Political Pacifist or Radical Revolutionary

"Yeah, everybody got choices!"  Y'all know how it goes, right!?
"You with the people or the pigs?!" Yeah, brotha Brrazey Liberty said it!
Now, what ya gon do is the question?  I'm very definitive about my choices.  Once I've made a decision, I don't waver.  In the fight for liberation you betta "stay ready"!  It's popular to celebrate and be generally excited about Black Folxs succeeding in politics.  This last election cycle abounded with small victories.  Then again, what did or will these individual triumphs do for the liberation of all Black Folxs?
I've noticed that a lot of folxs on social media are all hyped about this or that candidate or who checked the demon in Cheif lately.  But, when it's time for revolution work are y'all gonna be ready.....is the question that remains?  I won't be petty and take this opportunity to lash out at those who stay tweeting, sharing quotes, articles or pictures of national media highlights, but when urged to come through or send someone to our efforts at local liberation they ain't feeling it.  Leaving us wondering if, whose down with BLM Sacramento and the real liberation of Black folx?

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