This Is Just the Beginning

“Everyday when I wake up, my son was murdered yesterday.”

Se’Quette Clark

Stephon Clark was executed by the Sacramento Police Department, only to have his character assassinated by the very District Attorney who should have brought his family justice. There can be no peace where such callousness lives. There can be no peace when the city’s anti-blackness suffocates even the hope for accountability. BLM Sacramento stands with the Clark family and will continue to mobilize against the Sacramento law enforcement agencies that killed him and the city officials that allowed them to do it.

We knew this day was coming. Schubert’s main funding has been law enforcement unions. She received a $13,000-dollar campaign contribution days after Stephon was murdered and it shows. No charges from a system built on Black death isn’t a surprise, but the viciousness DA Schubert chose to exercise against Stephon and his loved ones is inexcusable. Schubert lead a smear campaign against Stephon by publishing private texts and personal business between him and the mother of his children—trying to insinuate Stephon wanted to die by police suicide. Information that had zero impact on officers Robinet and Mercadal’s decision making and nothing to do with her investigation. Her job was to indict the officers that unloaded their clips into an unarmed man without identifying themselves or having any probable cause. In the wake of Schubert’s disgusting press conference, she left Stephon’s fiancé eviscerated, his mother and siblings to relive his murder repeatedly, his children to be exposed to adult issues beyond their years, and his grandmother in the hospital. Attempting to indict Stephon instead of the men that murdered him, Schubert has only incited the people.

In the days since the announcement, Sacramento has risen in protest—and this is only the beginning.


Timeline of Sacramento Resistance

Saturday March 2nd 3:00pm

Black Lives Matter Sacramento hosts an action at the Sacramento Police Department at 5770 Freeport Blvd Sacramento, CA immediately after the announcement. About 200 community members show up to mourn and hold space for Stephon Clark. Gathered protestors recite poetry, chant, and perform actions of civil disobedience. This begins BLM Sacramento’s occupation of the Sacramento Police Department’s Freeport Station until both officers are fired.

Saturday night March 2nd  

A small group of 18-23-year-old students from Sacramento State’s Black Student Union enter Arden Mall. They begin a sit-in to demand justice for Stephon Clark and plan for a teach-in. The mall closes and the students remain overnight.

Sunday March 3rd

Arden Mall officials decide to close the mall to the public rather than allow the students to exercise their voices. Protestors from across Sacramento joined the students. Members of the Sacramento Party for Socialism and Liberation, Voices of Youth, Sac ACT and Black Lives Matter Sacramento, among other groups joined the protestors, bringing food and water. No arrests were made.

Monday March 4th

A newly formed Black-led activist group called The Table organizes a peaceful protest and march in East Sacramento—a exclusively wealthy and white neighborhood. Three Sacramento law enforcement agencies (sac PD, Sac Sherriff’s Dept, California Highway Patrol) arrive in full riot gear and outnumber the 150 protesters. Officers chased protestors onto a bridge, boxed them in while still giving dispersal orders, and arrested 84 non-violent people—including pastors, media, children, and disabled community members. During the raid, officers dislocated Ryan McClinton’s (Sac ACT) arm, broke a women’s ankle, and hit multiple community members with their bikes. According to McClinton’s live Facebook feed, the officers prevented the public from leaving even as they were commanding them to do so:

“This is crazy. 200+ officers to push community out of that protected class. The millionaires of Sacramento. Oh yea, they show up in full riot gear. If you wonder whose cared about in Sacramento, there is your answer. Do you understand what is happening? Do you understand what economic injustice looks like? This is how they protect that 1%.

My legs are still moving. sir. I haven’t disrespected you at all. I’m making sure the people are still moving. So now y’all have bottled us in? We can’t go home?

We have a line [of law enforcement] on both sides? How are we supposed to head home?”

Tuesday March 5th

BLM Sacramento continues to occupy the Police Station holding a protest and BBQ to disrupt business as usual. Community members, activists and BLM members descend on the Sacramento City Council to demand justice and an explanation for the extreme brutality exhibited by law enforcement the previous night. The council chambers are temporarily shut down and the people are threatened with batons.

Wednesday March 6th

BLM Sacramento continues the occupation at the police station and begins a march down Freeport Blvd shutting down evening traffic for two hours.

Thursday March 7th

Sac City College and Sacramento State BSUs organize an all Sacramento Student Walkout. Hundreds of college and high school students from all over the Sacramento area leave class in protest and converge on Sacramento City College. The youth march through Sacramento chanting Stephon’s name throughout the day. BLM Sacramento continues occupation of Sac Police Department.

Friday March 8th

PSL and Answer Coalition organize a protest in the Meadowview South Sacramento neighborhood near where Stephon was killed. Protestors shut down traffic and march to his grandmother’s backyard chanting his name.


Sacramento law enforcement kills every two to three months and most deaths are Black men. DA Schubert has never filed charges against any officer—even when the Sacramento Sherriff’s Inspector General stated they used excessive force (RIP Mikel McIntyre)—even when the officers rammed the victim with their car and shot him as he was walking away (RIP Joseph Mann)—even when the victim was only holding a cell phone in his grandmother’s backyard. There is no justice because Schubert is paid to NOT do her job when law enforcement is involved.

Schubert is just one part of the problem. Since its formation in late 2015, BLM Sacramento has been fighting for twelve Black men murdered in this city by law enforcement. Our mayor Darrel Steinberg, City Manager Howard Chan, City Council, and Board of Supervisors have allowed both the Sacramento Police and Sherriff’s Departments to have little—if any—oversight, no written use of force policies to protect community members that have consequences if not followed, and no method of public accountability or discipline for their actions. To be clear—our city officials don’t care about Black bodies bleeding out all over their streets.

If mothers crying in their chambers begging them for justice doesn’t move our representatives to action, maybe hundreds of people in the streets shutting down their businesses and disrupting the status quo endlessly will. We want those officers fired.

Chief Hahn and City Manager Chan, you are on notice. Mercadal and Robinet have no place patrolling the streets where they killed Stephon. They have no place in Sacramento at all.

To the mayor and council, we are done with your rhetoric, your neutrality, your calls for decorum and pleasantries. We don’t want your rationality or your excuses, we want those officers fired. We want you to take the blood money out of your mouth and say something meaningful.

We want those officers fired.

There will be unrest in Sacramento until they are gone.

And this is only the beginning.

We promise.

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