Sacramento City Council is Anti-Black

“They attack the victim, and then the criminal who attacked the victim accuses the victim of attacking him. This is American justice. This is American democracy and those of you who are familiar with it know that in America democracy is hypocrisy.”

--Malcolm X

It really doesn’t matter who sits on Sacramento City Council—they stay anti-Black as fuck.

It really doesn’t matter who testifies to Sacramento City Council—they stay anti-Black as fuck.

It really doesn’t matter who educates Sacramento City Council—they stay anti-Black as fuck.

…but it does matter who shuts their charade down, who exposes their hypocrisy, who demands something entirely new. From this we can build.

We are not asking for equity from an institution built within a framework of white supremacy and racial terrorism. Please. We are on the arduous path toward liberation, and if along the way that means airing the dirty laundry of our supposed “progressive” local government, then by all means, let wash day be upon us.

Ten times Sacramento City Council attacked Black community members and smiled through their shiny-ass teeth and ZERO times they took accountability for it:

1)    April 8th, 2016: Your police harassed, illegally detained, taunted, terrorized, and MURDERED Dazion Flenaugh. The community spoke out. His family addressed you directly. You KNOW he could be alive right now if your officers had responded to his mental health needs with basic humanity and legality. You did nothing to address their misconduct, instead, you handed out awards to the officers that killed him. You said they kept the community safe. Anti-Black terrorism is not community safety. Stop lying. 

2)   July 11th, 2016: Your police hunted Joseph Mann like a trophy and murdered him in cold blood. You watched this on video. You heard their cruel words. You saw his body fall. You did nothing. You paid his family, but not nearly as much as you paid the very entity who killed him. How much cash did LEOs Loyoza and Tennis get to leave? How much money did Sac PD reap from Joseph’s death? Training is not accountability for murder. Stop lying. 

3)   July-October 2016: Black Sacramentians flooded your chambers demanding transparency and accountability in policing. You ignored the very reasonable proposal of a civilian oversight committee with subpoena/investigative/disciplinary powers over Sac PD. To prevent national outrage, you ask Sac PD to start showing dash and body camera footage of all critical incidents—but you have no problem with the redaction of whatever they like. What happened to the missing 16 minutes of Sac PD shooting Armani Lee? Transparency doesn’t just mean when you look good. Stop lying.

4)   April 10th, 2017: Officer Figueroa illegally stopped Nandi Cain from walking while Black, choked him, punched him in the face 20 times, and took away his freedom without cause. You said nothing. You did nothing. You will eventually pay Nandi, just like Sacramento county did, but you won’t hold Figueroa accountable. Your silence about his trauma is horrific—especially when you publicly commend Sac PD regularly during council meetings. They don’t deserve it. Stop lying.

5)     July 9th, 2017: Officers threw Zityrua Abraham onto her very pregnant belly while she tried to reach her 18-month-old baby as they were (unnecessarily and unsuccessfully) raiding her home. The absolute lack of concern for the lives of Black women and children should be of concern to you. You said nothing. You instead commend local organizations that fight to raise awareness of Black childhood death. The truth is that you only care for Black children who don’t get in your way. Stop lying.

6)   November 14th, 2017: You literally watched as your city hall officer racially profiled a well-known Black journalist while he reported on the equity, or lack thereof, in your upcoming marijuana ordinances. You simply said that all journalists were welcome in the chambers. You never addressed the anti-Black racism of the officer. The audience called out this hypocrisy and you moved on with the meeting, never once speaking about racism or apologizing. Ignoring anti-Blackness is the same as committing it when you are in a position of power. Stop lying.

7)    ALWAYS: You police poverty, which due to systemic white supremacy disproportionately affects Black Sacramentians. You uphold a genocidal anti-camping ordinance and criminalize people who live on the street. You increased your state terror with an anti-panhandling ordinance, so you can further this criminalization. You don’t care that your courthouse and jail serve as a modern-day plantation for Black and Brown folx. Stealing from the poor by calling them criminals is disgraceful. Stop lying.

8)   ALWAYS: You ignore your constituents and demand decorum in your chambers while you pass vile policies that DIRECTLY AFFECT THEIR LIVES. You turn your backs on the people, and then have them escorted out when you don’t like their tone. This is state violence. Stop lying.

9)   ALWAYS: You colonize. Your people were hurting from the housing crash and instead of creating safe and uplifting polices to mitigate class oppression, you fell at the developers’ feet and let them steal the land out from under Black neighborhoods and communities of color through gentrification. You call Oak Park progress. Stop lying.

10)                     ALWAYS: You co-opt the public’s anger over the above injustices and create smokescreens to make yourselves look good without ever dealing with the real problems. You created a sham Police Commission that holds zero power. You constantly hold ceremonies that congratulate community members who show up for diversity and equity in Sacramento without addressing your collusion in their necessity. You demand that your police force attend mental health trainings—even as you NEVER say #Justice4DazionFlenaugh or #Justice4JosephMann—even as you NEVER supervise or oversee those trainings. Why?  Because they were created to absolve your culpability, not to keep Black people from bleeding out on your streets. Stop Lying.

Sacramento City Council needs a good washing. They aren’t in the position to make real change, as they are leashed by big business and committed to protecting white property and wealth in Sacramento, but surely we can call them out on their hypocrisy. Please join BLM Sacramento in airing their dirty laundry on November 28th at 5:00pm. Calling injustices out into the light is the first step in creating new structures that do not emulate the violence of our current local government. We need community-led bodies that are accountable to the people, not white-washed smokescreens that hide racial terror.

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