Our Agenda is Blackness.

Anti-Blackness, is  a term used when discussing the “financial and classist privilege as a product of color privilege, which places fairer skinned people at the top and black people at the bottom.”  It is something that can be seen daily but is so deeply intertwined into our society, politics, education, and even our personal lives till we no longer notice it.  


If you showed up to last month’s “Justice Night Walk” then there is no need for me to go into how impactful the experience was to have peoples of all ages and races take the streets of Mack Road to lift the names of the lives that were taken by Law Enforcement last year.  


To dive a bit deeper there was a moment that took place during the walk, as the sun was descending and the street lights were scarce, one of our members who was documenting the event took advantage of an opportunity for a photo op. In the middle of the street there was a truck “stuck” on the median of the road with a police car in front of it (we can assume its purpose was for protecting the truck and not surveillance) after getting permission from the owner of the truck, our member stood in the bed of the truck and took pictures.  When the parked cops started to approach our member we began to chant, “COPS GO HOME,” and then “PIGS GO HOME.” Though this was chanted lightheartedly, due to the nature of the event, I am certain that we meant it without a doubt in my mind.  Not surprising that there were comments overheard such as; “this is what I was afraid of” and other comments in response that were in agreement. It might not be a big deal but it made me realize, maybe people have not fully grasped Black Lives Matter Sacramento and our agenda.

Let me be very intentional with my next sentences.  

Black Lives Matter Sacramento is an organization lead by Black people passionate about dismantling systemic racism specially geared towards Black people, we are the voice of Black people who have been pushed aside in our communities and affected by gentrification, and Black people experiencing homelessness.  What do all of these things have in common? Blackness. We are working toward the absolute liberation of Black people by targeting our local law enforcement, city council, and any other authoritative power that is not a representation of our voice.  

Before attending an event, before criticizing leadership, before forming an opinion, keep this in the forefront of your mind.  This movement is not for political gain nor is it like a movement you can categorize and put in a box for your understanding. So please don’t do waste your energy doing so.

If you truly want to abolish white supremacy and see a radical change, then be ready to feel discomfort. Wouldn’t you agree that we have been comfortable for too long?  


There are plenty of organizations that will cater to your comfort and work with politicians and law enforcement to have a seat at the table.  This is not that type of movement, I repeat, THIS IS NOT THAT TYPE OF MOVEMENT.  We plan to interject blackness in every issue the city is facing and will do that under black leadership and with an unfiltered black voice.  I say this with hopes to make it clear that we are unapologetic and should not be held accountable for any discomfort you might feel at our events when our voices are being raised.  With all due respect, we plan to break down the walls of comfort and eliminate anti-blackness with regards to social issues and policies.  Join us in this fight, we aren’t going anywhere:

Upcoming Events:

Militarization Of Police Training:

2/21 and 2/22 - Stand with us, partnered with other organizations, to protect the militarization of our local law enforcement agency.  



Community Alternatives to Police:

3/11 - Join us as we discuss alternatives to calling police via community building and resources.





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