Quick Facts about the Sacramento Community Police Commission

Who's on the Board of the Sacramento Community Police Commission? 


The meeting was called to order for the Sacramento Community Police Commission. The “commission is established for the purpose of providing recommendations to the mayor and city council on bias-free policing and the implementation, evaluation, and sustainability of efforts intended to strengthen community-police relations.”

Simple enough. Who’s on the Board?


Seat A~:                                  Lesley Simmons (Pastor)

Seat B*:                                  Betty Williams (Human Resources)

Seat C~:                                  Basim Alkarra (Civil Rights Activist)

Seat D*:                                  Cathy Thao (Litigation Paralegal)

Seat E~:                                  Rosalyn Van Buren (Program Developer and Project Manager)

Seat F*:                                   Bill Knowlton (Fund Development Director)

Seat G~:                                  Ernest Uwazie (Director & Professor)

Seat H*:                                  Mariana Sabeniano (Legislative Director)

Seat I~:                                   Clifton Roberts (Ethics and Legal Compliance Manager)

Seat J*:                                   Rick Jones (Police Chief)

Seat K~:                                  Timothy Davis (Union President)

*appointed to one term: Oct 20, 2015 to Jul 01, 2019

~appointed to one term: Oct 20, 2015 to Dec 31, 2017

This commission was founded in October 2015 and all members were appointed by Mayor Kevin Johnson. I didn’t post their affiliations, but I will say that many of them are deeply rooted in organizations that are tied to Mayor Johnson and Oak Park, but not as representative as I would like to see. 

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