Open letter to Dazion "Jerome" Flenaugh and his grieving family:


Lost. You have been lost to an in-justice system that determined the value of your worth, the value of your life, based on the Blackness of your skin. 

Dazion, you were lost on that terrible day, scared, and in need of a helping hand to find you. Not found, you were, instead, kidnapped by law enforcement, detained in the back of a Sacramento Police Department vehicle without committing any crime, terrozied, and gaslighted into more erratic behavior. Your state of mind deteriorated as they tightened their oppressive grip on you. Did you fear for your life?

We lost you to their relentless bullets, their inexcusably poor judgement, their assumptions about the dangerousness of your Black face.

What we will never lose is the will and determination to rise up and slay the anti-Black beast that took you from us, to reclaim our losses, take back our communities, and acheive justice for those stolen from us. 

Dazion, you were ripped from the arms of your loved ones, but we will find you in our cries for liberation. We will find you in the faces of those born in the equitable world, we swear to you, we will create.



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