Protest at the Office of "Public Safety and Accountability"

According to their website, the Office of Public Safety and Accountability was created in 1999 by the Mayor and Sacramento City Council. It was established for the purpose of monitoring the investigation of citizens’ complaints, regarding local police.

Francine Tournour was appointed as the Director of this apathetic city department. Her job is to make sure that there is SAFETY and ACCOUNTABILITY when the police have abusive encounters with citizens.

She is paid 132,000.00 a year out of tax payer money. (2012)

Recently, when two young boys where beaten at a Sac RT lightrail station, for a reason that was later determined to be false information, Francine Tournour only made excuses for the actions of the police to local media. 

Tournour does this in every situation where police are accused of excessive force and abuse. 

Tournour does not one thing to ensure there is accountability in our police department. At the most, she provides lame explanations and apologies as a form of "justice" to these victims.

No officer is ever punished.
No victim ever sees justice.

Her office and job is a big front that brings no results.

The entire reason her position exists, is because police are currently not held accountable for crimes they commit. She was placed in this position, for what seems like, a reason just to say something is being done.

We need her to do the job she is being paid to do. 

We need her to do her part in bringing justice to those that are abused by police.

We need the police to stop abusing and killing folks, and the only way this will happen is if there are repercussions for their wrong actions.

We will be holding Francine Tournour's feet to the fire, making sure she is doing what her department was created to do. 

July 30, 2015 at 10am - 1pm
Office of "Public Safety and Accountability"
915 I St
Sacramento, CA 95814
United States
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