This Ain't Justice

SacPD officers hunted Joseph Mann down in July 2016.

Not only did they discuss hitting him with their vehicle, it was actually encouraged (you can hear the disturbing exchange via the dashcam video) before they finally gunned him down in North Sacramento where eighteen bullets ripped through his flesh.

A little over four hundred fifty plus days days later (fifteen months) Sac PD has completed it's internal investigation. The information shared with the public is cause for minimal celebration at best, both officer's are "no longer employed" with the department. They shared this information with the implication that these officers somehow are no longer there because they were punished for their actions. They expect us to be moved by this, as if this is one step forward. This is nice, but this is not justice.


One officer, Randy Lozoya, responsible for ten shells, retired back in April. This murderer could very well still be receiving his pension, however because of the way the system is set up, police personnel and disciplinary records are considered confidential under state laws. The second officer, John Tennis, responsible for eight of the fatal wounds, has been on paid administrative leave since May. We will also likely never find out whether this murderer faced any disciplinary actions, was fired or if he simply retired like his partner in crime, due to the special privileges the boys in blue receive. This is a far cry from justice.

Had this senseless act of violence been committed by a regular public citizen they would most certainly be locked up.

Chief Hanh wants the people to trust that they'll hold their folks accountable. He wants us to trust wholeheartedly in his words, similar to that ex that broke your heart but continues to profess their love for you placating you with pretty words yet acting like the same ass. Forget what they told you, what have they shown you? The people need receipts Chief, tangible evidence, something equivalent to the videos of your officers murdering the very citizens that they are paid to protect and serve. The most simple and sincere form of justice would be prosecuting killer cops. We will not be fooled by talks of in depth, hands on training or pushed to a place of complacency due to the reallocation of funds to purchase "less lethal" equipment. This is not the justice that we seek. Our sheriff's department is still not making progress. 


Nevertheless, Black Lives Matter Sacramento is. This past weekend we hosted our second Emergency Black Sacramento meeting. We are combining beautiful black minds from all over our city and developing ideas on how we can advance, build, support, celebrate, heal, and better ourselves within this city. I encourage the black citizens of Sacramento to try to make it to this space so we can build together, our next Emergency Black Sac meeting will be held on Saturday, November 11th.

Coming up this Saturday November 4th we are hosting our Black Resilience Healing Circle which is also a black space. Healing is an art, it is a process, it is layers and it is essential. As black humans we typically compartmentalize our traumas and just keep on keeping on, we are not normally taught how to face our traumas so we can genuinely move forward. Let's learn and heal together!

Later on that same evening BLM Sac will have an altar at the Souls of the City, Sol Collective event. We are busy plotting, healing and you should know, we're still fighting.

Join us Tuesday November 7th in demanding Community Oversight of our sheriff's department, their track record is filled unfathomable injustices and they must be held accountable. 

It is a new month full of new opportunities in addition to new obstacles, this will surely be a month to remember. Black Lives Matter Sacramento is always ready for the challenge, we will not be erased or silenced, we did not come to play.

Other Events:

11/3 - Court Support for 3rd Degree Burned James Nelson 11/18 - The Community Want's It's Mural Back!

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