Let Rage Reign!

Rage is valid and necessary. The expression of rage is often a release. It is a release of toxins and trauma from our bodies. The bodies of Black Folxs have been brutalized for so long, so many times and in so many vicious ways that the resulting trauma has been proven to be codified in our DNA. Despite all this, just in case y'all forgot or was confused, the bodies and souls of Black Folxs are exquisite. But the rage remains. The rage that we have is sacred. In fact, if as a Black person you've never fully expressed rage you are not really alive and you are definitely not free. Y'all know we is free, right?! The ancestors I'ma be talking bout knew they were free when they rose up and ran through the flesh of their oppressors with machetes. They knew they were free in their bodies and souls. They knew that their spirits could not be contained or controlled. They refused to grovel for their freedom. As proud, wise, powerful, people they fought off oppression.

Remember my people! Remember who you are! In Sacramento right now the rage is very real. If you got yo mouth gapped open, all surprised, then you betta take a deep breath. Cause I'm going all the way off. We fight for Black Lives. When I say fight, I have come to understand that for me it means I will fight whoever I need to for the liberation of my people! We ain't trying to get you to like us get along with you or be nice or show you respect or compromise or not curse or incessantly speak in measured calm tones around the conference table, hug on you or shake yo clammy hands or kiss your ass or make you feel comfortable or do the photo op.

My people are free and those who ain't, gonna get free! Put that on everythang! If you are trying to or are actively engaged in oppressing or murdering my people you will be fought off. On my ancestors! I have a duty to my people to earn the right to occupy space, while I am here on this green Earth.  In fulfilling my obligations I honor my ancestors, my elders, the children and youth as well as the souls yet to be born. I owe my allegiance to my people. On this I am very clear.

We are being tested right now. As Black Folxs, our convictions, our resolve is being tested. My question for y'all Black Folxs in Sacramento is, are you ready to fight?! Some of y'all really ain't. And I'm gonna need you to sit the hell down and shut the hell up while we fight off oppression. That's it. That's all. Get out the way! Those of you who have become complicit in the oppression of your own people, I'ma need you to hush. Those of you who are happily emulating white supremacy by trying to control your own people, you gonna need to get out the way! White supremacy is a fallacy. A premise based on a noxious concoction of ignorance, hubris, and brutality. Emulating the oppressor got some of y'all real confused; thinking that you can quell the flames of rage when the fire is lit. I'm here to tell you nah. Hell nah! Let rage reign!


 "It is our duty to fight for our freedom.

  It is our duty to win.

 We must love and support one another.

 We have nothing to lose but our chains."

          Assata Shakur


Stephon Clark should still be here! Brandon Smith should still be here! Darell Richards should still be here! Marshall Miles should still be here! They were each one murdered by state sponsored terrorist. Their murders roam our streets still, free to kill again! When we demand justice we are mocked, we are derided for our tactics, our very lives are threatened. The attempts to silence those who are fighting for justice is in itself an act of violence. The rage rises, as we look into the faces of mother's who will never hold their children again. The rage rises, as we watch innocent children play or hear their sweet voices, devastated that they will never get to really know their fathers. You can not contain that rage. Because it is overwhelming.

Justice is really the only calming agent to the flames of rage. Until justice is won we will fight on. What does justice look like? What does justice feel like? Justice looks like Officers Mercadal and Robinet being convicted for murder. Justice looks like a use of force policy that requires individual officers and departments be severely sanctioned and/or prosecuted when they fail to use non lethal means to resolve a situation. Justice feels like acknowledging the anguish of the families and the larger community. Justice feels like being able to trust that murders be treated as such.

Justice is best served warm. We're tired of waiting. The waiting helps fuel the rage. Dr. King said it best. "Justice delayed, is justice denied." They think they can gauge how the people are going to respond. District Attorney Anne Marie Shubert keeps playing with us. Delaying her announcement almost a year after Stephon Clark was murdered and his grandmomma had to discover his body in her backyard. Mayor Steinberg keeps playing with us. Strategically gathering established Black leadership in a slimy attempt to use them to control and pacify their people. We did not come to play! Until y'all do right by our people we will continue to fight you. No amount of money will quell the rage. No amount of fun activities for the kids will quell the rage.

Stop killing us! We have a right to stop you and fight against you when you do.  Power brokers in Sacramento think that after all this time that we have gotten used to being disrespected, dehumanized, dismissed, devalued, desensitized to Black bodies being beaten bloody, shot up and left lifeless that we will accept anything less than justice. We will not.

My people, my people. I could have written you a love letter this February but my fire sign soul wouldn't let me. I love y'all too much to not be true. Fighting for you is out of our deep love and devotion to our people. Sacramento Black Folxs how much do you love yourselves? Know that the rage you feel is your ancestors reminding you that you are free. Know that the rage is a steading force if you let it be. We are not raving maniacs driven by hate. We are intentional and deliberate. Our goal is freedom. Our aim is justice. When you rise up Sacramento Black Folxs in sacred rage, you are on the side of righteousness. Let rage and love be your motivation to exact lasting justice. Don't stop until you get it!


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