Sheriff So Fragile...

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones is the worst kind of fragile. His actions are based on increasing his unilateral power over Sacramento lives, and his reactions are based on his glass ego. He is our baby-Trump, a nationalistic toddler who tantrums when his citizens demand greater transparency or accountably, but is all too willing to deny us even the most basic equity in policing.

BLM stands with no law enforcement, and any attempt at oversight of our current system of policing should be considered harm reduction until we are able to create community structures that actually meet the needs of the people without injuring them. That being said, Sacramento County is in desperate need of reducing harm and Jones is the primary roadblock.

His history as Sheriff is abhorrent. The list of transgressions so long that an entire 400-page report was created two years ago to inform the public and research his actions further. To summarize, Jones has cost us millions of dollars in legal settlements due to his or his officer’s negligent and abusive behavior. They provide our community with ZERO transparency and never release ANY information about critical events—even to the surviving loved ones. Rape, torture, sexual harassment, denial of basic necessities, appalling safety conditions in the jail, excessive force, and outright unjustifiable murder repeat over and over again without consequence or even simple acknowledgment. Jones is admittedly anti-immigrant and contracts with ICE to kidnap undocumented Sacramentans from their homes. His officers arrest Black community members 3.5 times more often than their white counterparts, and in-custody deaths are exceedingly disproportionately Black.

Beyond just an ordinary conservative racist jerk, Jones is also dangerously unwilling to allow first amendment protected speech without using his power to attack those who question him. When anyone—especially Black-led organizations—provide any type of critique, Jones not only dismisses the concerns, but counterattacks individual detractors, and incites violence against whole groups of people. Recently, BLM Sacramento planned a protest of the annual Sacramento Cop Expo. Instead, of handling the likely tense event like a responsible public servant, Scott Jones let out a dog whistle for all his pro-police, pro-authoritarianism, xenophobic, and white supremist followers to counter-protest. He wanted bloodshed. He called for it. On numerous occasions, Jones has publicly targeted local Black leaders and endangered their safety. Jones is a fascist and a sheriff gone rouge.

In 2015, Jones helped to hand-pick the previous Chief of Sacramento Police, Rick Braziel, to head the newly created Inspector General position. The Inspector General was supposed to be an independent reviewer of all major incidents of the sheriffs’ use of force—especially when community members were killed.

First, cops shouldn’t be policing themselves—the communities impacted by state violence should be leading investigations into police misconduct independent of the police. Even further, civilian oversight boards, in order to have any effect, need to have investigative power with the ability to subpoena people and records, and disciplinary power to censure officers when they step out of line.

From the jump, Braziel wasn’t going to transform an anti-Black department that has killed four Black community members and harmed thousands more since he came aboard, but Jones has literally locked Braziel out of all facets of the sheriff’s department after Braziel questioned the use of deadly force on Mikel McIntyre who was running unarmed from police. He is directly saying that if the oversight position EVER sees his department in less than a perfect light, he won’t work with them—despite a county mandate to do so. Unfortunately, many of our Board of Supervisors who supervise the Inspector General position are now considering a Jones-led initiative to minimize the scope of the IG—rendering the position completely useless.

Jones is more interested in protecting his and his officer’s ability to kill with impunity, more interested in a power grab, more interested in surveilling and attacking Black liberation leaders, more interested in a dictatorship without oversight, and more interested in his own ego than being the elected official Sacramentans asked for. It is beyond time for a recall. Jones is fragile, glass baby who rules his constituents from a platform of racism and fascism. Please join us on December 4th at the Board of Supervisor’s meeting to show Scotty that glass breaks and we won’t be ruled by his tantrums.







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