No Medals for Black Bodies


Last week, at the Sacramento Police Department annual awards ceremony, three officers who murdered Dazion Flenaugh were honored for their “courage” in killing Dazion. The officers who murdered Dazion are Jeffrey Todd Carr, Dustin Southward and Eric Toomey.


Let’s recap what we know about Dazion’s murder:

  • Dazion was unhoused and stayed at his mother’s house the night before he was killed.

  • Dazion had a history of being harassed by Sac PD.

  • Dazion experienced a range of mental health crises, induced by the harassment he received from Sac PD.

  • Since Dazion’s life was taken by Sac PD, the family and the community still have not received the entire videos of his death; what has been released are edited videos.

  • In the edited videos, we see Sac PD officers illegally detain Dazion, assuring him he is not under arrest, yet putting him in the back of a cop car.

  • In the video, we see Dazion panic in the back of the cop car (he was triggered!!!). It is clear these officers were messing with him! Why else put him in the back of a cop car, not under arrest?

  • The officers open the door to “set him free” (again -- remember, he has been told he’s not under arrest), where Dazion gets out and starts to run in his panicking.

  • We hear the cops calling him a freak, and one cop, Paul Fong, telling a neighbor to beat him with a bat to mellow him out. Paul Fong has previously been proved a liar and cost the City $220,000 in a different case.

  • From the time Dazion was killed, to now, the cops have changed their story multiple times.

  • The family finally received autopsy reports after BLM Sacramento and legal representation fought for it for some time.


The death of Dazion does not sound like these police officers acted with courage in a dangerous situation -- it actually sounds like they’re abusive assholes who hunted down a poor man having a rough day. It sounds like they are bullies. It sounds like they can do whatever they want and get away with it.  And now it sounds like they are PROUD of their actions. They aren’t sorry. They don’t care about black lives.


WHY ARE COPS BEING HONORED FOR KILLING PEOPLE!?!?! WHY IS THIS A GOOD THING? HOW ARE WE, AS A COMMUNITY, ACCEPTING THIS?!?! Sac PD knows now that they receive awards for killing black people. Now there is an incentive for killing black people.


They’re not listening. They think this is a joke. They think this is a game.


Time and time again, we show up to city council meetings, we show up to the Sacramento Community Police Commission, we show up to meetings, we show up to conversations with public officials. And we are ignored, silenced, pushed out, shamed, ridiculed. Our anger is righteous. Our pain is righteous. We want our anger and pain to be seen, to be heard, to be validated. THIS is what causes riots.


“A riot is the language of the unheard.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


BLM Sacramento staged a sit-in at Sacramento City Hall to protest the awards given out to Dazion’s killers. Multiple protesters were inside City Hall. When City Hall closed at 5pm, police issued warnings to arrest at 5:20pm, when many protesters chose to exit and continue protesting on the outside. Some protesters continued their sit-in inside City Hall.




At 7:20pm, police gave a final arrest warning. There was four protesters remaining at this time, all of whom were sitting cross legged in the middle of City Hall. Sac PD arrested each of the four, one by one. It took about 20 officers inside City Hall to respond to the four protesters. It took 5-10 officers to arrest each of them, one at a time. The hauled off each protester into a different part of the building, away from media, away from the people on the outside, so the public could no longer see what was being said or done to them. After the fourth and final protester was arrested at 9:20pm, BLM members and community members on the outside of City Hall stood by.




All four protesters were cited and released from City Hall around 10:15pm. You can watch the video of the entire arrest here on BLM Sacramento Twitter page:


We will not stop fighting for Dazion’s life. We will not stop until we get justice, so he can rest in peace. We aren’t finished with you, City of Sacramento. We will keep coming harder and harder until you LISTEN, until you VALIDATE, until you do what’s right by Dazion’s family and by the people. #ByAnyMeansNecessary



The power of the people won’t stop!


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