Sheriff Scott Jones: No More Distractions


Armani was shot by Sac PD undercover cops, left on the ground to die, and law enforcement contacted his family to report that he had died while he was laying on the ground in desperate need of medical attention. Armani was eventually taken to the hospital, has had multiple surgeries, and has been incarcerated since this incident. He is currently using a wheelchair while in Sacramento County Jail. After much battle from the community to get a policy passed for the timely release of footage of officer-involved shootings, Sac PD finally released videos from the Armani Lee shooting. What you will see is that all the videos released start AFTER Armani Lee was shot by Sac PD. The most recent update in this case is that Armani Lee has plead NOT GUILTY to his charges. He is going in hard to fight this system and we need to show up to bear witness! He will be facing the very officers who shot him down in the street. He has also been in solitary confinement for 2.5 months total during his time in Sacramento County Jail since the incident. He is being harassed and abused by the jail guards. Show up to his next court date to bear witness on Friday 10/6 at 8:30am: and please donate to this YouCaring page to put money on his books:



Sheriff Scott Jones has been in the media quite a bit lately, talking about how BLM Sacramento has threatened his family and enticing BLM Founder Tanya Faison into more back-and-forth. He is distracting from the REAL issues. Since we have been demanding answers, he has used his mic to start childish games instead of answer the demands of the community. Even though he is not running for re-election to Sheriff, we STILL WANT ANSWERS. Here are the issues:

ARMANI LEE, 28. Shot by Sacramento law enforcement six times and currently being abused in Sacramento County Jail. No showers, no time out of his cell for over two months.

ADRIENE LUDD. Murdered by Sacramento County Sheriff in 2015. The family and the community still have not received any answers. No officers have been held accountable. Many gaps and inconsistencies in the sheriff's stories on Adriene Ludd.

MIKEL MCINTYRE, 32. Died at the hands of Sacramento Sheriff. Shot four times in his back while suffering a mental health crisis and running away. #Justice4MikelMcIntyre

RYAN ELLIS, 29. Arrested at 7pm and arrived to the hospital at midnight. They say he managed to break a window and leap out of it while in the back of a moving sheriff car, and while cuffed and seat belted in. Died while in custody of Sacramento Sheriff. #Justice4RyanEllis

TRISHA HILL, 38. SacPD beat and broke the bridge of her nose, brought her to jail on a false breathalyzer test and Sacramento Sheriff deputies broke her eye socket.

NANDI CAIN, 34. Beaten by SacPD for "jaywalking" and then taken to the county jail and beaten while being taunted with names.

Join us to March for Sacramento Sheriff Accountability! NO MORE DISTRACTIONS on 10/7 at 11am




Friday 10/6, Court Support for James Nelson, Burned by Citrus Heights PD:

Friday 10/6, Armani Lee Court Support to Bear Witness:

Saturday 10/7, March for Sacramento Sheriff Accountability! NO MORE DISTRACTIONS:

Saturday 10/7, Whose Streets? Our Streets! Community Alternatives to Police:

Saturday 10/22, 2nd Annual Black Love Block Party:

Saturday 11/18, Reparations Workshop M4BL:

Saturday 12/30, Black Lives Rap Fest:


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