Stephon Clark was the Spark

The city of Sacramento’s governing officials had a chance to turn the pain that was inflicted upon our people by police terror into power and healing, however the city chose to fold. Instead of seeking accountability for this atrocity by the aggressors there was constant blame being placed on the people. I’ve seen it all in the comment sections of our local news stations: Stephon shouldn’t have ran, he should have complied, he should have been home with his kids, maybe if he would have done this, that or the other or he should have been raised better because I raised my kids to listen & never question authority, he deserved what he got, etc. 

I always anticipated Anne’s announcement to be in favor of the coward ass cops that killed Stephon because I know Schubert ain’t shit based on previous experiences. Anne Marie is a deplorable being with a repulsive record that I encourage you to explore on your own. Never, not once during her tenure has she brought charges against an officer that has been involved in an officer involved shooting or an in custody death. It’s unfortunate that she is essentially bought & paid for by local law enforcement and it is unreal that even though we know all of this information to be true, she is still able to play this role. Emphasis on the word play because for some reason, they seem to think this shit is a game. I mean everyone from Anne Marie to Darrell Steinberg, to Daniel Hahn, to Norm Leong. To slander and further assassinate Stephon’s character after death is unacceptable and distasteful.  Schubert & Sac PD have done nearly everything in their power to criminalize Stephon Clark from the very moment that they realized he had only an iPhone in his hands when he was shot at 20 plus times in his grandma’s backyard the night of March 18th, 2018. There was never any in depth investigation into the shooting itself or the murderers, Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet. Be very clear it took them over 340 days to construct the cover up and to shape the narrative that they presented to the public in an attempt to justify this tragedy. The people still know next to nothing about either killer aside from the fact that they returned to work less than a month after they shot Stephon 7 times in his back. Can we get transcripts of their text messages from two days prior? Let’s see where they were mentally and while we’re at it how about running their toxicology reports as well? Why is the same energy not kept for police? Why are they not held to a higher standard in this society? They literally signed up for this shit whereas we simply exist, it doesn’t make sense. We the people made our demands clear from day 1: fire, charge & convict the killer cops. An unbiased investigation into the events that took place on the evening of March 18th, 2018 was not conducted. Stephon, his beautiful sons, his loved ones & our community deserved a just investigation. Justice being served in the form of actual charges being brought against either of the killer cops by the DA would have been too unreal, that would have been illogical of me to expect but damn it would have been nice. Imagine for a moment, we the people celebrating charges finally being brought against killer cops in our community, not even a conviction but just the fact that charges were brought would be the first step in a new direction. I still can’t fathom how people that are comfortable being called or with calling themselves “leaders” sat down & tried to organize with the opps. They may talk an alright game but I assure you that they are not for us. They don’t give a fuck about us as humans, our struggles or our well being. They never have, for them it’s profit & property over people of color all day.

The city is shook, as it should be. Mass arrests following a peaceful demonstration by police in tactical gear is never a good look & can be viewed as a prime example of the over militarization of police and a clear show of excessive force. The city still has a slight chance to redeem themselves should Attorney General Xavier Becerra decide to utilize his power for some good & file criminal charges against Jared Robinet and Terrence Mercadal. 

Our demands are transparent and until they are met civil disobedience in the city shall commence. We will continue to make complicit people uncomfortable on our quest for liberation, Stephon Clark will remain a topic of conversation across the nation.We possess the power of pure intentions, our resilience is admirable and our ancestors are always with us.

One has to be careful how one moves when one has shit to lose. We the people will be good though because we have nothing to lose but our chains


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