Sacramento needs educational justice, not a militarized police force


Under the Trump administration , Trump has enacted federal support of a police state, in particular against activists. At the same exact time, he hires a dangerous incompetent to run the education department. But the nation's priorities don't have to shape what Sacramento looks like- that is, if we make our voices heard. And we've been busy over here at Black Lives Matter Sacramento, making sure our voices are heard against police militarization training and educational injustices. Read on... 




"It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains."

-Assata Shakur



“It is our duty to fight for our freedom…”

 It is our duty to protect the freedom of the young and vulnerable, and in order to win, this sometimes must be done at a cost. 

On Thursday, Friday 9, 2017, Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) special education teacher, Jun Park, left her classroom for a student's educational planning meeting, and was reported to have given students an assignment to watch an episode in Hal Roach’s “Our Gang” series (1922-1944) and do a compare and contrast writing assignment between that and the newer "Little Rascals" version.

 Sounds harmless enough…

As a community, we must ask a few questions:

Special education teachers are hard working, resilient individuals, painfully dedicated to successful outcomes for their students...

But what happens when a former probation officer decides to work in a special education classroom for children with severe behavioral and emotional issues?


A class aide in the classroom was suspended without pay and blocked from SubFinder, pending further investigation after a report of the poor choices and lack of cultural relevance by the teacher began circulating on social media.

A statement was released indicating the movie that was shown was misrepresented by the photos taken in the class.

It appears the para-educator in this classroom was harassed by staff, not included in the investigation, and was found to be in the wrong, which, had those investigating bothered to inquire would have received an entirely different set of events for the incident.

SCOE has found it necessary to tear down a long time employee to protect an individual who, while able to teach, does not conduct herself as a proper guardian for the emotional health of her students. 

"We must love and support one another…"

Especially the young and vulnerable and those needlessly punished for doing just that.

“We have nothing to lose but our chains…”

Chains of a system that blatantly fails to protect the minds, souls, and bodies of black and brown children, while assaulting the reputations and pocketbooks of those black and brown adults who bring this to the attention of the public.

Breaking these chains requires a voice. Not just one voice, but many. We must always question the integrity of those entrusted with our futures. We must question those in authority who have been privileged to make decisions based on the public turning a blind eye to their actions in the past.

“It is our duty to win…”

Brian Rivas, Trustee, represents communities in the Natomas School District. I think he should hear from us.

David W. Gordon, Superintendent, serves as Secretary to the Board of Trustees. I'm sure he would be interested in hearing about this.

(916) 228-2410, or

Erik Crawford, Principal of SCOE’s Severely Handicapped and Emotional Disturbed programs, might want to hear from you.

(916) 228-2052, or

Ms. Park may want to hear your concerns as well.

(916) 567-5664,



Last Tuesday and Wednesday, on February 21 and 22, Black Lives Matter Sacramento led an action to raise awareness about police militarization and protest training our area law enforcement to utilize aggressive policing tactics, such as taught by the organization, Calibre Press. One Calibre Press trainee is the officer who murdered Philando Castile while he was complying with the officer’s commands. Even some law enforcement experts have recognized the problems with Calibre Press training, leading the Santa Clara county sheriff to cancel a scheduled Calibre Press training following a scathing New York Times article. 

Black Lives Matter Sacramento will continue to fight against increased militarization in Sacramento, a city where law enforcement is already out of control and dangerous. Sacramento area law enforcement killed 12 people in 2015, making our city the one with the 2nd most murderous law enforcers in the whole state of California. Only Los Angeles is worse.

Police militarization affects us all, endangering our communities and accelerating the targeting of black lives. Volunteers from the following organizations joined Black Lives Matter Sacramento to protest this training.

Sacramento Brown Berets
SURJ Sacramento
Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee
Jewish Voice for Peace Sacramento
Sacramento Take Back the Night
Green Party of Sacramento
Your Art and Revolutiuon
Community Dinner Project



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