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It seems so long ago that we took on our fight to make sure Sheriff Scott Jones did not make it to Congress.  Back in 2016 we blasted this man for all the dirt that took place under his leadership from 2010 and through his re-election in 2014. (and still ongoing).  When we say dirt , I mean we are talking about Black people being arrested at 3.5 times the rate of white people and costing taxpayers millions, yeah …you heard that right…MILLIONS of dollars in lawsuits for excessive force, rape, in-custody deaths and torture, and the use of military weapons used in his facility.  There is a whole blog dedicated to the BS that has taken place and how he has not only failed to discipline the LEO’s responsible for these acts, but he actually rewards this violent behavior.

No need for me to lists his failures as a leader you can read that blog right here,  which details what has been done under his leadership, who this man is and why it is vital that we get this man out of any position of power.

So here we are again, eh.  In 2016 we were able to prevent Jones from becoming our representative in Congress by 2% and now we need to get him out of his current position.



Now don’t get me wrong, Black Lives Matter Sacramento does NOT endorse politicians by any means but as of right now where we are looking to dismantle these systems and you have the power to get our corrupt Sheriff and Defense Attorney out of positions of power.  Though yesterday was the last day to register for a mail in ballot you still have the opportunity register to vote and when June 5th come we need to show up and show out.  So tell your mom, sister, dad, uncle’s cousin Tracy to see who this man is and show up we are not continuing to empower him to continue his f***ery.  You can get information about how and where to REGISTER HERE ,  if you need to determine where to go for voting centers open May 26-June 5 check this link out and for voting centers open June 2-June 5 check this link out.


While we are discussing getting corrupt officials out of positions, have you read last weeks blog about Sacramento Defense Attorney Anne Schubert?  No?  It’s ok you can check it out here.  Out of the 23 killings that have taken place there has not even 1 law enforcement murderer held accountable. The money that law enforcement agencies have filled her pockets with has held her back from doing her job and the community is fed up.  So let's get her out.  



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If you truly in the revolutionary words of Assata’s prayer, It Is Our Duty To Fight For Our Freedom, then creating systems for ourselves and suffocating the abusive positions of power is what it looks like to get in formation.  We have some truly empowering events taking place in these up and coming weeks.  Peek below and we hope to see you out there.




May 22 - Week 9 District Attorney BBQ - Click here for event details.



May 26 - Copwatch Orientation - Click here for event details.



June 16 - Movie Night JUNETEENTH Edition - Click here for event details.

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