Steve Hansen GTFO! Sacramento City Council on Notice


Your council seat is dead—because your heart just isn’t big enough for it!

Come rain or shine, Black Lives Matter Sacramento is always down to speak some truth! On Saturday January 7th, 2017 BLM and a large group of supporters met at Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency (SHRA) to protest the anti-Black policies and practices of the Sacramento City Council. We marched from SHRA to councilmember Steve Hansen’s doorstep where we held a symbolic funeral for his council seat—because if we don’t get no justice—they don’t get no peace. Speakers and performers highlighted the hypocrisy of Hansen’s rhetoric considering his actions, and discussed Sacramento’s shameful history of racism in housing and policing.

We said goodbye to you, Steve. But we will not grieve your deception. We will instead mourn those who are cold in this freezing storm, those whose neighborhood no longer has space for them, those whose culture and community are being erased, those who are targeted, provoked, and brutalized by your paid besties in blue… We mourn for the dead, the families, the mothers. We mourn for Dazion, for Joseph, for every unhoused Queer and Trans* child that you SHOULD HAVE stood up for.

Your seat—just like your heart—is empty, and your epitaph will have no words.


Gentrification is racist genocide that specifically targets Black and Brown people. Our city is governed by developer-loving, people-oppressing conquistadors that steal land from POC to auction off to the highest bidder in the name of revitalization—effectively destroying our communities and creating a depleted class that is robbed not only of their self and collective determination, but also the ability to access sparkly new gems our city creates with its stolen goods. These same subjugators use their brute force in an attempt to keep marginalized folks from fighting back. Police began as slave patrols, so it shouldn’t come as any fucking surprise that Sacramento PD infiltrates, over-polices but underserves, brutalizes and kills Black people without any community transparency or accountability. Policing poverty not only keeps community members in survival mode, it also clears the warpath for the gentrifiers to march in.

This is nothing new. White supremacy has always used colonization to oppress Black and Indigenous people. The history of whiteness is theft.

·        Colorblindness = Erasure of race and cultural identities

·        Cultural Appropriation = Theft and exploitation of culture and labor

·        Gentrification = Theft of land under false pretenses

·        Redlining/Segregation = Enforcement of stolen land and resources

·        Colonization/Manifest Destiney = Theft of land and collective determination

·        Slavery = Theft and enslavement of people

·        Genocide = Stealing the entirety of a culture—body, mind, and soul

Sacramento City Council members, like Steve Hansen, continue this legacy of theft. They campaign on the promise of change, and then crusade into communities of color—Oak Park, Del Paso Heights, Seavey Circle—after their pockets are lined by developers and police unions. They refuse to address real community issues like the need for truly affordable housing, police brutality, homelessness, or other community health needs—and instead, create smokescreen committees and commissions—whose solitary purpose is to deceive their constituents into complacency.

We aren’t buying your bullshit tho, Steve. You can’t call Black Lives Matter an ally and then violate Black lives. Hansen publicly upholds the anti-camping ordinance that criminalizes and jails unhoused community members—who are disproportionally Black—for sleeping, or having survival gear like backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, or tarps. He does not seek accountability in policing, and voted for a weak Community Police Commission. He has helped displace Black lives by voting for the $255 million city contribution to the downtown area, by supporting market-rate housing projects like McKinley Village while easing protections for public and affordable housing like Seavey Circle, and by allowing his police to murder Dazion Flenaugh and Joseph Mann—two Black unhoused men experiencing mental health issues—in the span of three months last year without saying a damn word about their stolen lives.

Last November our City Council presented their new policy for the Office of Public Safety & Accountability and the Police Review Commission. They literally and figuratively turned their backs on Black community members. Despite months of pushing the city to adopt real policing reform that puts power into our communities’ hands by providing the commission with subpoena, investigative, and disciplinary power, the council chose to instead obscure their meaningless proposal with rhetoric. No thanks. We refused to accept their symbolic gestures; we want justice and liberation—nothing less.

During the months of educating, pressuring, and protesting the council leading up to the vote, Steve Hansen took the award for the most offensive. In front of a chamber filled with melanin, he devalued Black life by sharing his “disappointment” in the audience’s behavior as we clapped for one another during public comment. CLAPPED. He can watch a video of his police officers conspiring to murder Joseph Mann without comment, but applauding truth is disappointing?



You watched with wide eyes as community members became unhoused.

You watched with wide eyes as they were stolen from, arrested, and shamed for existing outdoors.

You watched with wide eyes as Black folks lay dying in your street—stolen by state violence.

…but did nothing to stop it.

There are no passes! When promised friends pick up the master’s tools—you become foes! The disappointment is ours.

We are done watching Black bodies be brutalized and stolen by law enforcement, while our City Council approves big business development and continues to empower militarized police to march into communities of color with their SWAT teams and “kill first” mentality. Sacramento City Council: You are on notice! Who’s next?


“What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.” –Angela Davis

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