Justice for Zityrua Abraham NOW!

Black lives matter.


We will fight like hell, like fire, like the burning of the stars for those that have been murdered by state violence. Our chalk outlines have names. Our taken loved ones have talent, beauty, and families that grieve their absence. Their stolen potential lives in our hearts and will fuel this revolution to create a world in which their value is seen, heard, and felt.

But don’t get it twisted. We are here for the living too.

We are here for beautiful BLACK futures. We hold the vulnerability and tenderness of Black babies in our vison of justice and liberation. We hold the centuries of strength, sacrifice, and hope of Black parents in our fight for reparations and demand for freedom.

And when you come for the littlest, you come for the ALL.

Every damn one of us.






On July 09, 2017, seven Sac PD officers swarmed Zityrua Abraham’s apartment. Standing with family directly in front of her home, Zityrua went to tell them that her 18-month-old baby was asleep inside. Without warning or concern for her, or her visibly seven-months pregnant belly carrying her unborn baby, an officer blocked her from her napping child and threw her to the ground onto her stomach. Law enforcement continued to storm her home, kick in her door, terrorize her sleeping child, and destroy her property. Afterwards, Zityrua was diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy and suffers from the trauma of that day.

They had NO WARRANT.

They were at the WRONG HOME.

They are still JUSTIFYING their actions.


They are MONSTERS.

They were looking for a car thief and decided to erroneously detain Zityrua’s family member because he “fit the description.” What they mean to say, is that the property of one person matters more than the lives of two Black babies and their young Black mother. Seven armed and militarized men brutalized Zityrua and violated her children. They could have killed her child. This is anti-Black racism. This is state violence. This could potentially be a life-long trauma. Never in a million years would these same officers behave this way with a white family in Land Park. Sac PD should learn to say what they mean: They see no problem with raining terror on Black families, because their institution is based on subjugating Black communities to uphold white supremacy.

BLM Sacramento has committed to holding Sac PD accountable for their actions against Zityrua. We created demands and are working with lawyers to get them met. We held a baby shower on the doorstep of the police department to raise awareness of their transgressions, as well as help provide Zityrua and her children with needed support. Now Chief Hahn sends her this dismissive, bullshit letter, and refuses to investigate his officer’s violent behavior any further. Shameful. Cruel. Cowardly.

This isn’t over.These were our demands then, and these are our demands now:

·       We demand the police report for the incident that took place inside of Zityrua Abraham’s home on July 9th, 2017.

·       We demand the names, rank, and specific roles that each officer involved played in this incident.

·       We demand all audio, dashcam, and body cam coverage of the planning, the duration, and the aftermath of the July 9th incident.

·       Zityrua’s home is no longer secure directly because the Sacramento Police kicked in her door; so we demand that the Sacramento Police Department pay and repair all damages that were made to Zityrua’s home.

·       We demand that the officer that threw Zityrua on the ground, is terminated--that he is no longer policing the community nor the city of Sacramento in any capacity.

·       Lastly, we demand that said officer also be charged with battery and assault of Zityrua and her unborn child.

Zityrua Abraham, we have your back! We support and celebrate your motherhood, as we rejoice in the gift of your two beautiful Black babies. They are children of the revolution, of Afro-futurism, and their birthright is that of justice and liberation. Our fight for you is FOREVER.

Please email Chief Hahn at dhahn@pd.cityofsacramento.org and let him know what you think of his collusion with terrorism. #Justice4ZityruaAbraham!

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