Public Statement Regarding Sheriff Scott Jones

December 13, 2017

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is greatly disappointed by Sheriff Scott Jones’s leaking of a legislative audit report that he was the subject of and informed of, before the report was to be publicly released. To blur the rule of law he claims to uphold- and has also been educated in- is not upholding the scope of practice for a law enforcement officer, let alone one in leadership. We are disappointed, but frankly, we are not surprised.

In a live media spot with Fox40, Jones says, “I like being transparent, so the more information I can get out, the better.”


This seems to be wholly inconsistent with how Scott Jones leads his department. The Sacramento Sheriff’s department often makes every effort to avoid transparency.

We would like to see the receipts, Mr. Jones.

Jones has consistently let down the families, and communities, of those his department has brutalized and killed. All while holding hostage the police reports, video/audio footage, dispatch calls and autopsy reports of these individuals.

Jones stated in a report by Rowena Shaddox, “…I don’t like bullies… they use their power for, instead of helping people, to try and coerce people.”

This statement is deceitful.

This is coming from one that has chosen not to reach out to a community who has lost trust in his leadership, and his department’s ability to protect and serve. Jones’s department is also responsible for many cases of in-custody abuses/deaths, violating the rights’ of prisoners with disabilities by keeping them in substandard living conditions and excessive solitary confinement, millions of dollars in tax-payer money paid out in settlements involving abuse, sexual harassment and assault, racial discrimination, as well as use of force that has resulted in death of members of our community.

A few months back our chapter sent a letter listing our demands for actual transparency, and Jones response was to isolate and marginalize one of our leaders, using his position of power to attempt to personally attack and intimidate her.

There appears to be a pattern of Jones personalizing any critique or questioning of his job performance and leadership abilities.

This provides even more evidence of the urgency of a community-led oversight commission of the Sacramento Sheriff’s department, as to-date, there is no credible oversight of our Sheriff that answers to the community Jones claims to serve.




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