There Comes a Time, When a Good Dragging is Necessary - SN&R Gone Learn…if not today, real soon!!!

There Comes a Time When a Good Dragging is Necessary -

SN&R Gone Learn.....If Not Today, Real Soon!!!


I am trying my best to hold my tongue and anchor my cool each and every day of my life, because I know like so many others know being Black in Sacramento, and in California, and in America and the world comes with an extremely heavy burden.  The burden is often times the compromising of one's soul and for others it is literally and figuratively a matter of life and death.  Let me spell out murder in an anti-black world for is spelled















SN&R are you serious journalist or complicit agents of the state, who sanctions terroristic acts of violence on the community?  Answer that question in your next staff meeting or make concerted efforts to train your staff on what it means to participate in implicit bias behaviors that harm the greater community, while perpetuating the continuation of negative race relations.

See we know the answer to the, where in the world does that happen question….it happens everywhere, including Sacramento.  We also know the answer to the why does this happen question….the culture of racism runs deep in every system that permeates every aspect of daily living, especially law enforcement on the lives of Black people.  Some might still be living in the dark ages and not know the answer to the HOW question..….well I have come to the conclusion that America has legitimized racism and inequality for so long, that the power of fear has ultimately left many stuck in translation with respects to our varied emotions regarding slow motion lip service, deafening with silence complicity, and the ultimate blinded-ness by a desire to hide when we see trouble coming. 

It’s like the monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.


Nonetheless, the masses are screaming in pain for change.  The masses are showing up to voice their outrage in droves.  The resistance is real and it is constantly being televised and memorialized, at the same time respectability politics is allowing culture to be co-opted and history to be erased for the sake of keeping the powerful, in power; while continuing the cycle of oppressing the most vulnerable and disenfranchised. 

This is what we know for sure, looking back to December 14, 2017 when the Sacramento News & Review (SN&R) published a piece by Raheem Hosseini on the “Confessions of a Cop Killer,” OH WHAT A GRAVE MISTAKE.  We know for sure ANTI-BLACKNESS drives how information and facts are presented and interpreted (article here). 

But I say, not today…..we will no longer sit idly by and swallow how media purveyors spoon feed us regurgitated sympathy, disguised as care.  Raheem, not today nor tomorrow will you convince me or so many others that what you did and how you did it was acceptable.  Not today, nor tomorrow will it be ok for you to make excuses or justify a poor evaluation of a superman t-shirt wearing John Tennis showing up at the scene of the murder to hear his side of the story.  Not today, nor tomorrow will there be a need for officers with a propensity of terror and violence to continue to work in positions that mock what it is supposed to stand on the principal "to protect and serve" (oh, how I hate that phrase….such an oxymoron).  Not today nor tomorrow, will organizations like SN&R be allowed to get away with such immaturity, dysfunction and callousness when it comes to how the families of victims and the BLACK community are forced to relive the pain in knowing no one really cares to understand……what it felt like to be Joseph Mann on July 11, 2016 - to be a black man in crisis - TO BE BLACK living and constantly being hunted in America.


According to Urban Dictionary… DRAG is when you roast someone harshly.  But when I googled “how to drag someone” I ran across a video by Foxy on YouTube that describes DRAGGING as an articulation of or response to one who is disrespectful.  She goes further in breaking down 3 types of DRAGS.

  1. The READ – to tell someone, with whom you are familiar about themselves, based on truth and facts with an attempt to go for the jugular.
  2. The ROAST – to humorously mock or humiliate someone, with well- timed, creative insults in attempts to dis or comeback, and the goal is to tear them apart….funny huh?
  3. The SHADE – acting in a casual and disrespectful manner toward someone without directly insulting them the person; it is the clever and quick-witted response to individuals who act cavalierly.

Raheem and SN&R, you deserve to be dragged for sticking the knife in the backs of the BLACK community and continuing to slowly turn said knife, knowing the pain will be long and tortuous.  At the end of the day, the need to DRAG is based on an attempt to make them feel as shitty as they made you feel.  SN&R, yes you… make this community feel extremely SHITTY when you exert your ANTI-BLACK tendencies by erasing Blackness from the work in the streets that benefit this community and by not telling Black stories, especially Black victim stories.

This dragging has well-intentioned goals…..the author Raheem Hosseini has been asked to retract his stance on the article, instead of justifying his decisions.  SN&R has been asked to stand in favor of good journalism, instead of exclusionary and erasure methods when dealing with BLACK folks.  It would also behoove SN&R to meet with Black-Ramento to discuss ways in which to end ANIT-BLACKNESS and implicit bias from their routine.  It just so happens that the article penned by Raheem was the straw the broke the proverbial camel’s back.  You didn’t just hear from BLM Sacramento that your insensitive attempt to editorialize a response to this community was ANTI-BLACK, but so many others in this community spoke to the ANTI-BLACKNESS faced daily by your pen.  We have the receipts; it’s just a matter of following the many threaded comments on Facebook.  Oh and BTW…….never ever ever ever, again unprofessionally tag people to be further targeted by ANIT-BLACKNESS (the FB page of Sac PD Underground really liked Raheem's article and they constantly target BLM and those who challenge the system).....that simple tag is what forces folks to  constantly reshape how we move in this world. THE TARGET ON OUR BACKS ARE REAL.


In the book, “Between The World and Me”, Ta-Neshisi Coates writes a proverbial letter to his son in an effort to prepare him for anticipated and inevitable ANTI-BLACKNESS he will face in his will happen and it's not a matter of when.  In today’s social climate, we ALL would be stupid not to self-reflect and have uncomfortable, honest conversations about RACE, race relations, implicit biases, white privilege, white supremacy, etc. 

My question to you, regardless of your race is……

Do you know what it means to be Black in today’s “post-racial” America?  I think not, but his line up is a perfect illustration of how BLACKS have historically been viewed and targeted in America.


Ta-Neshisi Coates like many before him have grappled with the essence and complications of what it really means to be BLACK in America.  Turn the pages of any Toni Morrison book or the soliloquies of James Baldwin and one is forced to face the realization that being BLACK in America is and has been far from love, fairness, equality, equity or even simply being recognized as human.  The basic, fundamental essence of humanity was stripped during the transatlantic slave trade, but definitely continues to this day. 

The reminisce of slavery comes in the form of…..

an illusion of freedom, share cropping, Jim Crow, grandfather clauses, lynching, burning black towns, intentional injections of disease, intimidation, separate but equal, segregation vs integration, out right murder, etc.

Today, it manifest in the form of school to prison pipeline, prison industrial complex profiting off of inmate/slave labor, war on drugs, health, housing and educational discrimination, imbalance of representation, media distortion of black imagery and false narratives that paint blacks as thugs, evil and vile…..that’s not all, it’s only the beginning.

For the sake of argument, let’s use the current issue with Sacramento News and Review's (SN&R) recent cover story highlighting former Officer John Tennis on the how and why his path crossed with Joseph Mann and the eventual outcome being murder.  So we must DRAG you.  On Thursday, December 28th the community is coming to tell you about your disrespectful self (event link here).  If you're reading this and are in town this Thursday, join us why don't you?  And tell SN&R that business as usual is "NOT COOL."


You know the phrase, “sorry, but not sorry" is in situations like this that we can go on and on about how ANTI-BLACKNESS overwhelms, reshapes and changes the course of those who were minding their own business.

To quote our chapter founder, Tanya Faison….

“Anti-Blackness is denying that in every issue, the Black demographic is the most impacted (LBGTQ, Homelessness, Immigration, etc.).”

“Anti-Blackness is when you post day in and day out about lives being taken and folks can only reply to the language used.”

“Anti-Blackness is when you see a Black woman and assumes off top that she doesn’t know what you know; therefore you must educate her.”

“Anti-Blackness is when you ignore the Black person’s experience to hear the white person tell you the Black experience.”

“Anti-Blackness is trying to fight for Black issues but excluding the word Black from those issues.”

“Anti-Blackness is when the police kill you and you are still put on trial.”

“Anti-Blackness is having to remind people that Black folks bear the brunt of all problems in the world.”

“Anti-Blackness is having to protest the media for them to tell your story.  And then it being minimized to some other shit.”

We will not be minimized to some other shit, just like Martin Lither King, Jr’s dream and mission was; and continues to be put in a pretty respectable box and co-opted by the very entities that locked him up, targeted him and ultimately murdered him and the dreams of progress for this community.  We urge the community to join us and a plethora of other community, grassroots organizations on Monday, January 15th to #ReclaimMLKDay (event link here) in telling MLK365 and the city of Sacramento that King was not supported by the likes of......cops, cops and more cops.  Do you know how many times King was arrested? 

"King was imprisoned nearly 30 times. According to the King Center, the civil rights leader went to jail 29 times. He was arrested for acts of disobedience and on trumped-up charges, such as when he was jailed in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1956 for driving 30 miles per hour in a 25-mile-per-hour zone."

(10 Things You May Not Know About Martin Luther King Jr., History Channel)

So the likelihood of him marching with the likes of Sac PD, Sacramento County Sheriff department, CHP, and RT is




be mindful of the company you keep and the associations you form


Please don’t sleep on BLM Sacramento, you might not get it today but you can best believe we don’t forget.  For the sake of lives lost, we cannot forget.......hence the need for SN&R to be DRAGGED…..

#Justice4AdrieneLudd – still looking for answers from the Sac Sheriff department.

#Justice4DazionFlenaugh – killed by Officers Carr, Southward and Toomey with Sac PD, who were eventually honored with medals for murdering Dazion.....#NoMedals4BlackBodies.

#Justice4TrishHill – still looking for the Sac PD and Sac Sheriff officers who broke her nose and eye socket.

#Justcie4JosephMann – killed by former officers Tennis and Lazoya with Sac PD.....paid administrative leave, are they receiving pensions on tax payer dollars.

#Justice4ArmaniLee – still looking for the truth and a fair trial.

#Justice4LorenzoCruz – killed by Officers Osborne, Constable and Adams with Rocklin PD, shots fired during 911 call and before officers arrived, or not....but their narrative doesn't add up.

#Justice4DesmondPhillips – murdered by Officers Fliehr, Gagnebin, Cumber, Ament, and Martin with Chico PD, in his home during a mental health crisis.

#Justice4RyanEllis – 5 hours from pick up to delivery to the hospital, the narrative reeks with LIES. We want answers from the Sac Sheriff department.

#Justice4MikelMcIntyre – killed by sheriff Deputies Wright, Becker and Rodriguez with the Sac Sheriff department, shot in the back while running away from the officers.....who was afraid of who.

#Justice4NandiCain – assaulted by Officer Figueroa with Sac PD, the answer was to put Figueroa back on the street and to throw tax payer dollars at Black experienced pain. #SameStoryEveryTimeBeingBlackIsNotACrime

#Justice4JamesNelson – Citrus Heights PD Officers and Detectives Rinek, Turcotte, Kohagen, Dias, Hatchell, Zazhitskiy, Fritz, Greenhalgh, Dunning and Kissam, after his body was dragged and burned profusely on hot asphalt

#Justice4ZityruaAbraham – still looking for the Sac PD officers who threw her on her pregnant belly, while trying to protect her sleeping baby in the apartment they were entering.  By the way, Sac PD was entering the wrong residence and handcuffed the wrong suspect.  I guess it is true in law enforcement, all Black folks look alike.

Try lifting those names on regular and keeping their targeted BLACK experiences on the minds of the public.....again we, Black folks are providing you with story ideas that are important to the people.  But keep it real, the goal is to change the narrative; so for every officer who has terrorized this community we call for swift action… administrative leave with no pay, swift firing, DA charging them criminally, and convictions.  So to those officers, we want the community to know your names and question your integrity.  We seek community oversight of every law enforcement agency in the local Sacramento area. 

This is why BLM exist to counter the narrative and be a voice to the voiceless, marginalized, vulnerable and disenfranchised.  Mayor Steinberg won't do it for us, he and the Sacramento City Council hasn't even responded to the fact that CPOA failed to comply with ordered CIT training for Sacramento police officers. DA Schubert won't do it for us, even though other DAs in this country are attempting to send the message that excessive force by police is wrong.  The St. Hope Investment company won't do it for us, as they have turned a blinds eye to the over gentrification in Oak Park and fail to stand with messages that speak to state sanctioned violence by the police.  With continued experiences of injustices in housing, education, health care, excessive bail and sentencing, excessive force and murder, BLM Sacramento will show up and do the necessary work to bring LIBERATION and EQUITY.  If BLACK folks win, EVERYONE's as simple as that!!! 


Coming Events:

December 28th - Sac News & Review Press Conference/Protest

December 30thWinter Bake Sale

December 30thBlack Lives Rap Fest

January 6thWho’s Streets? Our Streets! Alternatives to Police

January 13th – Know Your Rights While Being Black Pt 1

January 15th - #ReclaimMLKDay March



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