Put Some Respect On Our Name



I will be the first to say Black Lives Matter Sacramento is not taken seriously at times, well at least not politically, obviously since we can step up to our city council and produce evidence that their precious Law Enforcement Agency is blowing our money with no accountability (shout out to city council by the way acting like they give a fuck while accepting thousands of money for Law Enforcement Agencies, we know who they serve). I mean I can’t speak for everyone but I know for myself I believe this provides us with an advantage.  They underestimate our competence and drive but we will always come through with thorough research to expose these crooked ass systems.

 Let me take out the time to say that our audience is the black people of Sacramento but I kind of want to acknowledge the creepers of the blog, you know the obvious perpetrators like the police, politicians, and enemies. Well hello there, now that you have been acknowledged you might as well stay for a while and keep reading.  The moment we put the Sacramento Police Department on blast about outsourcing their mental health training to the California Peace Officers Association (CPOA) and blowing it off (are we really surprised?) they started this BS release about how they deescalated a man experiencing a mental health crisis and how they promoted their first black female sergeant. 



Overall, nothing excuses the fact that they have taken lives because of their incompetence and lack of compassion.  A life was taken, we don’t want to hear all good feeling news.  We want accountability, we want the murderers who can take a life with ease to feel the pain that they have caused various families who are only left with the memories of their loved ones. When law enforcement takes a life and does not demand accountability there is no feel good news to compensate for it. We don’t want you Sacramento Police Department (took the life of Joseph Mann and Dazion Flenaugh), Chico Police Department (took the life of Desmond Phillips), Sacramento Sheriff Department (took the life of Mikel McIntyre), Rocklin Police Department (took the life of Lorenzo Cruz). These systems weren’t made for us so we aren’t going to stop until they are demolished.



We go pass respectability and politics.  There is a community that needs to be supported.  As black spaces are quickly diminishing and colonization begins to suffocate our culture we have made the decision to not be silenced.  We are continuing to lift the names of the Black folks that have been murdered by those who have sworn to protect and serve, (as if they are not regular humans and not just being paid to do a job like the rest of us) we will continue to blast the names of the killer cops still empowered and employed, we will continue to produce safe black spaces for healing and building. What I am trying to make clear is that this work is going to get done whether it is promoted by respected media, token black folks, or politicians.  We are in these streets and all that matters is that the voices who are oppressed are lifted in the midst of the catered white voices whose pockets are full and work is supported.  Genuinely, if you are not the police, politician, or an enemy then why continuously defend them and not be in these streets with us.


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