Sacramento Pride is a Joke -- But Black Queer and Trans Liberation is NOT a Game

Pride should be an observance of Black Queer Revolution.

Radical Black and Brown Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, and Queer peoples gave us Pride. Literally, their willingness to fight back against state violence by any means necessary, bestowed upon us pride in who we were enough to challenge homophobia and transphobia to the present day. Their alignment with the Black Power movement and refutation of respectability politics catapulted gay liberation into revolutionary territory. To be clear, they were sex-workers, unhoused youth, hustlers, and drag queens. The Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (S.T.A.R.)  began the radical movement for liberation by feeding and sheltering unhoused youth and providing our community with dignity. Marsha P. Johnson was a fucking hero and she and Sylvia Rivera threw bricks of life into centuries of oppression. Stonewall re-birthed our communities.

Whitewashed, corporate, boring af, and cut off from it’s radical rainbow roots of color—this is Sac Pride.

The Sacramento LGBT Center is grossly lacking in revolutionary spirit that created Pride. They are led by attorneys for the justice department, venture capitalists, fundraisers for local elected officials, business attorneys, assistants to ex-mayor Johnson, and have close ties with elite Sacramento corporate interests, law enforcement, and politicians. It shows. Regularly critiqued for their overwhelming white and cis-centeredness, the LGBT Center has excluded Trans voices, elevated a conformist homonormative narrative, and engaged in cultural appropriation. Their Pride event is organized by a cis, white, heterosexual business woman, and does not provide free entrance for poor community members. At a time when Black Trans women have a life span of 35 years old, and have to fight like hell to simply live and survive anti-Blackness and trans-misogyny, this is more than unacceptable, it is violence.

Sacramento Pride, you are raining anti-Blackness on our parade. Steve Hanson is not our Queer fam and should never be celebrated as a grand marshal. We are not supported by Wells Fargo, Monsanto, Comcast, and Walmart. We are not moved by Belinda Carlisle or Wilson Phillips—and we don’t give a fuck about your Business Leader of the Year Awards. You have aligned with white supremacy.

Pride is a celebration of a seven-day RIOT against police brutality!

Pride is a celebration of Black and Brown Trans and Gender Non-Conforming REVOLUTIONARIES who bashed back against state terror!

Pride is not a parade of the status quo—it is a march of REBELLION centering and uplifting the most marginalized voices!

Pride has nothing to do with “being just like (white supremacy) you.” It is radical, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist. It is a pivotal piece in the movement for BLACK LIBERATION!

You will not invite the cops, capitalists, and politicians who terrorize, brutalize, incarcerate, marginalize, gentrify, redline, steal, and profit from Black trauma and death.

You will not exclude our histories of resistance and revolt, or our future of Liberation. We reclaim Sacramento Pride. Here are our demands:

* Absolutely NO law enforcement in either participation or sponsorship.

* Absolutely NO corporate sponsorship that harms or profits off the pain of poor, Black, Brown, Queer, and Trans communities.

* Insert Blackness into leadership, entertainment, venders, sponsorship, and commendations.

* Pride should be organized by the community. Hire and pay Black Queer and Trans people to organize, perform, and create space at Pride.

* Center Queer and Trans voices of color with explicit leadership roles for Black Trans Women and youth.

* Honor the radical history of Pride and the revolutionaries of color that began the fight for freedom. Pride should be a call to action in Sacramento.

* Uplift youth of color and unhoused youth by providing them meaningful roles and resources to build the future of our resistance.

* Provide access to all community members and return to a sliding scale donation for the event.

These are your liberators. They should be your leaders and inspiration :

“No pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.” –Marsha P. Johnson

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” –Audre Lorde

“Because of the rampant oppression we see—of black, third world people, women, workers—in addition to our own; because of the corrupt values, because of the injustices, we no longer want to “make it” in Amerika….

Our particular struggle is for sexual self-determination, the abolition of sex-role stereotypes and the human right to the use of one’s body without interference from the legal and social institutions of the state. Many of us have understood that our struggle cannot succeed without a fundamental change in society which will put the source of power (means of production) in the hands of the people who at present have nothing….

But as our struggle grows it will be made clear by the changing objective conditions that our liberation is inextricably bound to the liberation of all oppressed people.” –Chicago Gay Liberation Front, 1970

Parting words for the people in the back:

Trans and Queer people: Cops are NOT your friends. They enforce homophobic and transphobic laws against you, beat you, criminalize you, and sexually assault you without consequence.

Trans and Queer people: Cops are NOT your friends. They enforce racist laws against Black people. They beat, criminalize, sexually assault, and kill Black people without consequence.

Trans and Queer people: Cops are NOT your friends. They enforce classist laws against poor and unhoused people. They beat, criminalize, sexually assault, and kill poor and unhoused people without consequence.

Trans and Queer people: Cops are NOT your friends. They enforce ableist laws against disabled people. They beat, criminalize, sexually assault, and kill disabled people without consequence.

Stop mistaking assimilation with terrorism for progress. It isn’t. People are dying in Sacramento and the inclusion of law enforcement in Pride is collusion with Black death.

Sacramento LGTB Center—If you want to walk with us in the #ReclaimMLK march, you need to get to work on #ReclaimPride.

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