Scott Jones: It's Been One Year Since Your Deputies Killed Ryan Ellis & Mikel McIntyre

We have been focusing a lot on city government and officials since Sacramento Police killed Stephon Clark in March. But we cannot and do not forget the inexcusable deaths of Mikel McIntyre and Ryan Ellis by Sacramento County Sheriff Department just one year ago. Scott Jones: You are still on our list too! As you are running for the reelection of Sacramento County Sheriff, we still mourn the loss two Black men--Ryan Ellis and Mikel McIntyre--that your department killed one year ago. We are still demanding answers and details that you refuse to give! We are still demanding that you tell the truth about the events that led up to the killing of both men, who your department killed just three days apart. We have not forgotten our demands and who we are fighting for!


One year later and we are still fighting for Ryan Ellis and Mikel McIntyre.

JUSTICE FOR RYAN ELLIS who was killed after being detained by Sacramento County Sheriff deputies around 7pm on May 5, 2017. After being detained and while in transport, Ryan suffered critical head trauma. Sheriff Scott Jones alleges that Ryan Ellis kicked out the back window of the squad car, crawled out using his legs, and jumped from the vehicle moving at 40mph—all while handcuffed and before the deputy could stop the vehicle. Ryan was placed into an ambulance around 12:00am on May 6th. That is FIVE HOURS after he was detained! He was pronounced dead at 10:00am on May 6th, about 15 hours after his arrest. The Sacramento County Sheriff Department alleges they have no video footage of the incident or the hours leading up to his death. We demand a truthful, detailed account of what happened to Ryan Ellis in those five hours from his arrest to the time he was taken in an ambulance. We demand to have the names of the deputies who detained and killed him. #SayHisName #RyanEllis


JUSTICE FOR MIKEL MCINTYRE who was killed by Jeff Paul Wright, Ken Louis Becker, Gabriel Daniel Rodriguez with Sacramento County Sheriff while Mikel was having a mental health crisis. Just a few short days after Ryan Ellis was killed, Sacramento Sheriff Department went at it again on May 8, 2017. At 2:30pm at a relative’s home, Mikel had mental health breakdown, and Sacramento County Sheriff was called to admit him for mental health care. Paramedics and Sac Sheriff cleared him and left. At 6:30pm, Mikel got into an altercation with his mother in Ross parking lot on Zinfandel. 911 calls came at 6:45pm. A Sheriff Deputy arrived and chased Mikel. Sheriff deputies shot at Mikel as he fled, eventually landing on Highway 50. Two other deputies released a K9 unit on him. Sac Sheriff and Rancho Cordova PD opened fire on Mikel under the overpass on Highway 50, killing him. Mikel McIntyre was shot 5 times in his back. We still do not have a police report, autopsy, or dash cam video for what happened to Mikel McIntyre. Multiple witnesses contradict the sequence of events that law enforcement claims to have happened. How did they “clear” Mikel and not get him the mental health treatment he needed earlier that day? Then kill him that evening? Why can’t they just do their job? DA Anne Marie Schubert declined to file charges. #SayHisName #MikelMcIntyre

We will not be distracted!

Some have even speculated that recent events could be Scott Jones’ attempt to distract BLM Sacramento and the community from his campaign this election season. We just want to remind Scott Jones that we are still coming for him too!! We will fight, fight, fight until we have answers! We think it’s clear that Scott Jones has got to go! VOTE HIM OUT THIS ELECTION!!


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