People Power

Apologies for my absence y’all.


Accountability is hard, blame is easy. One builds trust while the other destroys any inkling of it. You already know that Black Lives Matter Sacramento has been frontline in the fight for accountability and transparency from our local law enforcement entities and other elected public officials for a minute now, this ain’t new. 4 Black lives were stolen by the state of CA in 2018; Stephon Clark, Brandon Smith, Darrell Richards and Marshall Miles. Back to back, every 3 months and NOT ONE killer cop has faced any consequences.



We the people are exhausted. It’s traumatizing watching people be abused & knowing that their abusers are protected. We are angry. We are in pain; some of us physically, the majority mentally. We have been patient and peaceful as our people are continuously murdered and terrorized with impunity by the state. WE DID NOT ASK FOR ANY OF THIS, WE ARE SIMPLY RESPONDING.

The odds are rarely in our favor, nevertheless we are warriors that won’t waiver and remain committed in this fight for JUSTICE FOR ALL BLACK LIVES, by any means. We are people. We will not be pacified whilst these public pretenders & crooked cops try to solidify their versions of events as to not implicate themselves. We are people. We are dedicated, fierce and passionate. We are people. We are POWERFUL. They fear the day you discover your true power whereas I can’t wait because people power is real.

Power without love is dangerous. The police and the political puppets that are positioned to appear as if they are powerful in this city constantly remind us that they do not value Black lives. Our District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert’s initial response to peaceful protestors attempting to present her with petitions with over 100,000 signatures from all over the world demanding #JusticeforStephonClark was by renting a fence to keep the same public that she is supposed to serve, out. It is unfortunate that she is in the pocket of the police and in the business of protecting them instead of being interested in doing her job by pursuing actual justice for people. We know this. Over 20 people have been murdered by police during her tenure while no police have been punished. Matter of fact the officers Terrence Mercadal & Jared Robinet returned to work not even a month after they murdered murdering Stephon. Darrell, Daniel and Scott need to do better too. We the people deserve better than these paid for, petty politicians. It’s all a game to them but I assure you that this shit is real. SAC PD recently tried to pass an ordinance essentially criminalizing anyone who chooses to participate in the art of protesting under the guise of ensuring public & officer safety. All we bring to our actions are our voices and the people, yet they “fear” us so. If y’all cannot see that this city is preparing for a riot instead of simply providing people the justice that they rightfully deserve then you need to reevaluate. Please pay attention to the lengths that they will go to prolong justice. That’s all we want. All we need.

A few reminders:

Stephon Clark should be here.

All Black Lives Matter.

Blue lives don’t exist.



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