Join Us to Save #BlackLives: So We Won't Have to Mourn #BlackLives

They keep giving us more work. We refuse to let up. We are fighting like hell. As you may know (if you follow any of our social media channels) we have recently lost two more black men at the hands of law enforcement. Please read that sentence one more time. We lost two more black men at the hands of law enforcement. 


You were asked to read that sentence one more time because losing black people to law enforcement is something that is sounding too damn familiar and you might find yourself beginning to get desensitized.

So, before continuing to read the next couple of paragraphs please take out the time to acknowledge the names of Lorenzo Cruz and Desmond Phillips. There are now two more mourning mothers, two more families confused and not getting answers. These men will never again be able to come home and laugh with their folks or pursue their dreams. Just needed to take out the time to humanize these men because we are the only ones who can provide a narrative outside of our media.

So, the question is…where do we go for restoration? Where the hell is our sanctuary? A place where we our narrative is centered and acknowledged.

The systems that affect us daily, from media to education, are anti-Black. Consistently reinforcing that black people aren’t worthy of love, acceptance, and justice. For instance, if reading that two more black lives were taken by law enforcement did not surprise you then this is a prime example at how Anti-Blackness has affected your way of thinking. The negativity has become a norm in our lives and though we have been saying fuck that noise for years yet it stills finds ways to seep into our lives and recreate trauma.So back to the question of where do we go for restoration? Where the hell is our sanctuary? A place where we our narrative is centered and acknowledged.The answer is simple (well not really): we build our own sanctuary.



Our fight has many depths, we work to undo the trauma that our communities have experienced and dismantle oppressive systems that have reigned for far too long. One aspect of this fight, that is often overlooked, is providing healing. Healing for families who are experiencing loss that is far too familiar and healing for our communities which is vital as we build and grow together. We do this by showing up for each other and reaching out to our community to do the same.The events we host, such as Black Love Block Party, Community Alternatives to Police, Soul Skate, etc., have been created to uplift and unite our black community. It’s going to take you being responsive to all the work being put in for us to be impactful. We need all hands on deck to be quite blunt.

So, show the hell up City of Sacramento. When you see the road being blocked off and we are out there protesting, lifting the names of men and women taken from us unrightfully while the murderer is being paid to stay home with their family and relax, join us. When you scroll past an event BLM is hosting to prevent interactions with Law Enforcement take out the time to press share and two hours out of your day to be present. When you see a community event taking place to bring black people together and lift the name of someone whose life was snatched from them then grab the kiddos and come out. When you see BLM going into a city council meeting, or any white space at that, to shed light on the Black agenda show up y’all. We are no longer standing aside and allowing things to go unchecked. We are standing on your behalf, yes you, so be there with us hand in hand.




Our Upcoming Events:

City Council (today 3/27) It is required that video footage of an incident must be released within 30 days. City Coucil has given SacPD an extension for video footage to continue to be withheld. How much longer will we have to wait? Show up with us and let’s find out.

#FreeIgzabihair (3/29) BLM Sacramento member has a son who is being held hostage in the County Jail. It has now been 90 days and 13 court appearances that have been continued due to the lack of evidence. We are showing up to let EGPD and the courts know we are watching and will not let up until he is released.

#SoulSkate (4/8) April 8 will mark one year since Dazion Flenaugh was taken from us by Sac PD. Join us at the free event to lift his name and heal with laughter, food, and skating. All ages welcome.

Community Alternatives to Police (4/15) This has been an ongoing series with member of the Sacramento communities to discuss and create other options out of calling Law Enforcement.



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