On My Ancestors

I don't know about y'all but I need to be grounded. I need positive affirmations. I need to believe in a higher power other than humanity. So I look to the ways of my ancestors and to the rituals I watched my momma manifest. While I understand and can appreciate the atheist I choose a spiritual path. 
Spirituality has always and will likely continue to be vital to Black Folxs in America. In fact, one could argue that it has served as a foundational structure to our very survival as a people. But before I go too far, let me provide some clarity. There is a considerable difference between spirituality and religion. We are a deeply spiritual people. Our ancestors were the first to document and practice spiritual concepts and incorporate them into their daily lives. Symbols, colors, drums, chants, advanced mathematics, astronomy, astrology, ritual, herbs, oils are just some of the many manifestations of their profound knowledge. 

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