Pride is Liberation For All

“No Pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.”

—Micah Bazant

Pride cannot be a celebration when our children are unhoused.

Pride cannot be a celebration when local law enforcement steals another Black life in Sacramento.

Pride cannot be a celebration when a local Black Trans activist is STILL facing charges for challenging a system that wants her dead.

Pride cannot be a celebration when physical and economic state terror leave so many of our community in pain and struggle.

Pride is, was, and always will be RESISTANCE against inherently oppressive systems and marginalization. Fifty years ago, Marsha P. Johnson threw a brick at the Stonewall bar and started a seven day riot against police terror to protect herself and her friends. She didn’t know she was writing our history, she just loved her people and was fed up. The sense of community and duty that she felt for ALL Queer and Trans folx should be leading this movement today—and although we always bring the party and revelry to whatever we do—we can’t just be here for entertainment. We must be here to fight for each other. We must be here for our collective freedom.

BLM Sacramento provided a list of demands to the LGBT Center for Pride 2018—most of which were not met—to help create a safe, radical space for Queer and Trans people of color. The Center met in good faith and attempted to hear the concerns from Black Queer and Trans BLM members—but they refused to use their privilege to make material change. They afforded space and resources but did not fundamentally shift the event to be radical resistance. When your event is funded by anti-Black institutions, surrounded by chain link fences, patrolled by law enforcement, and costs $10 to get in, you are not loving and protecting your people.

The denial of truly radical politics for Pride 2018 is a shame—but hearing Trans BLM leaders address the receptive audience about state sectioned violence and the genocide of Black Trans Women gives us hope for change and a return to a Pride Festival of, by, and for the people.

These demands will be in effect until met:

Pride is a celebration of Black and Brown Trans and Gender Non-Conforming REVOLUTIONARIES who bashed back against state terror!

* Absolutely NO inclusion of law enforcement in either participation or sponsorship.

* Absolutely NO corporate sponsorship that harms or profits off the pain of poor, Black, Brown, Queer, and Trans communities.

* Insert Blackness into leadership, entertainment, venders, sponsorship, and commendations.

* Pride should be organized by the community. Hire and pay Black Queer and Trans people to organize, perform, and create space at Pride.

* Center Queer and Trans voices of color with explicit leadership roles for Black Trans Women and youth.

* Honor the radical history of Pride and the revolutionaries of color that began the fight for freedom. Pride should be a call to action in Sacramento.

* Uplift youth of color and unhoused youth by providing them meaningful roles and resources to build the future of our resistance.

* Provide access to all community members and return to a sliding scale donation for the event.

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.”

–Audre Lorde

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