This Work Is Sacred, Respect It

By now we know who we are and what we do, if not, no worries you will be educated by the end of this piece.  Our energy and this work are sacred, and it’s a damn shame that we have to spend any time defending our name.  Don’t get me wrong, arguing and using our time to convince others is not priority BUT if anyone thinks they can disrespect our work, drag our name, or discredit this chapter that is not something we can take lightly or allow.




Since the start of this chapter, there has been so many accomplishments and relationships built.  I am going to use this platform to lift this work briefly and discuss what we are currently working on. This chapter started as a result of Adrienne Ludd being murdered.  As with all of the people we fight for, we work the families of the victims to understand their needs and demands.  I don’t want to go over what happened with each person who’s life was stolen by Law Enforcement when this work and their stories have been documented. If you want to read about their stories and what we have and have not attained for them then check out this blog from a couple of weeks ago here. Outside of the 7 people whom multiple law enforcement agencies have murdered and fighting for basic documentation and justice, we are also fighting for people living with the trauma caused by these agencies, people who still endure harassment regularly.  You can find their stories also in the above link.  There is no one else lifting their names, just as there was no one lifting the 1,000s of innocent Black brothers and sisters prior to Black Lives Matter, but we refuse to be silent while our people are being murdered and our communities are being attacked. 



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Think that’s all?  Nah.


Destructive oppressive systems and anti-Blackness can be seen in our everyday navigation through life.  We call those systems out, work to dismantle them, and replace them with systems that were built by the people who have to navigate through them.  We are fighting the rapid gentrification of Sacramento by creating dialogue with business owners to push for jobs for people of color and the people in that community.    We are fighting for more police accountability through the police oversight commission, which prior to BLM (in addition to other orgs.) was weak and not able to hold LEO’s accountable. Through our work, we created an ordinance that makes it mandatory to release footage and audio associated with police involved shootings within 30 days.  We worked to revise Elk Grove Unified School District's policy on the restriction of wearing accessories with a graduate's cap and gown as a result of Nyree Holmes being escorted from his graduation  ceremony for wearing a Kente cloth.  Currently, we have sessions for the community to discuss alternatives to police to establish an infrastructure of rapid response instead of calling 911, which often makes situations worse. We are hoping to empower our people and secure our spaces by training how to Copwatch, we created community events such as the Black Love Black Party, Emergency Black Sac Meeting, and other events to establish spaces where Black folks can come and build fellowship in love.  In this city, where people of color are being murdered and pushed out from their communities, our work is valid AF.




Because of this, we will never tolerate disrespect and petty challenges from anyone.


We give so much of our time and love to this work.  Don’t make more emotional labor by attempting to drag our name, especially our brothers and sisters, because we will always fight for this revolution and shouldn’t have to fight for the respect when our work should be enough for folks to keep their opinions to themselves.  Especially if it isn’t out of love. 


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