Unsolicited Advice is Criticism

“They shouldn’t say this.”
“They should do this like that.”
“They should be focused on this, that or the other.”
“There’s more important things that they could be working on.”
All people have opinions. However, not all opinions matter, nor do they hold the same weight,
especially to my comrades and me.

Collectively our chapter is a dope ass group of humans from a plethora of different backgrounds fighting for the liberation of ALL BLACK PEOPLE, plus a grip of other things. Real life issues, not no superficial shit. We face an array of adversaries, from crooked law enforcement agencies and other authoritative figures that mean the majority of the public no good, to your everyday uninformed, overly opinionated, average Joe or Janna, that has done less than nothing for the movement. The folx that speak down on it and allocate unsolicited advice while typing on their smartphone sitting comfortably in the tranquility of a yoga studio.


As our founder would say, “Unsolicited advice is criticism.”


Everyone has their own perspective of everything in this world and this life, as they should. We are all entitled to such. Some people love, embrace and support BLM Sac and the movement for Black lives, and they show that love. Some folks come hit the streets with us, attend meetings, trainings or other events or make monetary donations—SHOUTOUT TO ALLA THEM!On the other hand, others may not think all that highly of us, or that we are “reaching” when we address certain topics like cultural appropriation in our city, for example. They think we should move differently, that we just out here trying to disrupt the peace. A classic critique. Sadly there are many unknowing critics in our city, and it is far from peaceful.Let’s review real quick. This is why Black Lives Matter Sacramento exists:

• Lorenzo Cruz

• James Nelson

• Ryan Ellis

• Mikel McIntyre

• Adriene Ludd

• Armani Lee

• Dazion Flenaugh

• Joseph Mann

• Desmond Phillips

• Patricia Hill

• Zityrua Abraham

• Gabby Nevarez

• Jason King

• Eddie Curry

There have been Black bodies in our streets, and the police’s hands (and at times their vehicles) are soaked in blood. Black women have been thrown around, assaulted, wrongly arrested and abused during the intake process by these thugs in uniform. Thugs that are paid with our tax dollars. Yet rarely has there been any worries or consequences because the cops stay in cahoots with the corrupt officials that constantly clear them of any wrongdoing. Abolition is the answer.

We are a mere 29 days into the new year, and police have already killed 101 people. Not in our city specifically, but this is a sobering stat full of actual violence.

Despite this we keep fighting—fightings to attain things that we shouldn’t even have to be fighting for in the first place. We must fight this fight however we see fit. The general support of the mainstream is trivial, so kindly fuck how you feel. The truth of the matter is that some people will never support BLM Sacramento simply because they are afraid of what we might become. The law may try to intimidate us, but we can’t get distracted by scare tactics. We are not criminals and this work has to be done. Nazi’s are back in 2018, and others are wide asleep or fragile as fuck, and we absolutely do not have time for coddling. Silence is compliance which is violence. Really, where do you stand? How one could hate on people that are literally fighting for freedom, I cannot fathom. Nevertheless, we are busy building structures to dismantle and replace this broken system. We are organizing, we are developing what it is that the people need, and we are doing this with the people because who knows our needs better than ourselves? We are fighting for justice for stolen lives and accountability from those responsible.We want to bring healing and joy to our people. We are strategic in everything that we do, and we are mindful of all of the things. You can get with it, or you can get lost. We won’t be going anywhere, so get uncomfortable.

We have a lot coming up in February, and as always we encourage folks to come through and join us!



Coming up sooner than soon:

02.03.18: Know Your Rights While Being Black Part 2 https://www.facebook.com/events/1735892289801479

02.24.18: Real Black History - BLM Sac Movie Night https://www.facebook.com/events/2031715057111433 

03.03.18: Whose Streets? Our Streets! Community Alternatives to Police https://www.facebook.com/events/142297086435535

03.14.18: BlackArtsMatter& BLM Presents: BoycottSN&R- A 2 night Event https://www.facebook.com/events/384170168722343

03.15.18: The Anti-Sammies! https://www.facebook.com/events/807090209475310





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