Let's Show Out Like Chicago! -- Black Lives Matter Sacramento Weekly Blog Update


Sacramento: Didn't Chicago and Cleveland just show us how it's done? We CAN make a difference in local electoral politics.

Check out the statement by Assata's Daughters, an organizing collective that together with a broad coalition throughout Chicago, campaigned in ONE MONTH to get rid of an elected official, Prosecutor Anita Alvarez, because she had failed the people. 


They also released a short video that included these inspirational words:

“Other cities should see this and see this as an example of ways to engage in electoral politics without compromising your values for a commitment to abolition politics”

READ ON.... 

So Sacramento: Time to start making your Elect-Out Wish List!  

Sheriff Scott Jones, wannabe U.S. 7th District Congressman, is on ours. 

Check out his recent campaign email (excerpted):

“As Sacramento County Sheriff I spend every waking hour fighting against crime and corruption, and I'm running for Congress in California's 7th District to take my fight against corruption to Washington. …

“As Sheriff my absolute top priority is the safety, security and well-being of our community. And I can no longer stand by while the failed policies of Barack Obama and his enablers like Bera and Pelosi drag us further down to complete disaster. …”

But waitaminute. Let's do a reality check: 

SINCE his election in 2010, Sheriff Jones has presided over a spike in inmate deaths at the jails run by his sheriffs; as well as the murder of Adrienne Ludd, for which he refuses to share important case evidence such as dash-cam footage that could help clarify the circumstances of these murders. His regard for the truth is as low as his interest in transparency, as he repeatedly bombards the public with disinformation, including making false statements about the federal government’s handling of immigration interviews (that he was later forced to retract); and spreading misleading information about Prop 47, a California effort to breakdown the effects of mass incarceration. We don't need him as Sheriff, and we certainly don't need him representing us in Congress. 

WHAT can you do right now, you ask? Well… the ACLU of Northern California is supporting a bill sponsored by Senator Mark Leno. SB 1286 would force Sheriff Jones and every law enforcement agency in the state to make all evidence related to use of force immediately available to the public. The bill will also give real power to civilian review boards to monitor police conduct.

--->  Don’t vote for Scott Jones for U.S. Congress, District 7.

--->  Learn more about SB 1286 on the ACLU one-pager fact sheet.

--->  Say it with your chest: Come out to Lobby Day for SB 1286 on April 9!

--->  Can't make it to the ACLU Lobby Day? Call your senators to let them know that you support SB 1286. Not sure what to say? Use the fact sheet- there are 5 Quick Points you can mention on your call. 

Senator Joel Anderson, (916) 651-4038    

Senator Steven M. Glazer, (916) 651-4007

Senator Mark Leno, (916) 651-4011 (Note: Sen. Leno introduced the bill- be sure to thank him and let him know how important it is!)

Senator Carol Liu, (916) 651-4025

Senator Bill Monning, (916) 651-4017

Senator Jeff Stone, (916) 651-4028

--->  Also call or email the members of the Senate Appropriations Committee (click to see list; then you can click names and get a lot of contact options, phone, email, social media). This committee needs to know that California voters strongly support this bill. 

--->  Join Black Lives Matter Sacramento as we continue to shine a light on misconduct in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

UPCOMING EVENTS (Click on links for full details and to RSVP):

March 31: Know any college students in the area? Invite them to A Taste of Power: Building Solidarity Across College Campuses. We know that the solutions for the future are going to arise from the people most affected- our young adults. Come learn about Black Lives Matter Sacramento and how you can get involved. There are many paths to engagement!

April 11: Let the Sacramento Community Police Commission know that you care about this issue. Voice your concerns and expectations for policing in Sacramento. Because guess what? The police need a contract with the city in order to perform their duties- we need to use this paycheck power to make our voices heard. Less than 10 people showed up to the last meeting. Come out on April 11! Talk with members of Black Lives Matter Sacramento- we'll be there and we'd love to hear your observations and insights about what's going on in this city. 

April 26: Join us at City Hall just before the City Council meeting for our event, The Whole System is Guilty.  Elected officials and public servants of the city/county of Sacramento have been getting away with pushing their own agendas, ignoring their constituents needs, avoiding transparency and accountability, and brushing very large problems under the rug. Want to tell them about it? Join us! 

STAY TUNED: Did you miss us?? Our group was busy getting trained and planning events, so we missed our 3/7 and 3/14 Monday Weekly Blog Updates. But our next blog post, back at its regular scheduled release on Mondays, will update you about our work on Gentrification of Oak Park and Seavey Circle, and our upcoming events to ensure that the community has a voice on critical issues like affordable housing and business development. In the meantime... 

CHECK THIS OUT, for inspiration.... 

Assata's Daughters phenomenal, two minute victory speech. What will ours look like? 


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