Justice for Sacramento: Special Edition

IT HAPPENS IN SACRAMENTO. In fact, it happens so much in Sacramento, that we typically see about one cop kill someone in our area each month. Between all the law enforcement agencies in our region (Sac PD, Sac Sheriff, Citrus Heights PD, Rocklin PD, Chico PD, Elk Grove PD, etc), BLM Sacramento has been loaded with work, fighting for justice for too many people. Our work has been handed to us by these various law enforcement agencies and the governments who support them, and there continues to be NOTHING to hold any of them accountable for these heinous acts of murder.


BLM Sacramento is holding our annual general meeting…. In the streets this Saturday, March 10th, 2018 at 2pm!! We only hold 1-2 meetings per year where the entire community is invited to get updates on our work and to jump into organizing with us. Don’t miss this unique meeting where we will have a surprise or two for you, as well as many important calls for action, and ways you can rise up with BLM Sacramento. We will be taking up space in OUR STREETS, right in front of the new “Justice for Sacramento” mural that just went up on 14th and Broadway. Now more than ever, we need YOU to show up. We need all hands on deck to tear down these systems, to build, and to get free.

Tragically, the list is long and keeps growing. We cannot and will not forget who we are fighting for and those who killed or brutalized them.

JUSTICE FOR ADRIENE LUDD who was the first person BLM Sacramento fought for His death is one that sparked the creation of the chapter. Adriene Ludd was a 36 year old Black man killed by Sacramento Sheriff deputies Benjamin Green, David McEntire, and Troy Mohler on October 22nd, 2015. Originally Sheriff Scott Jones told the media that Ludd got out of his vehicle shooting at police, so they were forced to kill him. Workers that witnessed the shooting, after speaking with Scott Jones at the scene, gave the media the exact same story. The following day the Sheriff's department confirmed to media that no bullets came from a gun that they claimed Ludd was using, and that the gun "jammed." Therefore, there was no there was no "shoot out" as they originally said there was. This change of story shows an inconsistency in the first recollection of events told by the sheriff, and the witnesses that he spoke with at the scene of the shooting. This change of story is also one we see far too often after similar incidences where law enforcement dominates the narrative. Also, the events that took place immediately after the shooting, showed a lack of protocol and care for Adriene Ludd. His body was left out uncovered for over 11 hours, before being brought to the coroner. We fought hard for the family to receive the police report, an autopsy report, and the existing dash cam footage of the three deputies’ vehicles that were at the scene. These were all obtained after an action that BLM Sacramento had in Scott Jones’ neighborhood in November 2016, after one year of fighting and during the campaign for Scott Jones run for congress.


JUSTICE FOR DAZION FLENAUGH who was killed by Jeffrey Todd Carr, Dustin Southward and Eric Toomey with Sacramento Police Department when he too was experiencing a mental health crisis. Flenaugh was unhoused and was visitng his mom’s house to shower and sleep. He stayed the night in her garage, he left early in the morning on April 8, 2016. He was suffering a mental health crisis. His mom thought he was out for a cigarette because she saw his Bible open and his cell phone left by where he was sleeping. He ended up a couple blocks from her house, where a neighbor called the cops for “looking through the windows.” Sacramento PD responded and put him in the back of a cop car, even though they told him that he was not under arrest. In the footage, you can see a terrified Dazion Flenaugh as he felt trapped in the back of the cop car triggering an escalation of his crisis. The officers opened the door, and Dazion, who was not under arrest, began running. Dazion was hunted, shot, and gunned down. The police say he came after them with a knife. The neighbors say he was hiding behind a bush and not being aggressive. The family hired a private attorney and received dashcam footage, police report and autopsy report. One year later, the officers who killed Flenaugh were given an award for their bravery specifically for the murder of Dazion Flenaugh. BLM Sacramento showed up to City Hall and shut it down. Dazion Flenaugh is BLM Sacramento’s inspiration for the fight for a stronger commission for community oversight of the police. We are fighting for the officers who killed Flenaugh to be fired and convicted!! #SayHisName #DazionFlenaugh


JUSTICE FOR PATRICIA HILL who was followed by Sacramento Police Department and wrongfully detained on false DUI accusations in April 2016. She was forced to take a breathalyzer multiple times, and was still arrested despite being sober and passing every breathalyzer. Instead, Sac PD slammed her face when pushing her into the car, breaking the bridge of her nose. The EMT arrived and cleared her for any injuries. When she was in custody at the county jail, female Sheriff Deputies further abused and tortured her, and ripping out part of her weave, all while verbally abusing her. They took her into a jail cell and kicked her down, breaking her eye socket. She was released the following day and sought medical care on her own. To this day, she has not been able to obtain any documentation of these events. We still don’t have names of the cops with Sacramento Police Department who assaulted Trish Hill, or the names of the deputies who abused her in the Sacramento County Jail. #Justice4PatriciaHill

JUSTICE FOR JOSEPH MANN who was killed by John Tennis and Randy Lozoya with Sacramento Police Department. Mann’s story has received national attention. On July 11, 2016, Sacramento PD officers were caught on video taunting him moments before they attempted to run him over with their police car and then shot him down. They fired 18 shots, hitting and killing him with 14 bullets. In the dashcam footage, you can hear the officers say, “fuck this guy, I am going to hit him,” while his partner rooted him on to do it. Clearly, the officers were using their power to abuse Joseph Mann, an unhoused Black man who was experiencing a mental health crisis. Since then, the family has received the officers’ names, police reports, autopsy reports, and footage from body cams. The family filed and won a civil lawsuit against the City of Sacramento. This is also a common theme--cops are not convicted, yet the city is found to be at fault through civil cases. They have taken the case up to the Supreme Court to get justice. Recently, one of the officers retired and one was fired from Sac PD. However, BLM Sacramento wants the ex-cops to be CONVICTED #SayHisName #JosephMann

JUSTICE FOR IGZABIHAIR YAMAKOSI who was wrongfully convicted for an alleged assault he didn’t commit. Someone Igzabihair knows stole a hoverboard on the evening of December 3, 2015, and since Igzabihair's number was listed on this persons call log that morning, Elk Grove Police decided to detain him on December 13, 2016 (a year later)! HE WAS HELD WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE. While Igzabihair was waiting trial, he was moved around to various locations throughout Sacramento county, and his court dates had continuances over thirteen times. They tried to scare him into taking a plea deal… and it worked. He accepted a four-year plea deal because he had already been locked up for eight months with no idea when he'd be able to get out. #Justice4Igzabihair #FreeIgzabihair

JUSTICE FOR ARAMANI LEE who was stalked and shot down by Sacramento Police Department and is still currently incarcerated on erroneous charges. On February 10, 2017, in Del Paso Heights, three Sac PD officers in plain clothes pursued Armani and ran up on him without identifying themselves. One Sac Sheriff deputy was also involved. According to officers, Armani shot first. Armani was shot six times, including once through the neck and has two bullets in him still. Armani was left on the ground for 30 minutes without medical care. His family was told he had died before he reached the hospital. The officers were clearly trying to kill him! While some video footage has been released--we have 258 minutes of 368 minutes of footage--three videos remain unreleased. All videos start AFTER Armani was shot. Leaving us with more questions than answers! We still don’t have the names of the cops with Sacramento Police Department who shot him, and he continues to be abused and brutalized by guards in the Sacramento County Jail, on Sheriff Scott Jones’ watch. He has been beaten four times in jail, left in solitary confinement for over two months, and during his first three weeks in solitary, he had NO time out of solitary, not even to shower. The jail deputies call him “Nine Lives Lee” and “Black Lives Matter Lee.” #Justice4ArmaniLee

JUSTICE FOR LORENZO CRUZ who was killed by Chris Osborne, John Constable and Breanna Adams with Rocklin Police Department. On February 25, 2017, Rocklin PD claims that Lorenzo was driving recklessly through a gated neighborhood to “burglarize” a home. However, Lorenzo Cruz had a long standing relationship with a person in the home he was accused of breaking into, and his car showed no such damage. The homeowner who called 911 was a previous cop, had a gun in his house, and was the father of a young woman who Lorenzo had a friendship with. All of the police officers involved in the killing of Lorenzo Cruz conveniently “forgot” to turn on their body cameras. The fishy and flawed police report has so many holes, ambiguity and missing information, it appears like a textbook example of a coverup.  Meanwhile, his family’s questions remain unanswered.  #SayHisName #LorenzoCruz



JUSTICE FOR DESMOND PHILLIPS who was killed by Jeremy Gagnebin, Jared Cumber, Derek Ament and David Martin with Chico Police Department. Desmond previously had multiple encounters with Sacramento PD. e Sac PD terrorized and physical traumatized him to the point he began to suffer seizures and emotional distress. Because of this, he moved to Chico. On March 17, 2017, his family called for help when Desmond was having a mental health crisis. Medics and firefighters arrived, but Desmond did not respond to their requests, keeping his distance and flailing his arms to prevent the firefighters from getting near. The firefighters then called for police back up. Jeremy Gagnebin and Alex Flier forced themselves into the apartment and shot Desmond 10 times, firing 16 shots. While his family was still in the house. The officers allege Desmond was armed with a knife; his father maintains that he was unarmed. The officers have been cleared by Butte County DA: they have “no criminal liability.” #SayHisName #DesmondPhillips

JUSTICE FOR NANDI CAIN who was terrorized by Anthony Figueroa with Sacramento Police Department. Figueroa threw Nandi Cain to the ground and beat him for “jaywalking” in Del Paso Heights. On April 10, 2017, while walking home from work, Nandi was confronted by Officer Figueroa. Nandi dropped his jacket to show he wasn’t armed, and within 60 seconds Figueroa threw him to the asphalt. A neighbor filmed the interaction and a video went viral on Facebook. Multiple dash cam videos have been released as well. All show Officer Figueroa brutalizing Nandi Cain. Nandi was taken to Sac County Jail and was repeatedly kneed in the ribs while he was on the ground, stripped naked, and continuously verbally taunted before being placed in isolation. Officers wouldn't stop until Cain literally cried out for help. Figueroa participated in this physical and verbal abuse. Nandi suffered a concussion, black eye, bruises, and he has continually had nightmares since. Nandi was not given access to a phone during his detainment. He was released nine hours after being booked. Among our demands, is that Figueroa be fired. He was released back into the streets in November, and is still working for Sac PD. #Justice4NandiCain

JUSTICE FOR RYAN ELLIS who was killed by Sacramento County Sheriff after being detained by deputies around 7pm on May 5, 2017. After being detained and while in transport, Ryan suffered critical head trauma. The Sheriff alleges that he kicked out the back window of the squad car, crawled out using his legs, and jumped from the vehicle moving at 40mph—all while handcuffed and before the deputy could stop the vehicle. Ryan was placed into an ambulance at 12:00am on May 6th. He was pronounced dead at 10:00am, about 15 hours after his arrest. The Sacramento County Sheriff Department alleges they have no video footage of the incident or the hours leading up to his death. What happened to Ryan Ellis in those five hours from his arrest to the time he was taken in an ambulance? Where are our answers? And we still don’t have names of the deputies who detained and effectively killed him. #SayHisName #RyanEllis



JUSTICE FOR MIKEL MCINTYRE who was killed by Jeff Paul Wright, Ken Louis Becker, Gabriel Daniel Rodriguez with Sacramento County Sheriff when Mikel was having a mental health crisis. Just a few short days after Ryan Ellis was killed, Sacramento Sheriff Department went at it again on May 8, 2017. At 2:30pm at a relative’s home, Mikel had mental health breakdown, and Sac Sheriff was called to admit him for mental health care. Paramedics and Sac Sheriff cleared him and left. At 6:30pm, Mikel got into an altercation with his mother in Ross parking lot on Zinfandel. 911 calls came at 6:45pm. A Sheriff Deputy arrived and chased Mikel. Sheriff deputies shot at Mikel as he fled, eventually landing on Highway 50. Two other deputies released a K9 unit on him. Sac Sheriff and Rancho Cordova PD opened fire on Mikel under the overpass on Highway 50, killing him. Mikel McIntyre was shot 5 times in his back. We still do not have a police report, autopsy, or dash cam video for what happened to Mikel McIntyre. Multiple witnesses contradict the sequence of events that law enforcement claims to have happened. #SayHisName #MikelMcIntyre

JUSTICE FOR JAMES NELSON who was held to the ground and burned on scalding hot asphalt by Jordan Rinek, Alex Turcotte, Sgt. Dias, Jeremy Hatchell, Detective Dunning, Detective Kane Kissam, and officers Kohagen, Zazhitskiy, Frtiz and Greenhalgh with Citrus Heights Police Department. On June 23rd, 2017, James Nelson, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was experiencing a mental health crisis and was in need of help. Citrus Heights Police Department responded, and instead of helping James, they held him to the scolding hot ground. That day was 100 degrees, and the asphalt was reported to be as hot at 170 degrees. He suffered (and is still suffering this day) from severe burns. For weeks, he fought for his life in the ICU. Because of the abuse, he underwent surgery for skin grafts and is likely going to need more. Days after the incident, CHPD tried to turn around and say that James was a "suspect" for robbery. Videos have been released of the supposed "robbery" incident, which clearly shows no such thing happened. #Justice4JamesNelson


JUSTICE FOR ZITYRUA ABRAHAM who was wrongfully raided by Sacramento Police Department, and thrown on the ground when she was seven months pregnant. On July 9, 2017, Zityrua was outside her apartment while her 18 month old was sleeping inside. She noticed police activity and approached the officers to find out what was going on. The officers were approaching her apartment, and she went to inform them that her 18 month old was sleeping inside. Without warning or caution, Sac PD violently grabbed Zityrua by the arm, twisting her body around and threw her to the ground on her stomach despite her being visibly pregnant. They kicked in her door, waking and traumatizing her 18 month old, and bogusly apprehended a family friend, releasing him an hour later. SacPD was allegedly pursuing a car thief. She immediately called for an ambulance and was taken to the emergency room. No arrests were made. The officers didn’t have a warrant and claim they had the wrong house after they went through her apartment and threw her to the ground. We still don’t have the names of the cops who brutalized her. #Justice4ZityruaAbraham

This is why we need you. We need JUSTICE for these beautiful people who were killed and/or brutalized by the system. We need you to show up and fight with us. Join us this Saturday at Target parking lot on Riverside Blvd.

Join us!

March 8 - Fill the Courtroom for Armani

March 10 - Emergency Black Sacramento Open Meeting

March 15 - The Anti-Sammies

May 5 - Whose Streets? Our Streets! Community Alternatives to Police

May 12 - Support Systems for Black and Brown Women

May 26 - CopWatch Orientation

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