Tamir Needs Justice Now

We will be in downtown Sacramento, around the Capitol, to protest for justice for Tamir Rice. 

We will be taking his story to the streets.

Our goal is to bring attention to the murder of Tamir Rice and inform the public on the details of this incident and how our system enables these kinds of incidents.

We will meet on the corner of 11th and L street. Across the street from the State Capitol at 11 am.

If you work on this day, please see if you can take some time out during your lunch to join us.

Tamir Rice was a 12 year old boy, in an open carry state, murdered for playing at the park with a toy gun while Black. Since then, the police and their people, continue to say that his murder was justified.

It will be an entire year in November, that this young boy has not gotten the justice that he deserves.

Initially the police lied about hte whole incident. 
-They said he was pointing his toy gun at them. 
-They said he was told to put it away and refused

When an actual video came out it shows Tamir Rice being pulled up onn by police. An officer jumping out of the car while it is still in motion, and shooting Tamir within 1.6 seconds of contact. 

NO words were exchanged
NO warning was given
NO further probing to find out what was really going on

And this is in a state where it is legal to carry a gun in public.

After being shot Tamir laid there in agony for minutes, until his death.

NO Ambulance was called

A few days ago, an "expert," who is known for being biased, said that the murder was justified.

We are all the way here in Sacramento, but we cannot go forward without making our voices heard. 

We have to show the urgency in our flawed system.
A system that allows the police to kill our children and not face any consequences.

Some information on Timothy Loehmann (Officer that killed Rice)

1. Years before Officer Timothy Loehmann shot and killed Tamir Rice, he was fired from his local police department in Independence, Ohio, just 12 miles away from Cleveland.

In their final report on his termination, which included statements on his poor performance in gun training, his extreme emotional instability, and his willingness to lie, his supervising officers detailed infraction after infraction and concluded "I do not believe time, nor training, will be able to change or correct these deficiencies."

2. Between 2010 and 2012, multiple police departments including the New York Police Department refused to hire Officer Timothy Loehmann. Just five months after he was hired by the Independence Police Department, he was fired. In the months that followed, Loehmann applied for new police jobs in Akron, Euclid, and Parma Heights, Ohio, and was turned down by each of them.

Then, in September 2013, Loehmann failed the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department written entrance exam, with a failing score of 46 out of 100. Note: 70 is the minimum score allowable for entrance. Mind you, this was after he had already served as a police officer for five months and been terminated.

3. The Cleveland Police Department was criminally negligent when it hired Officer Timothy Loehmann without checking his work history and the devastatingly relevant recommendations from his previous supervising officers, in which they detailed the exact deficiencies that would eventually lead to the death of Tamir Rice.

The Cleveland Police Department now admits it failed to check Loehmann's background when they hired him. Their response, giving one supervising officer a two-day suspension and another officer a write-up in his file, amounts to a proverbial "oopsie."

4. Apparently not knowing they were being filmed when they spoke to their police union reps and supervising officers the day of the shooting, the officers who killed Rice made egregiously false claims about what happened.

a. To create an atmosphere of intimidation, police falsely stated that Tamir Rice was sitting at a picnic table with several other people right before he came and confronted them.

This was never true. Nobody else ever sat at that table with Rice or could've been mistaken as such. The 911 calls never said such a thing either. It's a total fabrication. Here he is just three seconds before the police pull up and shoot him.

b. Police then falsely claimed that right before they shot Rice, he pulled a very real-looking BB gun out on them. In fact, this was the headline and the dominant narrative of the day Rice died. The video had not yet been released, so it really ruled early on.

The police chief and police union spokesperson both came out publicly to back this claim.

It's a complete fabrication.

5. Nothing could be more important than this: Tamir Rice did not pull a gun out on police. Not only that, but the day he died, police brought the gun out, showed how it did not have a bright neon tip, and stated that police, in a short period of time, could not tell the difference.

Except that when Rice was shot, they never saw the tip of the gun in the first place. This is a false flag, a ruse, a concoction, a fabrication.

6. Few outlets have honestly reported how heinous the crucial minutes were that followed police shooting Tamir Rice in the stomach. Mind you, he survived until the next day, but after Officer Timothy Loehmann shot Rice, he and his partner, Officer Garmback, completely ignored him.

Even after discovering that the gun was definitively a BB gun, they didn't hold his hand, attend to the gaping hole that ripped through his stomach and intestines, or comfort him in any way whatsoever. When Rice's 15-year-old sister arrived on the scene and saw her brother dying, they tackled her and locked her in the police car parked right next to Rice's body.

They continued to ignore Rice as he bled out on the snow for four minutes. In fact, the officers who killed Rice never tended to him. It wasn't until an FBI agent arrived on the scene that the boy received an ounce of attention or compassion.

7. After they shot Tamir Rice, lied about it, and ignored him as he fought to survive, police confirmed what they truly thought about this sweet boy in the days and weeks that followed. They called him a menace, stated that he looked like a man (the photo above was taken the month before he was killed), and that he caused his own death. In all of this, they have confirmed just how truly awful they are as people.

source: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/10/12/1430894/-No-police-killing-12-y-o-Tamir-Rice-wasn-t-reasonable-it-was-a-heartless-murder-backed-by-lies

October 26, 2015 at 11am - 2pm
L Street at 11th
L Street at 11th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
United States
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