Pride: Never Forget the Roots!

June marks Pride Month, which is a time for many queer and transgender people to visibly celebrate and embrace the many things that make us unique, beautiful and brilliant. Many would attribute the Stonewall Riots of 1969 as a pivotal event in queer and transgender history. These riots stemmed from police brutality and harassment. Transgender women of color led the protests and riots of Stonewall, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. At the roots of Pride is a radical movement of resistance.


Today, Pride has been white washed, taken over by capitalism, and infiltrated by straight people. What comes with capitalism and white supremacy is police presence and corporate sponsors. Pride is no longer about resistance. Pride is mainstream.

Right here in our home of Sacramento, Pride is no longer in the hands of the community.  It is one organization’s annual fundraiser, accepting big money from dirty corporations like Wells Fargo, WalMart, BlueShield, and Chase; companies that have a reputation for hurting communities of color, poor folks, transgender people and native communities. In recent years, Sacramento Pride Parade has been sponsored by Sacramento Police and Fire. And to top it off, this year City Councilmember Steve Hansen was selected as the parade’s Grand Marshal. Steve Hansen was accompanied by various city councilmembers and city police officers. Steve Hansen has displaced and turned his back on black and brown people he represents, including queer and trans black and brown community members.

These actions taken by Sacramento Pride (and many other community Prides across the nation) demonstrates the complete lack of consideration or just outright exclusion for queer and trans people of color in our community, particularly black queer and trans people.




Have we really forgotten our roots? What is the point of these celebrations if we are no longer resisting the very systems that oppress us, harm us, kill us? Black and brown lives are more important than raising money for an organization. Safe and affirming spaces for ALL queer and trans people are more important than money.

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Losing Our Chains: A 21st Century Freedom School, June 17th-18th  and 24th-25th,  a program from Black Lives Matter SacramentoIt is an affirmative step toward humanizing black identities, while empowering black families with the tools to seek social justice. Register or find out more info here:

Press Conference: Sacramento Sheriff's Multiple Killings and Abuse, June 22nd noon-1pm. Facebook event for more information and to RSVP:

Emergency Open Meeting for Black Sacramento, July 1st, 6-8pm. Check out the Facebook event for more information:

Policy Platform for Black Lives Workshop, September 2nd, 5:30-7:30pm. A workshop for the whole community. We especially encourage community leaders that work in black spaces to attend this workshop. Visit the Facebook event page for more details of the workshop and to RSVP:

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