(and specific to Sacramento….)

Adriene Ludd

Dazion Flenaugh

Joseph Mann

Jason King

Lorenzo Cruz

Desmond Phillips

Ryan Ellis

Mikel McIntyre

Stephon Clark

Brandon Smith

Darell Richards

Marshall Miles

Gabby Nevarez

This history won’t let us forget the reality of who Mr. Overseer is and what role the system of policing plays in the black community.  As of late it’s a matter of connecting dots to every system, like but not limited to education, health care, housing and gentrification, co-optation and appropriation, anti-blackness, political structures and policy, colorism and the ability to live without the stress of not having enough money, food and shelter to survive…..coupled with the intersectionality of all of that.


What we know for sure is the feelings of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome based on resistance movements for LIBERATION, here stateside and abroad.  The self-determination of said movements have caused our ancestors to challenge the negative definitions of who we are not and what we refuse to accept from those who defined power.  Hence, the revelation of who we are:

I am not a monkey, ape or baboon.
I am not a darkie, skillet, spook or night crawler.
My name isn't boy.
My name isn't jigga-boo.
I am not mulatto.

I am not a coon.

My name isn’t Uncle Tom or Uncle Ben or Toby or Stepn Fetchit or Sambo or Bojangle or House Nigger.

My name isn’t Aunt Jemima or Pickaninny or Mammy or Nelly or Cotton Picker.

Our children aren’t gator bait or Tar Babies.

My name isn’t Sweetback, Shaft, Pusha Man, Pookie, Ninja, Ms. Cleo, Kizzy, Redbone or Jezzabell.

I’m not an Africoon, ashy, Buck, Sambo, Swamp Monkey, spade, primate or Brownie.

I am not to be referenced as “You People” or “They” or generally speaking “Blacks” as in all of us.

I am not to be treated like a whipping post or a stepping stool or porch monkey.

I will not enter through the back door or drink from a separate water fountain.

I don’t need a Greenback book for traveling purposes.....although it is nice to support Black and black friendly businesses.

Black genius will be respected, like black business and black towns which were burned to the ground.

I know who my father is and my mother is not a welfare queen.

My boyfriend’s name isn’t Tyrone and I am not Top-Raminsha.

I am not shade or shadow, and you cannot erase me.

I am not a tree ornament or windchime…..lynching me didn’t work.

I don’t shuffalong, as if lazy.

I am not a jungle bunny, as if out of control sexually.

I am not a token.

I am not a POC, person of color.

I am not 3/5th of anything and 36-30 doesn’t define my freedom line.

I am not a P.O.A…..previously owned American.

I am not a suspect or a perp.

Don’t call me son or gal.

I am not shipping cargo.

Referencing Shaka Zulu, Mandingo, Kunta or Mufasa are not insults, but Schwarzenigger and OJ are.

I am not a roach or mud turtle, and June Bug or Jellybean doesn’t make your insult cute.

I am not property.

I am not your slave.

I am not Strange Fruit.

And even though my melanin is magical, you cannot devalue the protection in my skin as Mellanoid.

Any reference to my hair being nappy, my lips or butt being big or my brain being small is really your brain being small.

Any variation of or sounding like nigra, nigress, nigonometry, nigrant, nigglet, niggroid, niggerachi, niggerino, niggapotomous, niggabyte, niggeramous is more than enough proof that your tactics have failed to define me.

To debase our existence to stereotypes like but not limited to Huxtable/Cosby, JJ, Jerry Curl, KFC, Kobe, Magic, Koolaid, Latifah, Lavar, MLK, Huey, GTA, Ghetto, GED, FUBU, Franklin, Eight Ball, Carlton, Buppie or Crayola are simple-minded attempts to belittle the major contributions Black people have made in building this country on their backs.

We will not freely bite a curb…..you cannot kill us off.
Calling me nigger has not stopped me.

(The Racial Slur Database: www.rsdb.org)


While it is important that we not get caught up in old verbiage, but that we remind those who are resurrecting racist tendencies of what won't be tolerated in this moment of history.  Myrlie Evers is lamenting the same sentiment of "anger in trying to understand where and why racism has begun to bloom again," per the Clarion-Ledger.   We have to address the similarities and relevance of LYNCHING in this country, as it has been a pervasive tool to control Black bodies and livelihood while filling prison cells and coffins.  When the message to young Black folks is you will be criminally at risk if you wear dreadlocks and white t-shirts is a warning to be heeded, according to the Kansas City Star.  All of this in the midst of Black and Brown folks trying to survive.  We can learn a thing or two from the likes of a Nipsey Hussle, who died trying to make our hoods self-sufficient.  While it is difficult in and of itself to be Black in Amerikka, we have to demand better for our children who are facing the devaluing of our ancestor's experiences during slavery to fun and games, per The Root. All while out 10-year-old children are handcuffed as suspects and 13-year-olds are bodyslammed by school resource officers on a regular.  The normative of white supremacy can no longer encroach upon our destiny.

In the words of James Baldwin,

“I am not your negro,”

it’s that simple.

Now that I've identified what we ain't, it is my goal to help us mentally escape from the bondage of conditioning that has kept us mentally chained to the very systems designed for our demise.  Assata said it best…. “It is our duty to fight for our freedom.  It is our duty to win.  We must love and support one another.  We have nothing to lose but our chains.”  The journey towards liberation begins and ends with liberating our minds.  "WHEN WE FREE" is a consciousness enveloped in realizing the time is now to prepare for the day when we are just that…..FREE.  We are ABOLITIONIST seeking all of the shits we gotta have in order to be healed, whole and valued; not to be captured, posed or possessed.


“Turn the light of truth up, on them.”

– Ida B. Wells-Barnett


The light will be bright…..while we get FREE.  The REVOLUTION will be televised…..and it will cost you dearly if you sit on the sidelines watching in complicity; be it in respectability and proximity to whiteness or in failures of ally-ship, comradery or accomplice to finding solutions to the Black American Nightmare. There is no wavering in who we are as a Black community and what we need to survive, even in all of the nuances and variations in how we show up in this BLACKNESS…..only we know what we need, let us get that shit.  The ancestors are speaking clearly, “I see you Boo.”  The ancestors are cheering us on and making sure to cover us at this moment because they know too well the detriment of the movement without protection and covering.


Stay woke isn't just a warning, it is a call to action, like saying, Black Lives Matter.  Do your homework and follow outlets that inform like Black Junction.  We are under an all-around assault, and it has been the reality of the Black experience since 1619.  One can see our mere existence is under attack and we have to recognize the tools of destruction for what they are....."bleaching of Black Culture."  There's not enough water on this planet to water-down the melanin that flows through the veins of Black folks.  So the legacy of FIGHT continues…..because WE GOTTA HAVE IT. LIBERATION that is.  We are GEMS that get overlooked.  We cannot wait for research data and funding to save our babies; we have to intentionally fight the intention of racism and oppression every day with everything we have.  We have to ABOLISH and REBUILD, with the needs of the community in mind, because their systems are broken and one-sided.  With that being said, there is no better time than the present.....to stand for LIBERATION today.

"It may be a dark world sometimes, but don't be afraid to be a source of light."

- Sol Development