The many ethical failures of Scott Jones, your District 7 Republican Congressional Candidate -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update

Scott Jones leaves a trail


What is going on with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s department?

While Scott Jones is busy campaigning for Ami Bera’s congressional seat (District 7), his sheriff’s department is falling apart, just begging for a Department of Justice investigation.

In addition to the Adriene Ludd case that Black Lives Matter Sacramento has been highlighting since Sheriff’s deputies murdered him on October 22, 2015, this department is also responsible for other recent acts of brutality and murder. 

On February 2, 2016, long-serving Sheriff’s deputies assigned to the Rancho Cordova Police Department murdered a suicidal man, Justin Prescott, who was armed only with a knife.

On September 11, 2015 the sheriff shot a man, Danny Sanchez, for holding a camera in his own garage, hospitalizing him with injuries requiring surgery.

While failing to lead an ethical, well-trained sheriff's department, it appears that Scott Jones is busily building his campaign. As reported in the Sacramento Bee, he was caught making false statements about the federal government’s handling of immigration interviews, in order to boost his congressional run. 

Black Lives Matter Sacramento members were in attendance at a January 14, 2016 community meeting held by Supervisor Susan Peters, when Jones used this platform to give Arden community members misleading information about the nature of Prop 47, now signed into law. Prop 47 is a remedy to decrease the number of people incarcerated in California’s swollen jail and prison system.

Jones told the predominantly white, elderly community members assembled that Prop 47 was responsible for leading to a rise in crime, threatening the community’s safety by turning felony charges into misdemeanors.

Yet there is no evidence that this is true, and in fact, actual data documents a statewide downward trend in crime in California. Even proponents of Prop 47, however, do not claim this promising trend as a Prop 47 victory; they are ethically waiting until significant data can be compiled and analyzed. Jones' comments at the Arden Community Meeting were misleading at best; at worst, they are "lies, damned lies" that damage community members' sense of safety. 

Yet it is clearly Scott Jones’ Sheriff's department that decreases safety.    

In 2014, Sacramento News and Review reporter Raheem Hosseini identified a spike in inmate deaths which occurred under Scott Jones’ watch. Hosseini's headlined for the well-researched piece declared that "2013 marked the most deaths at Sacramento jails in years". 

Ethical failures trail Scott Jones like Pig Pen’s dirt cloud. In recent months, Jones was caught using Sting Ray technology to collect, record and store private cell phone data anyone in Sacramento, violating privacy rights.

While Scott Jones loves to collect data, he is less enthusiastic about sharing it. Jones continues to refuse to share the dashcam footage of the murder of Adriene Ludd, citing California law. Yet the San Francisco Police Department, also located in California, released their own dashcam footage of Mario Woods’ murder in less than 90 days.

Stepping back and looking at Scott Jones’ career as a whole, we find a man consistently willing to do whatever he pleases as long as no one is watching. But we at Black Lives Matter, Sacramento, ARE watching. We don’t want a man like this representing us in Congress, and we certainly don’t want him as sheriff. Do you?


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