Public Statement on the Legalities of the "Jaywalking" Charge for Nandi Cain and the Racial Disproportions by SacPD

Racial profiling? This coined term is covertly  used to justify the targeting of certain groups and populations, most predominantly black people. 

 On April 11, 2017 A young black man, Nandi Cane had not, and was not committing any crime when he was followed by a law enforcement officer, verbally and emotionally accosted by this officer who during this placed his hand on the gun around his waist, then brutally and physically forced to the ground, physically and violently beaten and finally unlawfully detained and charged by Sac PD.    The dash cam footage from this incident coupled with the footage from a concerned community member, clearly shows Nandi simply crossing the street, when the officer began to follow/stalk him.  Actual footage proving Nandi committed no crime.  Statistics reported in a Sacbee article stated that last year, 233 tickets for jaywalking were issued in district 2 and of those 233 tickets 111 of them were  given to black people.  That is almost 50% of the tickets given, and 111 people whose true stories we will never know.  Sacramento Police Department Officers are committing  crimes upon black bodies and black communities daily.  The statistics and footage in this case speak for themselves police officers prey upon black people on a daily basis and their criminal intentions and criminal acts are consistently not only dismissed but defended by the chief of police, the city council members, the mayor, the city manager and sacramento district attorney, as acts in the line of duty of a civil servant.

Putting this officer on paid leave pending investigation is neither, unique or just consequence! It is procedure and the same old reaction we see consistently from those with the power to act.  Phrases like, fitting the description and/or racial profiling  minimize the experiences and abuses poured upon our black bodies, are further insults the intelligence of our black communities! This officer preyed upon Nandi Cane.  This officer should be fired and charged appropriately, and this action should happen immediately!  While Nandi Cane committed no criminal acts on this day!  The acts that were perpetrated against him were absolutely CRIMINAl and should be treated as such.   

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