Sacramento Black Lives Matter: We Are the Change



An act done in the name of justice does not automatically qualify as justice served. Justice will never be upheld until the ones who are sworn to uphold it are held to the same standards as every other American citizen.

Black Lives Matter of Sacramento, CA has and continues to champion families through their darkest hour. There are many Sacramento families suffering in silence. How does one juggle grieving and fighting for justice for their loved one who has fallen victim to police brutality? Who do they call?

Forced to fight through their tears these families have reached out to this chapter and they have reached back.

Tanya Fasion, founder of the Sacramento Black Lives Matter Chapter, works constantly with its members to bring about the justice these Sacramento families deserve.

The Mann family and the Flenaugh family know all too well the horrors of police brutality. Both families received no information and no justice for their family members who were shot and killed by Sacramento police officers.

Homeless and mentally ill 51-year- old Joseph Mann was shot and killed by Sacramento police officers July 11. Mann’s family received no other information regarding his death other than the number of bullets that entered his body.

The video of Mann’s shooting was recently released after Sacramento BLM pushed for the dash-cam footage to made available to the Mann family first and then made public. The video shows police officers attempting to run him over then shooting him 14 times.

The Mann family now has legal representation and are looking to press murder charges against the officers who killed Joseph.

Dazion Flenaugh’s family received no information regarding the details of his death other than he was shot and killed by the police on Saturday April 9.

The Sacramento Police Department claims 40-year-old man was in possession of a knife and charged at the police officers with it.

The same police department also is withholding dash-cam footage, autopsy reports, eyewitness accounts and any other information pertaining to Flenaugh’s death. Flenaugh’s body was kept for over a month and was not released to the family for burial until it had severely decomposed.

The Black Lives Matter Sacramento chapter has and continues to advocate for justice for the Flenaugh family. So far they have been able to get the mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson, to pay for the burial of Dazion Flenaugh and has also found an attorney to represent the Flenaugh family.


Sacramento resident, 36-year-old Adriene Ludd, was shot and killed by Sacramento County sheriffs October 22, 2015. Accurate information on Ludd’s killing has yet to be released. Sacramento BLM has been pushing for the truth of his death to be revealed for over six months. Since his death there have been multiple inconsistent stories released about the shooting of Ludd.

How can you help?

October 13 will be a very important moment to push for significant change. The coalition effort by Black Lives Matter Sacramento, Sacramento ACT, LEAD, and ACCE will be attending the next City Council meeting in which Member Larry Carr will be presenting recommendations on police use of force in Sacramento, based on research conducted by the Coalition. 

We really need the community presence at this meeting- to show with our bodies and our time, that we want, and that we know we deserve, dignity and justice. And bring your critiques of the recommendations. Carr's proposal is not strong enough, and the community has to speak up so that we can push the Council toward real and lasting change. 


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Check out Carr's draft recommendations here

And don't forget to mark your calendars for the Black Love Block Party


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