Own it, Be Proud of it, Protect it!

This fight. The fight for liberation. The fight to free ourselves from oppressive systems. The fight for justice for those currently suffering in these systems, is never ending and certainly not for the lighthearted. 


At times it feels impossible, like we are defeated because the complexity and normality of what we have know our whole lives seems impenetrable.  This is a movement and the moment for dreamers, those that are so passionate for freedom that they won’t stop fighting until that dream is a reality.  There is no denying that this fight takes a toll on those fighting for the things I just listed, there is no need to sugarcoat that truth.  It’s no secret that there is not always glory and victory when the eyes close at night but take a moment and ask yourself…what do you gain for this work?  The answer is multi-faceted, there so many layers grey and the answers can change for each person being asked that question.  In my opinion, you gain empowerment as you empower others simultaneously.  This is the gas that keeps the motor running.  With every conversation, every event, every seed planted with each interaction you begin to realize that it’s not just a dream anymore and the only thing stopping change is the fear of change.


In a time where white nationalists are coming out of their caves and are bold enough to display their hate (aka how scared they are by masking fragility and fear with aggressiveness)  we should certainly feel empowered to fight with the same tenacity as they do.  Think of it as the Tyson versus Holyfield fight, you know the one where Tyson was losing and took a straight bite out Holyfield’s ear?  It’s extreme because of what is to be lost,  white privilege, even the subtle kind, has been prevalent and accepted for far too long and I think it can be felt that a change is coming aggressively.  The tools are here, within us and our city to attack this beast from every angle.  The events are public, the organizations are present, and the leadership is solid.  We are here to build the foundation of a new world.  I was listening to a podcast, On One with Angela Rye,  she referenced something Dr. King had said about reclaiming ourselves.  My version of that is, it’s time for us to own the blackness, be proud of ourselves, and protect ourselves by any means.  The reality is this ain’t for everyone (shrugs shoulders) those fighting alongside you might not be there by your side next week.  In all honesty, if you’re heart isn’t in it you probably won’t be fighting for very long either and that’s ok.  You’ll never forget the feeling of liberation even if it was just for a moment.  Once you get a taste it’s hard to go back and you better believe Black Lives Matter Sacramento will still be right here waiting for you.    


With all that being said,  I want to wrap up by discussing things happening here in our city of Sacramento.  Recently it came to our attention that a witness to a police murder is a white supremacist.  At the scene of Jason King’s murder, who was at the time experiencing a mental health crisis, the witness said he saw Jason hold up a pistol.  Jason’s wife confirmed that he only owned a BB gun and did not have access to it.  In an image we came across, the witness is clearly wearing a clan shirt and is standing behind the crime scene tape at time even conversing with deputies.  You can see the image here. This isn’t the first time seeing this man affiliated with cops, I’m sure we don’t need to spend energy discussing why the key witness to a Black man being murdered by cops is an issue.  Stay tuned for updates.  



Upcoming Events

October 20 – Show Up For Armani :  This is a vital court date, Armani has been on solitary confinement over the last 2.5 months and is needing our support now more than ever.  He has plead not guilty and he will have to face the cops who attempted to take him life this Thursday,  Show up, more event information and details about Armani’s case here.

October 20 – City Rising Movie Screening :  We will be viewing this documentary concerning the gentrification of California communities.  Unfortunately, the tickets are currently sold out.  You can read more about the documentary here.

October 22 – 2nd Annual Black Love Block Party to Commemorate Adriene Ludd:  We are so excited to be doing this event again this year.  It was such an amazing turnout from our community as we joined together in love for our Black community. Come out and join us again all event details here.

October 28 – Emergency Open Meeting for Black Sacramento : This is our second monthly meeting for our Brothers and Sister to gather in safety and peace and discuss plans as we are currently in a state of emergency.  Join us.  All event details here.


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