We Are Taking What's Ours



What do you think BLM Sacramento does exactly? Do you think we just shut down public intersections and chant to get news coverage? Do you think we are just here for attention? Let me help you answer those questions. We are here for change and aren’t setting for shit less. Without agitations without news coverage, we don’t get our story out and the masses only have bullshit one sided stories to depend on. Ignorance is not bliss, it’s dangerous and we refuse to have shit shoved down our throats. We are challenging the entities that have be ruling without boundaries for a while and calling them out for the stuff people have been afraid to discuss.


Just last week we came to the Board of Supervisors to demand a community oversight commission for the Sacramento Sheriff Department. Just a little background, the Board of Supervisors oversees the operations of county government. They have executive, legislative, and quasi-judicial power. Within the legislative role they have to power to adopt ordinances and rules over the county government. This makes them the ideal target to present our demands to and that we did. So what do we want and why do we want it? Let’s just talk about the latter first, as of now the oversight commission for the Sheriff Department has representatives that Sheriff Scott Jones has appointed and even some former Law Enforcement Officers. See the issue? No? Ok, I’ll break it down for you. The oversight commission is supposed to be the ones who review policies, practices and procedures and pushes for accountability. Sooooo… if you’re friends are the ones that are reviewing your cases and are supposed to advise if you abused your power what is the likelihood of them actually giving an unbiased opinion? Yeaaaaahhhh not very likely. If you are thinking that there is still nothing wrong then you are a part of the problem and are likely benefitting from the oppressive systems we are fighting. We refuse to allow for this to be the norm especially not on our dime. We are pushing for community oversight for the Sacramento Sheriff Department. Sheriff Scott Jones and his thugs have been abusing their power for far too long. From the use of flash grenades to the mental and physical abuse of their inmates and we are sick and fucking tired of it. Below are the demands we brought to the Board of Supervisors. You can also watch the video of what went down here :

 We demand for a community led commission as oversight of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.
 This commission should have the power to investigate police misconduct, police involved shootings, and in-custody deaths; and then have the ability to share the results of their investigations with the greater community.
 This commission should have the power to discipline and enforce violations.
 This commission should have subpoena power.
 This commission should have the power to develop and change the Sacramento Sheriff’s department’s use of force policy.
 This commission should have the power to share data information and updates with the community, including footage and reports from incidents.
 This commission should have community nominated and elected members only; with at least two members having been impacted by police brutality.
 This commission’s members should have absolutely no connections to law enforcement.
 This commission's members should be paid, and the commission should be given a budget to do the work it has been given the power to do




This is the beginning of this fight, a fight which no organization has dared to take on and we are here to tell you not to doubt our resilience in anything we put our mind to. If you think this work is just about police accountability you are very wrong my friend. We are coming for the roots of every system that has choked the life of our black communities and resources while profiting of our lives for so long that the trauma is normal. We only get this work down by the sweat of our brow and the support of the people who look like us, the ones directly dealing with the same issues of us. We have big things coming up and we need you. We need you physically, mentally, through social media, financially, and full heartedly. See below and see what you can make it out to, we have also included the donation link below, no surprise that we need money to do this work. We al have jobs and bills and some have taken money out of their personal funds to make this work possible. I am not going to go on and on about money, if you got it to spare whether it’s 5 or 50 please give and if not this work will still get done (with all due respect).



November 18 – The Community Wants Its Mural Back: A beautiful mural gifted to Sacramento commemorating the lives of the black men whose lives were taken by law enforcement was hatefully paint over with red blood paint and we are demanding to have it back. It served as a place of mourning and provided awareness for the community. See more about the event here.

November 18 – Reparations Workshop (Movement 4 Black Lives): The Movement 4 Black Lives organization has created a curriculum to focus on the liberation of Black people in a comprehensive way. We are hosting this workshop and will be discussing what reparations are and how do we get them, Join us and see here for event details.

December 2 – Community Alternatives to Police: Join us for this ongoing series of creating alternatives to Police within our community members. We are creating new systems instead of trying to fix systems that were never meant to protect us, See more here.

Donate HERE. We thank you for your ongoing support.

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